Live IVF Stim Injections Day 5

a proper video just about what's in my
bag but I was wanted to share this with you guys like I'm getting it together
like this is a thing this is happening so it is almost time for my meds I'm
gonna do it in the room today I'm just gonna start getting stuff proper I want
to push the air out cuz you don't like that over slowly you don't want that air
in the needle Hi! Thanks for clicking on Simply Tanika
I am Tanika if you are new here welcome hit that subscribe button let's hang out
a while if you are returning welcome what's up fertility fam we gotta do what
let's get those babies with the fertility fam how are you I'm hum um I
think I talked to you already since I've been home but I'm in the room now and
I've got mom a hot water bottle on I am in it's a discomfort it's a little
uncomfortable but I don't want to say it's pain I'm not complaining about it
I'm enjoying every minute of it because I know that's hoping my one and only and
so I'm just taking it day by day experiencing for you know experiencing
it for what it is and just um yeah enjoying the journey my red raspberry
leaf tea that I'm drinking that is warm I talked to you about my heart bag
because team too much is going to have a retrieval bag of proper bag so I'm
putting the bag the essential oil mix that I made earlier I am taking my pack
my iPAQ I'm going to spray that on so that when I'm waiting because I
understand there's a lot of hurry-up-and-wait that day that I will
be relaxed I have that I've taken tylenol for immediately after the
procedure I am NOT going to be coming home I'll be going to blue so I want to
make sure that's in my I probably won't eat it at the clinic
I'm sure they have terminal but um I'm gonna pack it with me I have my warm
fuzzies some of you ladies got these in the giveaway and it's like just sakhis
they've got the little grippy things on the bottom so it's like a booty house
shoes zipper or whatever are you gonna wear this into my egg retrieval and then
I'll put those little nappy socks they do go on top of there they look like
napkins or something anyway I think or they gave us no they gave me grace ox
and a little Hospital socks which I can see one over there I know they gave me
gray socks the hospital sucks so we'll see at some point while I am
there doing the original these will go on my feet and then I got myself this
well I didn't get this play can I have this boy again I'm packing this I've
been watching videos all day and one of the girls had a blanket and she laid it
over herself apparently you also get very chilly coming out of the whatever
it is the anesthesia and so and I remember being cold when I had my own
polyp removed or they put me to sleep so I'm going to have all of that and then I
went on Amazon and I ordered a few other things I ordered some meditation means I
want to have that again while I'm in there relaxing with my eye patch on and
my essential oils on are just going to be like I don't know what my mantra is
gonna be for the day I'll come it'll come to me maybe it's let's get those
babies and I'm just gonna be repeating that a hundred and eight times as I go
through my meditation beads and then what else did I order I think that was
it Oh stool softener I also saw some videos where people were saying they had
a hard time pooping afterwards so I don't know that so I mean I got some
stool softener and I think that's it but once everything gets here I'll do a
proper video just about what's in my bag but I was wanting to share this with you
guys like I'm getting it together like this is a thing this is happening so it
is almost time for my medicine in the room today I'm just gonna start
getting stuff prepped and then when the alarm goes off we'll go wash my hands
and inject myself I am going to jerk myself in my right leg tonight because
my tummy is no but now I'm not driving it tonight I just its subcutaneous shot
I looked it up online the videos that you can do it in your
thigh I'm going to do it in my thigh I have nothing to prove so what's going in
my thigh I have this here that will go over there
so I wanted to show in case you guys of the menopur so I'm gone and I've gone on
to another box today it comes like this it has these little guys so I ended up
with more dilute ins and I'm all out of min appear on this side the little pink
cap ones are the mid appeal and then the gray cap is the diluting and I'm taking
it 150 as we normally talk to nurse especially and I'm not 300 so each of
these is 75 so I take two which gives me two 150 but I only need one diluting to
take the 150 so that's why I have more diluting it'll depend on what is
prescribed to you if you're taking it but just I thought you might like to
know that I've been watching a lot of videos and like stuff is happening and
people aren't talking about it so I'm trying to explain what I'm doing in case
you will be going through this shortly and then this is my refrigerator basket
so everything goes back in the fridge that's in this basket then over al
I just caught today those little boxes so this whole thing will go back into
the fridge and we will see let's see what we're doing on time I have about
four minutes so I am going to wash my hands and I'll be right back
and I'm back I'm back with my hands washed and my tights are off because
this is the bag that's going in everybody showed you guys my baby nice
shirt earlier there we go and I realized what I was watching my hands the other
thing that I ordered our compression socks so I'm not going into the
procedure with those on those will be when I come out I got compression socks
and pineapples on it because I thought they were cute and when I walk in and
you won't be able to see them when I walk into the clinic because I'll have
my boots on but when I go in to the procedure room or to a room you'll be
able to see I'll be able to see it it's for me
and then when I come out because I meant to be there I guess an hour they keep
you I've seen that in multiple videos I will talk I go in tomorrow for my
appointment and I will ask for sure but yeah so that is but I'll show you guys
everything like I said when it is tom i'm gonna start numbing blissful leg up
on fire it's cold okay yeah so i am excited about my Tivo bag
yeah we get that happen making that a thing tomorrow is the 18th of November
which is the day that my angel baby would have been born so tomorrow would
have been his or her one-year birthday so I'm not sure how I will commemorate
that maybe it'll be like a little cupcake I think something sweet
something cute something child appropriate these are all the little
caps that came in the package for the gonal-f
and I'm just storing them here and then the 22 gauge that comes on the syringe
are also story in there I am using the Q cap to mix so I don't need the 22 gauge
this is the Q cap it comes here if I would have known that's what the Q cap
was for I would have never had that mix-up with the center tag that I had in
my very first video because I would have just use a kid yeah right but I didn't
know anyway we live we learn I'm fine the injection
was fine it made for funny YouTube video you gotta admit that was funny it was
funny it was not funny in the moment not at all but it was funny
so I'm pulling this out to get air in I'm gonna take the air push it into this
file after I stab it with the key copy and I'm gonna push the air down into it legend has it that it makes it easier to
take it back out it's really compression you can feel the little plunger
resisting so I'm just going back and forth but I'm using that compression too
then take vo it's our alarm where we're due
to take our injections I'm almost and perfect so I push it one more time see
if anything else is coming out is not I take off that key cap push my finger my
thumb up underneath the lip and then place that over there so now I'm going
to take the menopur and put this and begin injecting it into I don't put the
whole thing in there I want on that I just need it to be enough to get it wet
because I'm gonna insert it back it and it's kind of like snow because it looks
like there's a lot and then as soon as it gets wet it collapses so I just mix
that up and then I'm gonna pull it back into the
syringe and then rinse and repeat I've watched so many videos today like Rachel
and Justin Ella and Caleb gay babe TV you name it I can't even think of all
the wheelers so many retrievable videos something Newport videos but I feel like
I have a better sense of it Oh any egg whisper I'm addicted to her now I can't
remember which TTC sister told me about her I was on the phone with one of you
guys and you told me and I was like oh my god I'm hooked on the egg was birth I
haven't seen her alive yet but she's pretty good she's a fertility doctor out
of San Francisco she was she went to Harvard and to UCLA but she's she's good
last one that was the 75 this is going to get us to 150 so rinse and repeat
situation I don't know if you guys can see that I've you know it's actually
like a circle we take a picture of it off inserted for you guys okay
that should be appearing here shortly okay back to business so put that in and
then as soon as I if I can get that back I'll do it later as soon as I get it wet
it just totally collapses the whole thing so I don't need to press the
diluting all of it in there because I need this medicine to go back into the
syringe so I'm gonna mix it up they say don't shake it so I'm stirring it
apparently it's like a ball martini and I'm gonna turn it upside down and pull
it out into the syringe I have a lot of air in there
let's see if it's gonna come out without me with me if it will come out with me
not pushing it I'm mumbling guys sorry okay pushing the air out back into
little just to make sure I got it all out that's it because I'm done with that
I don't need to be careful about taking off the Q cap so I just untwist it and I
just have this and I leave the Q cap on there because that is one less thing I
have to figure out how to take all her off all right now I need the smaller
gauge you know which I know I took out here so this is the 27 gauge which is
what I'm going to use for my induction and I think today I'm gonna prep both of
them and then shoot them back-to-back instead of injecting on then prepping
the other I'm just gonna do it all once so that comes on there I want to push
the air out is you don't like that over slowly you don't want that air in
the needle in the syringe you just interesting to get it into your
body and all that's gonna push back down it's like you're holding a shine so
that's a 450 that bad boys are in this mode Rico I feel pretty down no TV make a baguette a package I said
munched in which is my ink univer and then yesterday when she day before she
said oh I thought those were for the baby you know my clothes technically
they are eventually but for now but for money who's taking her injections but
yeah these will be the babies to beans that one and then there's a Karina I
think the green one is a foot I just thought they were cute but she did take
note of the fact that it said mushed in I don't have a father I should ask her
all right here we go first one in breathe it goes there we go
this is the moment has the sting so I'm going to go slowly the egg was where I
was saying they show their clients had to take all their meds in one shot of
course I was trying to figure out how to do that but with my I don't know F being
in that pin I can't really do that but that certainly sounds less complicated I
couldn't see it going in which was a little weird okay that is done you have
to remember to breathe at the end I keep forgetting afterwards I remember I
needed to breathe this is a funny one this is like I it's the emoji it's like
this that's how I feel about this term okay put this on so when you pull this cap off this of
the cone amount there's one more on here the blue one that you have the first
time and only the first time after I use it it's not meant to go back in metal
cap it will just go in the white cap and I will wipe off the needle with a clean
towel that is for kosher texting me I'm gonna text her back hopefully by the
time you see this video she's made an announcement of exciting things
happening in her world here we go so this entire thing is going
to plunge in to get the full 450 dosage and you can see it pushing it down and
the pin actually comes with a little more than 900 IU in it it says it on the
packaging so that you have room for some of it to be in the pin and the vial
not in your body okay that really bled also the desert and all it doesn't this
they're gonna have you don't feel like going in so I'm just gonna wipe this off
there in the video they explained I'd not to shove it on there but to kind of
guide it in here and then press it against a hard surface so there we go
it does not fit back in here anymore so I just put it in the fridge in its case
which is over here so when it arrived it was in this side but because we've
opened it and end at this piece if that part doesn't fit so I put it here which
is where all those little caps were so that's it
and then the little glass vials and the plastic I put in the recycling the rest
goes in the trash I don't have any Gaza and I meant to ask them when they
brought the Norrell but I forgot oh this is cute you this has got several
emotions it's got crying the same face as before the tongue sticking out in the
classes so that's cute okay so those are today we're done with this shot I will
take all these band-aids as my reminder I did my injections yesterday and I
think now I'll just do a rotation so this will be the leg and then maybe
tomorrow I'll do this side of the tummy then that side of the tummy just to give
it a bit of a break that feels better for me do whatever feels good for you
you'll know a couple days into it it was good I know someone hit me up in my DMS
and said they did all of theirs and their tummy because they were under the
impression believe that that was better because it was closer to the ovaries it
is it's up to you what you want to do it's your body it's your money your
medicine your future baby rock it out but however it makes sense for you
alright ladies that is it I will see you in the morning we are headed to the re
I'm not sure which are you will be seeing me because I think my RA is on
vacation it was a doctor and I can't think his name it's in my notes it was a
man hopefully he'll be there if not it'll be a PA but right now we're just
checking the progression again like nurse Christian has said the numbers
don't really mean anything other than tracking purposes but we can't infer
anything really from than an individual number just that it should be increasing
right the follicle should number should be going off the each and number should
be going up we should see progress and as long as we see progress I'll have me
continue the meds if they don't see progress we'll talk about that if it
happens we're not gonna speak it into existence but there is a possibility
that they don't and we'll talk about that if it if and when it happens so
that's it I am out of here I should get to bed I'm going to work out before I go
in the morning I worked out today I think I've told you three hours and 30
minutes and I feel good about that I think it's good for the circulation
where's my hot water bottle and put this back on now I'm gonna sleep with the hot
water bottle over my Rover's oh there's some Bologna I wanted
to show you guys that – if I can show you without flashing you too much here I
have an outdoor don't worry but that you see my belly is like pushed out here
it's very bloody and I'm very gassy so I am yeah you have to work on that I
definitely want to get in a lot of water tomorrow before the ultrasound my right
ovary kind of tucks back and it's just harder to see so I think if I can get
more water if I can get my bladder fuller then um that would be better Phil
you got yourself all right I'm gonna text for kosha back and I'm gonna get
myself off to bed after that I'll see you ladies in the morning let me know if
you have any questions about any of the meds what they're for how I'm taking
them if you choose to take them a different way you don't have to tell me
I totally trust you and your process please trust me in mind that we are all
headed into the same call of our take home baby I will talk to you ladies
later bye baby does to us all

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  1. My husband and I are under a doctors care for infertility. We will start our IVF inJanuary. Thank you for the video. It helps people like me know what to look forward too. Congrats in advance👏🏽

  2. I love that blanket it looks so soft and even though I’m in Florida I keep a blanket with me b/c I’m always cold. You are a pro now Nurse Tanika❤️❤️❤️

  3. Hi there, Tanika!
    Has anyone told you lately how AMAZING you are??? Well, there it is. I begin my IVF in January 2019.😊 It was briefly delayed, but am now back on track.

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