you you you today yesterday its transfer day he went just out here with the dog it's in the leave here real soon it's in leave here awesome and I will hopefully what day is it Thursday friend's birthday so we're on our way to the clinic think about halfway there sir check it this twenty-eight show up with you're gonna be a daddy today that's pretty crazy to think about it's been a long journey I suspect for most people that have did you have the evidence along the and transfer is scheduled for 1:45 arrived around 1:00 1:15 so we can meet with the embryologist they can go over the pictures and whatnot of our embryos or embryo or other unfortunately but as the one embryo domestic so we're gonna meet get ready that's crazy indeed yeah thought perfectly it is grilling just waiting the transfer the thon was the most worrying part to some more embryos don't survive it but this one's strong Garrett thinks it's a girl yep you can tell it's out by a bunch of cells that's a girl and what are we looking for mister mizuka planing yeah the tough parts over yeah okay so this catheter is like a tiny straw see me right down there mm-hmm so your uterus if you don't have a full bladder and goes forward so it tilts forward please hold water helps me move my ninja towards me you'll notice when I move the speculum it can straighten out anymore there's a little bit of a curb so what I'm going to do is I'm going to take another catheter that has a little bit more rigidity to it and it will help me make that curve don't be ready passing you right there yep see if I made that your curve yeah so this is the outer sheath this is going to protect the in machine they have the embryo loaded at the tips you're gonna see me place a droplet right up here and that way that tip doesn't get stuck in the vagina or the cervix or anywhere that shouldn't be sometimes you'll see a flash sometimes you'll see a tiny droplet but remember the embryo is microscopic right when she walks in she's going to say your name and your date of birth just for confirmation you see right there at the top yeah you know that little drop you know you can see it's great I'm gonna freeze that picture print that for you she'll check the capital right now speakerphone so until she gets back there and tell penny okay we aren't going to move we did it we are poopa guys stick with tradition get those McDonald's french fries that's really all I did the transfer forward so I can get me cause I don't know where that tradition came from but hey I'm not complaining because YUM so transfer Oh Smith my bladder was not as well as they wanted even though I drank a dragon drink and this whole deal and a water bottle that they gave us so we had to wait a little extra little extra time but they said the lining looked great transfer so there is two of us in this frame right now you're driving two of us home so I guess I'll show you a picture of our there is our little embryo post thaw so this is right after they thought it this is pre transfer so the embryologist said that it's looking really good it's expanding you can tell the difference that is in me right now and hopefully implanting so excited here is our picture right after transfer so that little white dot right there is the fluids that the embryo is an embryos microscopic so you can't see it it's there they're so my instructions for today is to go home and meet a couch potato which I think we can do just some french fries you have to go to the store can I get some water get some Gatorade and I'm gonna get pineapple because pineapple is delicious and we need the bromelain so that this little baby can attach an implant good morning it is the next day after transfer we are officially one day PT it's pretty early it's about 8:00 in the morning right now and I didn't I realized I didn't film an update after we got home yesterday so I'm gonna do that here yes I'm still wearing the hope shirt because it is super comfy super big on me and I wore it to bed last night so we went to the grocery store like I said and the last update and we picked up a bunch of Powerade and pineapple for me to eat and then we celebrated with dinner and we ordered in from one of my favorite restaurants and I had my favorite soup and a head steak and it was so good and then we were just together we were watching TV on the couch because I was instructed to be a couch potato and we were just lounging and we both ended up falling asleep for several hours on the couch and it was just a relaxing afternoon I did end up blowing up a picture of our embryo and like we both just can't stop staring okay so um that is where we are at now and now it's the two-week wait or next ten days rather so a little I'm baby if you're listening we'd love you we can't wait to meet you we hope you stick in there get nice and cozy and stick with us for the next nine months / 18 years oh here we are one day past transfer alright thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this video please give me a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe to the channel for more updates from us I will see you in the next video


  1. I started following you from Ant’s channel. I never had trouble getting pregnant so haven’t understood how mentally hard it would be to not get pregnant. I appreciate you sharing your excitement and journey. There’s so much love in this video. You are a glowing Momma already. Congrats! ❤️

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