LIVE C SECTION with dropped screen | Birth Vlog | Misha Jaine

good morning everyone today is the 21st of apt and it's also the day we're having a baby we're having our elective section today and and I'm really nervous so the team is 6:35 I'm we have to be there for half seven I'm dressed and I'm gonna have to start weakening are the not because we have a baby so we're trying I can't hold me as much as possible but a bit nervous in case something goes wrong so obviously if something goes wrong I'm not be on it but yeah I'll thumb as much as I can today and see how we come on it really feels so weird that I know I'm having my baby today and I'm thinking on that round we don't know what time and just weirdest thing ever is done I hope up would like the most warm face ever the biggest lit just so I look like I've had them done caught here so don't like the best but never mind look better than I did with Arlen anime that's for sure I'm just gonna hit start can I have China wake him up better and I'm some condos before we have to go I'm really that I'll catch up you soon come live from having a baby all right my baby bump gonna mess up it's not fair did you there you go you're filming you want me say hey hey hold it to mommy oh hey we're gonna come meet you see you get there brother you're gonna be a big brother yeah yeah what's your top six see best bro first row think to have a baby you could be a big brother yeah miss you more Oh caddy running boy last time in a few weeks hey give mommy a bit cutter oh yeah big big dog okay 71 walking to my doom next time we leave this final time we're gonna have to get a field that's good good season what's everybody know bets play around same way and what did you say 613 and I'm since X 14 which means around a baby about nine o'clock date hey you thought about that 45 minutes so don't despair it's gonna be okay this song okay yeah Oh be appointed for you okay Oh okay 21st favorite mm means we should just have have you better good and this is my first place over for the chatter yeah I just he's got like really blondie shrub volunteer and we're just in my company just I move in your hello Ruby no no before can you we'll probably point our abort soon so we're in the ward now and of magic in one room it's the same room I was in after Ireland which is a bit weird and so making good memories here this time because it was quite bad lasting and a little potentially paper over there so I'm getting some on shit so Islands essentially up with my mum yeah been waiting a long time today's don't stare leave it out there and so yeah it's been a long wait today are you feeling that key tap it up for me before Hey okay I could just I can feel things simply it was a healed back and I look back we don't see the same thing it's time the we just let it down Ireland hey you got pictures with me oh my goodness can you come and give me a big cut on what it's a baby I'm gonna get big kiss and a cuddle oh my cuteness is up for your baby sister Wow Ireland wanted to see what your sisters probably over my Kissin I'll go first just give him a page do you want your balloon if you think can I get cousins from my big boy yes all right well dad you pick you up so you can come and see me they come in sets a mummy mummys got a store tummy okay a hat where's my kiss kiss hey listen there I know what's the gorilla ji great distance revista do you talk her gonna give me a kiss kiss your hand Oh jeguk see what we're guessing you guys and guess what the wait was six thirteen your mom white you can do get prizes some work that yeah you got cousin used to babysit what's our final day right ready one two and shears m66 13 mr. you're having a heifer what I'd want to see showed up your balloon say I've got a sister so it's been a long day as you can see I'm so tired is that just coming up 429 we've just been chilling all day she's being the quietest baby ever and I've still not go up yeah so I think the midwife's just gonna come around soon and help me stand up for the first time since having her and I'm ready for that and see ya I'm she's so white she's just so fast asleep and yeah so I think that we're just gonna sign out for the night and probably try and get some sleep because I'm tired so Dan has just gone home and yeah awful night yeah I hope you like my video and I will keep up to date with her first week when you hungry we hungry oh so we still not officially picked the name yet but I'm I'm doing for Piper so hopeful be that the one so this is no two days after that lady was born so I'm just gonna start checking in and update you on everything and briefly anyway so she's an incubator she's jaundiced at the moment and she was like she was fed so I'll probably – wanna say I'm gonna just do an update for the week first week and then yeah I'll let you know how she's getting on I'm gonna go and get her fed quickly open do this one it is day four and what's the date today it's the 25th of February and paper it's four days old and we're so Hospital as you can see I was gonna update you bastards in hospital but has just been I've been so tired and emotional and Piper had quite by jaundice so she'd been in the double light therapy box interior thing and and I just didn't really want to be filming that so and I'm filming it from now so we are going to home today I actually think we went home others wait for the violin as well wait a bit the darlin and so it must be something a bit too over and see a paper it is currently feeding or she's actually asleep and her jaundice levels have dropped but then they've gone up against and she's came off the lights or but a mid wave coming tomorrow to do another check and they've gone back up again she'll have to come back indoors below and get more treatment but we're hoping that she won't so yeah I don't think much it really happened apart from night in hospitals or nothing other to update on is there was then I thought no I just be a melon little room very much by myself for his home and little micro with me and yeah look at her hair so like yellows like golden blonde so yeah and I'm looking for to get home I'll do a little filming again for relief but just I'll give you a quick update and we're gonna get her dress and her whole might back so got pink hair blade that shows you think FA and we're going home soon can't wait and I can't wait to spend time in Berlin Germany he's performing this morning so we're getting to spend time with him as well just cut along yeah I'll catch obvious of it we're just gonna go in and take it the minute thank you hey keep at your back – no no button get for a weight the milk away Oh where's your boy good boy Arlen no no no no that okay to all of the girl it's becoming praise God Jewish yes goodbye

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  1. Amazing, what a gorgeous video, congratulations πŸ’— I’m having my second section but planned this time in June and hoping for an experience as lovely as it seems this was and you’ve 100% convinced me I want the screen dropped x

  2. Beautiful video! πŸ˜πŸ’– You look amazing right after a c section! Congratulations lovely πŸ’–πŸ’–

  3. Amazing πŸ’—πŸ’— brings back so many memories!! You looked incredible in your video πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

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