but it is still dark currently it's 601 and we're supposed to be going into the hospital doors right now but we're almost there we are extremely tired we're going on three hours of sleep I just can't go to bed last night I was wired and I was trying to get last-minute things done so because I know would be home for a few days and I wanted to make sure everything was in order to her when my guest company comes over for them to see the new baby here give me that oh yeah waiting we're waiting for dinner be seated it's good enough that grace last bump shot y'all you can almost see my feet they can let's see look at this boat here it's not too bad there's my place of residence for the next three days yay I've got one of those they're not too bad now gross-looking hello little mommy so nervous first what every time still you should know nervous we can hear the baby he sounds pretty relaxed actually you'll be okay you'll have me right next to you I'll crack a few jokes you'll be our aunt well the last time it was an emergency you're in a lot of pain so this one's a little more chill which I guess makes you worse I don't know I just get to be along for the ride Phoenix on it we've already had fun with ivy not really wanting to go in of course that's better than those massive contractions you've had before that was insane yeah never had trouble why she might have picked the vein that most people don't pick you never know any more cordial wisdom not yet very close to my face you look so pretty it's so pretty oh there oh yeah man watch the Sun come up we have been watching it come up it's pretty cool I'm gonna give you oh there it is look at that oh they lead yes no yeah this is the last big picture of this thing that thing yeah yeah girls it means make it worse this is my Citra yummy stuff it tastes awful yes it's missed the take a like shot okay it helps like neutralize your stomach acid okay take a lucky shot there yeah yeah awful awful awful the excited right buh-bye I'll see you in a second this is the dad here they look good they do not fit size 13 shoe you doin okay yeah yeah you look great in cream I can't really tell down there but you look great I looked over it it looks good down there everything going oil pressure I know it's because our yank you around it's Pat's male so hopefully I won't get sick like the last time yeah hopefully good oh the last one yeah the last ones luckily he's actually not as bad as his brother was getting a rubdown so clean that junk out of ya I didn't probably bring him over here here in a minute this she already got the scene it's a not bad oh you're good he's playing it okay 9.5 23 inches no guys eat yeah hey now I'm not long now he was trying to eat on me while you were knocked out in there he's probably getting up he's going getting out is he good


  1. Such a beautiful video. He is so preciouse😍. CONGRATS on your little guy 😊. Praying for a fast recovery 🙏.

  2. This is so precious!! Congratulations to you all— what a special family of FOUR now! Love and prayers to you all ❤️

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