LIVE PREGNANCY TEST- 10DPO in a Femara 5mg cycle with PCOS

oh my god guys okay oh sorry so I'm freaking out right now I just got home from my overnight shift today is Spencer's birthday so happy birthday to him and I've been testing every day I've been getting a bunch of negatives and I've been using just the cheapy you know stick tests so I came home I held my pay from my entire shift my entire eight-hour shift because I wanted to have first morning urine when I came home from my overnight and I said you know what today is ten DPO that's when I found out I was pregnant with Spencer I want to go ahead and use the first response I knew it was gonna be negative because I had been getting negatives I'm like there's no way there's no way I'm gonna get a positive on this test and now I just took the test and I'm pretty sure I'll show you guys hold on let me see if I can get it hold on guys can you see it I don't know if you can see it so I don't know if you can see it but I'm kind of freaking out so what I'm gonna go do right now is I left my pee in the cup I'm gonna go dip a digital stick and see what happens there but I think I'm pregnant guys and if I am I'm the most fertile infertile person on the planet because this was our first round of a bear okay so I'll be right back all right guys so I just dipped the clear blue Digital test so I just wanted to keep it here so you guys can see with me what the results are this is the first response test that I had taken earlier see if you can see that hold on I have to try to get my camera to focus sorry suck at this so pretty sure yeah I can see that line through my camera so now we just wait and see what the digital has to say I'm still like in serious disbelief I've had absolutely no symptoms at all for like the last three days I would say I told you guys I had some symptoms he's 1 through 3 and 4 through 6 and then it pretty much just stopped after I like I was convinced I was not pregnant my cm dried up completely and I was experiencing nothing at all that would signify that I was pregnant and I've just been feeling very sick for the last week which I was taking antibiotics for so this was completely unexpected I truly like I can't even tell you guys I really just took this first responses like oh well you know I already peed from so and today's 10 dpo you know which is when I found out with Spencer and it's Spencer's birthday today so I was like oh well let me just throw it in and you know almost like let me just see another negative test like I don't know sometimes I don't how to explain it but hopefully you guys understand sometimes we just get like in our heads where even though we know it's gonna be negative or we think it's gonna be negative we just have to pee on a stick so that's the mood I was in this morning and was truly not expecting it when I told Jared I could not stop laughing I was just hysterical laughing I wish I would have recorded it it was so funny I was just hysterical laughing but anyway this is gonna say it's taking a long time to think so I'm thinking maybe it's too early for it to show up if it is that's fine I bought the box with three of them so oh there it is pregnant one to two weeks oh my god oh wow I wasn't expecting it to show up like that I feel like from the reviews I've seen usually it'll show up pregnant first and then like it takes some more time to think about how pregnant you are but yeah there it is pregnant one to two weeks guys so yeah sorry that I look a mess my mirror is disgusting well it's gross not even filming this but it's been a really crazy day as you can imagine on top of it being Spencer's birthday which was already crazy surprise we're pregnant hope hopefully this is a sticky baby for us and I guess I'll see you guys at my first pregnancy vlog alright bye

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  1. So 10 DPO im going to use the digital test and see.. I have had sex 3 out of the 5 days in my fertile window and ovulate tomorrow hopefully I become pregnant guys!!!

  2. Omg. I have the same thing but I not pregnant and I want to be pregnant and I am trying to get pregnant. PCOS sucks.

  3. This was an adorable pregnacy reaction. You can tell how much you want this. Your shaking with excitment. Im happy for youπŸ’ž

  4. So we did the iui medicated. Today is 8 days past. Did you do the iui or medicated timed intercouse? Because i am anxious to take my digital but im scared lol

  5. I have been on pills for as long as I can remember, I have pcos & very unstable periods. Fortunately, I finally got pregnant following Dr Philip's prescriptions. Here is his email [email protected] com, if i can help someone out there get pregnant that would make me really happy.

  6. Never had fertility problems, or lost any of my pregnancies…So Blessed!! I have a baby on the way… wasn't even trying!! So excited!! Almost eight weeks,had ultrasound two days ago and heard my little ones πŸ’“. So good luck to those that are having issues!!

  7. hi I haven't had my period for two months took over 3 pregnancy test all negative is it time for blood test please help

  8. Congrats hunnie 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 happy for u

  9. hey congratulations hope you and the baby are doing well this is my second cycle of letrozole I'm now on 5.0 my first cycle was 2.5 I thought I can see if the first round because of my missed period but never came this cycle I had to get put on Provera to stop my period and the weird twinges I will have during ovulation I thought so much that I was pregnant that last cycle it's okay I'm trying this cycle and then fingers crossed I really feel in my heart that it's going to happen this month

  10. was your first response test very very light I just found out I was pregnant and mine was very light..

  11. wow on the first response it says not pregnant right? cuz only 1 line.. then on the digital is say prego 1-2 weeks. What a birthday gift for spencer. Congrats.

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