LIVE C-section footage + comparing Emergency Vs Elective cesarean | Part 1

hey everyone Avellino Zamora here welcome back to my Channel today I'm going to speak about something that's a little more serious I haven't really touched upon anything like this on my channel before and I really want to start to do more videos like this so what I'm going to be speaking about is the birth of my two children and how they were cesarean I've had quite a few comments from just people on Instagram that follow me and stuff that are about to have like women obviously cesareans himself and I've been quite public about I would say that the traumatic experience that I had and I feel by just kind of explaining about my situation a little bit it might be able to help you if you're about to go through a cesarean a c-section yourself so I kind of thought cements in that the main purpose of this video is to compare two types of c-sections or cesareans the first which I had was an emergency and the second was a planned or elected whatever you want to call it the two was so different it's stupid like the recovery the actual decision the healing every single element about these chicken sieges was completely different I'm going to start by putting this beautiful footage of my second son London up now I think it's absolutely beautiful but I will put a little bit of a disclaimer or warning if you have a weak stomach they are pulling a baby out of my stomach so there it's I wouldn't say its glory its medical it's a medical video I wasn't able to film the birth of my first son because it ended up being an emergency cesarean but on this footage is so precious to me because when you're laying down on that bench and it's got that dreaded blue sheet up you cannot see what's happening and I really liked that for my second son they lowered that and I kind of got to see a little bit it was more like the nurses were filming so I got to watch the footage back up afterwards but I think it's just beautiful so let's start by just giving that a watch okay so I would say this is the the beginning our little baby oh it's so crazy like you know when you're pregnant there's a baby in there but like you kind of don't believe it until you get to hold them you guys know what I'm talking about okay so here we go baby what's happening oh I'm looking I'm trying to look up and see if I can see the baby this asset of like me little lumps and amore that is unbelievable we've got some notes here so head I don't kind of lose track and go on a tangent because I do that a lot so before the c-section let's start with the elective it was so much Karma that's the word I keep coming back to it was so common to have it be booked in like of course there was the possibility that my water would break and I would go into labor before Thursday that the c-section was scheduled but that didn't happen so it was very calm the night before I didn't sleep much I was very anxious as you would imagine and I couldn't eat after 11:00 p.m. and I remember getting up at like 4:00 a.m. and like having my bag packed and just kind of going wow this is it I'm going to meet my second son today and again I couldn't eat so I just I put my makeup on because I'm like it's 4:00 a.m. what the fuck am I going to do everything's packed I'm ready to go that did not happen with the emergency one obviously after like 16 hours of natural waiver so yeah I've got some really nice shots that I put up with London and yeah they look a little glamorous because again I had my makeup done the second time around it was also just a lot calmer as well like that's being Judith kind of knowing what to expect but the elective was against so much karma you gain the knowledge I guess of knowing what to expect but if I had an experience as a first-time mother a an elective caesarean I think it would have been so much better but you know complications arose with on with Steele and he had to come out like right that second so those no choice even so I was in tears I was almost like yelling at my obstetrician I did not want a cesarean but she's like Evelina he's going to die you know it was that like a wild like yeah we was really lucky we got to see when we did okay so before the c-section for the emergency one obviously I'd been through 16 hours of labor I did not have makeup on obviously he does I was exhausted I had eaten as well because I didn't expect it to turn into you know needing to have a caesarean so I was just eating out fucking hungry and it just got to the point where my labor didn't progress I didn't violate they induced me I still didn't violate and then I think um the my body had some kind of reaction or was that baby still had some kind of reaction to the drugs they gave me to dilate and even then I still did dilate and yeah he's heart rate it was a scariest thing like the machine that they put you on you know baby's heart rates are always fast and then it would just go to like lager of speed it was so slow like I know even died hearing that and like the midwife's rush in and I'm like as always like if something is wrong tell me you know I don't fuck around tell me and then I always just check and what you that normal and I was just like fucking Tom and I like no we're calling your obstetrician we're a little worried and I'm and then the heart rate would go back up and then it would drop down again and they kept telling me it was just because I was sitting upright and then they lowered me and my blood pressure was changing anyway it kept going like that and they were getting really worried I had my obstetrician on the phone almost immediately she was rushing over she was like they're going to get the baby out right now so that was very traumatic and stressful I was just I was tears I was like a lower water and a mild situation again she said to me like Evelina you don't have a choice like we need to get this baby out now so obviously it was it was so quick like within five minutes it seemed it was like a flesh she was there they had me in there I already had the epidural because I was like fuck that this hurt ladies get an epidural don't try to be here and seriously we've already been pregnant from we don't need to fuck approve any more shit to anyone you know so get the epidural huh if the needle is not as bad as if you want to and yeah they have to do some kind of top up in my wrist that was really painful it really stung even though the needles already in and it was really cold I just think because the stress like you know freaking out and like oh my gosh is my baby gonna survive you know after nine months of feeling them in your stomach like it was terrible and it just started shaking and they they rack me and things like I don't know they still blankets are to keep you warm and stuff but yeah again it all happened so quickly like I was there blue sheet came up I'd be like I did not believe that the pop-up was working so they kept checking me into the ice and they checked my neck and then they put it on my belly and they're like can you feel that I'm like feel what not like your case with I'm like fucking do it again please and they're like okay can you feel this yep that's fine and then make your down time like just one more time just to be fucking safe and then like the nurse at Evelina at the brewery cubby like oh okay okay go ahead uh-huh my mom's like Rolo's I go and then um I still couldn't see cuz the blue sheet was up that was the defense with the emergency tools all so quick there was like 20 people in the room the sheet was up I couldn't see anything bond was right next to me he couldn't see what was going on and then they just pull up his baby I still couldn't see one could see he's feel obviously and then they went and checked him and it was a little bit blue and stuff that healthy thank God and my obstetricians are all very lucky that we got him out that quickly because the cord was wrapped around his neck twice as well as having some kind of reaction to the drugs that they're getting to induce me yes so we were very lucky with him obviously no regrets when it's like life and death like that you know if we were I always say if I was in the 16th century and I didn't like my body didn't violate I don't produce breast milk like enough to feed a baby I'll go into that down the chat yeah like how about fuck what the baby would have died good sleep see section segments now is the elective surgery and obviously I knew that was coming second time around so I had a birth plan in place and I highly recommend this to any mother because you know you go in thinking you're going to have a natural birth and then you know complications arrive like they didn't in mine and then all these things that you don't even think about happen and you did have to be a Nazi with it you're Jennifer you know try to foresee every single element that's going to happen but the main questions you should ask your midwives or doctors or whatever whether you're private or public it doesn't matter ask what happens to my baby if I have an emergency cesarean what happened to my baby if I have an elective cesarean as in how soon do you get the baby because that's something that really freaked me out with the emergency one and apparently I was so really that the nurse said I was looking after me in the um was it I've got that the word really down here because I can't think about it oh my god coverage that's the fucking word big one there yeah when I was in recovery like they took steal away from me this was the emergency cesarean they took him away from me they gave him to Vaughn they do some checks and stuff like that and then they have to sign me up so that was like a good 40 minutes I don't know and that whole time I'm not with my baby and then they've we only into recovery and I'm like okay where's my baby and like no one talks to me they just hand me some ice cubes to fucking suck on them like I don't want I so what my fucking baby and after about five unbearable minutes I just started to sigma-1 to the north great hear it too said it baby knows me and I'm like can you bring my baby and they're like no for hygiene purposes the baby can't come into recovery okay well when does what can I get out of here to my baby and she's like I have the same he passed miles on top of an hour five minutes so like help just given birth and didn't even feel like well you know I mean because of the cesarean I had it didn't happen how I am dealing it would I was so upset I'm alone I'm scared I can't feel my legs and I'm just like where's my baby why did this happen you know what I mean and then you look down at your stomach and you just feel awful anyway I kept asking her and then I'm like half an hour passed and like you know 31 minutes later I'm asking them as okay in 30 minutes get me a key and she's like are you rooms not ready you might have to stay here another two or three hours and I just burst into tears I'm like can you call my husband like and she tried and she couldn't get through the few phone was probably on silent she's like yeah I can't pick you up like fucking with the newborn baby of course is not picking at least busy I'm like call maternity surely the hospital has a phone there and anyway she finally got through like she's a brain cell and called the maternity ward bond finally came over and apparently on the way over to you know his wife is just her baby she said if you want to press this issue suffer from anxiety because apparently like a new mother like he's acting a little crazy because after like an hour and a half like I still haven't been been reunited with my baby I think that's a completely normal reaction and that woman was hit the bitch so yes fuck you if you're watching this so the one came he calmed me down a little bit I think he brought me this phone and I got to see still a little bit at this point I still hadn't held my baby is crazy if we just go and compare that to the elective cesarean for a second it was so different again the word I keep coming back to just to describe this is just calm there's a calmness and yes I didn't have a birth plan in place and before they even started the second so they're in the elective one I say to them look you gotta deliver my baby and you're going to give him to me as soon as humanly possible and what happened then I asked before like the surgery I said what happened after you pull the baby out of my stomach does he disappear for five hours or what the part and they said no the the procedure for an elective cesarean is very different like these changes from hospital to hospital but it's very different compared to an emergency one again I would have we didn't think to ask these questions because I didn't think I was going to have an emergency cesarean so it's even just knowing oh yes you'll have to stay in recovery for half an hour you won't be reunited immediately with your baby that would have really helped me to know that so yes just ask your Hospital ask kids up to these questions fear not um you don't go through what I went through and my story just keeps getting worse and worse and worse unfortunately but still for at London my second son they did those checks so they pulled him out of my belly Vaughn cut the cord and then they put him on my chest and it was beautiful and he did not leave and that was so fantastic it was as close to skin-to-skin as I was going to get because I couldn't do natural labor again my body I don't dilate I don't know why it weird but anyway they did that within like maybe three or four minutes he was on my chest it was beautiful and I was even trying to breastfeed almost immediately so the whole time they sewed me up he was on my chest and then when they wheeled me into recovery I think that's when I started to breastfeed so it was it was beautiful to have him there that whole time and that connection that a mother obviously has to their child that there's been some just carrying for nine months within them is so precious and you want to see this child speak of the devil hello baby as soon as possible and look look at you so you come to join me in this video a little London here hi so he is now eight months old he's got a rushes over his face because because he is tearing a poor little devil hey hi yeah well so this is my elective cesarean baby whoa yeah wasn't it beautiful that gave him to me straight away and yet once I was in recovery they just raised up the bit that I was being and I breastfed him straight away even though I just had to cost you me other stuff seemed so happy and it was beautiful again he did not leave my side and we feel like I didn't see him for like two hours yeah you would know you weren't here okay it was a long time it was very different okay say bye bye you go to bed now bye YouTube

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  1. I had to have an emergency C-section with Autumn, her heart rate droped too low and they rushed me into emergency surgery. I think it was because of the medicine used to induce me. I was in labor for only a couple of hours, but it was so scary. I was a hot mess. This video brought back so many memories.

  2. Alvina, you are a breath of fresh air to our Goth word. Love your video’s and how open you are.
    Your babies are so precious.
    God Bless.➕🖤🙏

  3. I'm due for my first baby in November 28. I'm so nervous and excited all at the same time. Thank you for posting this. It's super informative and am glad to have a personal perspective on c-sections. I hope the delivery of my son goes smoothly. ☺

  4. Thank you so much for making this video and sharing your experiences. That's so scary, I'm so glad your son was ok!! hugs I was fortunate that my son didn't have any complications, he just didn't want to come out. I too did not want to have a c-section, I was so against it because it terrified me, but by the time they had me doing it, I had been in labor for 38 hours to no avail, and was like…yeah, let's just do it. lol I feel you, the exhaustion, the pain, and now that I had a c-section, I'm not sure if I'd want to have a vaginal birth! Amen on the Epidural, they numbed me up so good that I didn't feel any pressure or tugging whatsoever. I'm so glad your second experience was much better. Mine wasn't exactly emergency but I did not dilate either and they stressed the importance of getting him out. I didn't get to be with my baby right away either they took him and my husband to recovery, so he got to bond with him first. I was pretty out of it, but glad when I finally got to be with him.

  5. from having my first baby I almost had a c section scare. I was in labor all day and I did it vaginal. I went to the hospital at 6 a.m and didn't​give birth until 8 p.m. with in all that time I pushed for 5 hours oh and mind you my son made his decision to suck on his arm while I was pushing for 5 hours none stop I didn't stop pushing. after 5 hours I was exhaustedly drained. I asked my Dr help me get my son out what could he (Dr) do to get him out the Dr said c section I said do you have a second idea the Dr said yes we can use the vacuum. because I don't believe in force ups. here I am drugy exhaustedly drained. and didn't​want to deal with a fucking c section. lol I just wanted​ to hold my son. and the vacuum idea worked. so here came Mr Cleve Robert Draiman Werries. and yes I named​ my son after lead singer of disturbed David Draiman. lol I am a huge disturbed fan.

  6. This was beautiful video. Thank you for sharing! I had a natural birth, but I'm so interested in all births. Sadly I'm no longer able to have anymore children due to having Lyme disease.
    I would love to hear how you got in such great shape after having your sons. You look absolutely amazing and so beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing again. I really love to hear about other gothic mother's bc I just feel more personal and relatable.

  7. I know for sure I am having c-sections when me and my partner have kids. I'm 4ft 10in and my bone structure is very freaking tiny. Both my sisters are only a little taller than me and needed c-sections for this reason so I'm just not going to fuck around and plan it off the bat lol So glad everything worked out well for you though!! All the tough shit for Steele and an easier time with London, either way it's hard and so completely worth it, they're both beautiful and precious 🖤

  8. Thanks for sharing this. Can not believe you could not see your child straight the way in recovery. I live in the uk and i had a emergency c section. My child came with me after I left theatre that was 14 years ago.

  9. I am here like taking notes! I am not pregnant yet and my husband and i decided to wait some couple of years but defo i am having the epidural as soon as i can when in labour, my brother is a doctor and he is always like "is easier for you as you avoid pain, and that makes you cooperate better with the medical staff which makes our job easier" lol but yeah that bitch that was nasty to you, dayum i mean! I would be asking for my baby as well! Thanks for sharing this!!

  10. Excellent video! I had an elective c-section, and naively didn't have a birth plan. With my anxiety level through the roof, they knocked me out once he was born–I only got a quick peek of him. My room wasn't ready so I was sent back to the pre-op area, and never got to hold my son for five hours. Only good thing was I was out for most of that time. Once I got to hold him, I didn't want to let go. It finally all felt real. ❤

  11. Awe he is so flipping cute, I just want to snuggle him ❤️ I had three vaginal births, 1st 40+hrs pethidine shot give to relax muscles and to help him move down 30mins later before pain meds could even work, 3 pushes and my son was born, 2nd induced 4hrs 14mins, slept for 2hrs, no progression, pethidine given again to help him move down, gas and air and back to sleep for two more hours woke up, waters broke, one push and my 2nd son was born 3rd induced, dilated 3cm, hind waters broken by dr, 50mins later 1 push and my daughter was born not breathing, just as emergency Drs came in to resuscitate her she started breathing and went straight to the breast no problem. 1st pump fed for 2wks but had to stop, 2nd and 3rd Breast fed for 4mths each. My kids weighed 1st 6lb 12oz, 2nd 9lb 14oz and 3rd 9lb 13oz I'm sorry for the long comment I love sharing birthing stories, I went in with one plan only, I wanted to be topless so I could put them straight to my chest, I never even thought about a c-section…😱 thank you for sharing so mums can be prepared for anything with their birthing experience

  12. Thanks for sharing, I'm having a baby in a couple of months and I have a one in 5 chance of needing a c section so I am definitely working this possibility into my birth plan. Totally agree that the nurse for your emergency was a patronising bitch – you acted totally normal! How dare she, all you needed was communication and some understanding x your babies are gorgeous and love their names

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