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hi guys Sara here welcome back to another life pregnancy test hi Sara here welcome back to our channel so today I'm doing a live pregnancy test I have already gone ahead and did my test this is later on in the evening I recorded that this morning yeah I recorded this morning so I'm gonna go ahead and kind of share with you the results of my test you guys haven't been following I go and ahead and I took live pregnancy test those past few days and the results have kind of been inconclusive so today I wanted to know what's going on I was assuming that HCG would have doubled by now because my first test was eight days post today's yesterday was nine today's ten and I took my test and I'll show you what I saw I don't know if you guys can see what I see but the faint line is still there but I feel like it's getting lighter like why is that happening it's so frustrating because I have the first test which shows like the line it was the most prominent line that I've had so far and then my other test progressively shows like it still shows a line but it's like faint to the point where it's like I don't know kind of uh the first slide that I got was like whoa that's a full-on line now I feel like it could be I'm getting I don't know I don't say I'm nervous but I feel like I just hope I'm not having a chemical pregnancy I was saying that yesterday because I feel like that's what it could be given that the line was so vibrant for my very first one and I have yet to match the same line in color or the same or even darker as it should be darker by now I like and it's just confusing I didn't mention that I've been drinking a ton of water but I did take this test this morning on with SMU I took it with first morning urine so I feel like it should be okay because it was early in the morning and I felt like I held my urine for at least five hours I really have to go so I could hold it like the full-on you know full eight hours or whatever but I felt like that should be enough like if you don't hold your urine if you don't use FM you they encourage you to pull your urine for four hours and I held it for five and so when I took the test that's what I saw so I'm like is it I feel like I'm ruling out the whole water issue now disease it's like just mean the drinking water or if things are coming to an end I feel like this is a chemical pregnancy all over again I'm pretty sure it's what it is because I have had one before and I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that none at all things could magically progress another discrepancy that I have that I never really mentioned this month I didn't fully track when i alighted and unfortunately I trusted Glo to determine when I laid it and about two days after that I finally decided to use my ovulation strip I don't know what came up on me but something said go check and I checked and it just so happens that it's it was like darkened it was indicating that I either just ovulated or I was about to and I was like oh my goodness so I could have obviously ovulated even later I'm here testing and the first time when I first day when I tested when I was saying as eight days post that's eight days post according to blows day but it would technically have been early like six to seven days post for me if I had a view lated later so it's a bit confusing because I don't know where I'm at right now but if I am going according to glows to the day when I use the opk strips I am technically eight days post so it could be too early or I am just I really don't know might this is the first I mean I've had incidences where I've seen a line before and then it casually did enough it just like disappeared by day two this line just keeps lingering around but it's not getting any darker this the time when it gets a little bit more emotional because it's like you know that something was there but it's not anymore and I have the test all here and this is the one I took today you guys see anything you work on if you actually see anything there's a faint line down the middle it's a little bit later now than when I read it but it was there when I did read it the one from 80s post is still there but it's faded a bit now so it was definitely there and then I took the one from today is 10 days post and it honestly I feel like this is my scientist one you can't really tell and then I took one later on in the evening and this is what it's at if you're so frustrating because I know that chemical pregnancies can happen in that they do to women especially like 50% of our pregnancies apparently and in chemical pregnancy which is a form of a miscarriage women who are actively TTC they test early and that's the only way that we generally know because because we tested and we got the early positive and then it fades off to nothing so I don't know I'm hoping it's not a chemical but I'm feeling like it is and it's just yeah it's a bit emotional it's a little frustrating like no no it's frustrating I see and I feel like a part of it could just be because I'm not I'm breastfeeding I am really working I have some plans and I'll talk to you guys further but I don't want to like talk anymore about about this per se but I'll talk to you guys in another video about like what's really going on I guess and what I think is going on but that is what's up for today so yeah it's still a bit inconclusive the line is there but it's fainter and I did read that in the early more stages HCG can definitely fluctuate depend on how much fluids are in is in your body and that sometimes you can get a test that kind of picks up on it as and then you know some other test will not it's kind of weird it's it's weird I'm not going to lie only because I never fully TT seed I've never fully TT seed like this before it's last time when I was with pregnant with Zoey that was like my first round of TTC but it just happened so fast and this time I'm it's a different story we're on to month six and it's the longest we've tried and so it brings about it you know some questions happy just came home from work and we were sitting and talking about just like where do we go from here and spend six months of trying and you know I was explaining to him that I think a big part of my problem could be the fact that I'm just breastfeeding I feel like that is a huge thing that's hindering me and I don't you know I feel bad because I I don't want to just completely cut off that bond between Zoey and I but I feel like she needs to I'm trying to wean her off more so she can focus on eating just eating and not like eating core meals and not expect to consume core meals from my boobs because she has her days sometimes she will eat other times she's picky and she just wants Bhuvan when she has boobs and she's getting like a full course meal from me so I'm sure that throws my hormone levels way off and if if you know me conceiving I feel like my body is being sent mixed signals it's already I think different for me to probably conceive given that I am nursing because it's never really happened I thought it did in case you ever saw any old video of mine I thought it did happen but it didn't when I did all the calculations later on I discovered that I technically wasn't pregnant any of those times when I had the when I got pregnant with each of my girls so I feel like it's odd for me to conceive naturally you know naturally while breastfeeding for me I'm noticing I think that's why I'm realizing and it took months for me to try it I know some of you guys are public I told you that breastfeeding was hindering I get but you know I'm one of those people like I'm rather than nothing before I tried and I don't put my I don't put my feet forward with my feet I guess you don't put them both at once I don't put what you know my foot forward with god that sounds funny too but I don't leave you know I don't set my foot forward with a negative thought I try to be positive I try to be optimistic and here we are you know what I mean I was optimistic that I'd be able to have a baby and I already have one and now I'm just at a different journey love to expand love to add another one and we're just praying to God that it's going to happen and I should I'm going to be making changes on my own side which I feel like I happen but with when it comes to nursing baby girl that's something that I also need to kind of nip in the butt a little bit more I'm also considering I don't know I do have some other things that I want to talk about because you guys have given some suggestions and I think I'm gonna have a Q&A coming up a prank I'm gonna have like a TTC Q&A coming up that based on things that you guys have asked and I'll just answer the questions for you guys be give you guys some answers oh geez um yeah so thanks for tuning in to buy a live pregnancy test stay tuned keep your fingers crossed for me that it's not what I think it is this is day three this is my third day of testing live and seeing if I'm pregnant and that I'm just keeping my fingers crossed remaining positive and we'll see what happens so stay tuned for tomorrow thanks we'll see you what tomorrow brings much luck guys okay

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  1. hmmmm, still keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe get a blood test to check your levels. Sending positive vibes

  2. Hi Sarah, I was going to ask on the 8dpo video what your plans were to stop breastfeeding because I’ve never seen it being done at your daughter’s age. I was always told to ween them off at no later than 12 months or so. I couldn’t imagine doing it after 12 months so hats off to you! I’m glad you answered my question in this video. I bet you’ll become pregnant once you stop breastfeeding if you aren’t already pregnant! Fingers crossed!!!

  3. no it ant girl take a nother test but make sure it's a digital one this time and I also tested at 10 dpo it was fanter then the first one u are fine trust me girl

  4. Breastfeeding is also considered as a form of birth control, every woman is different that's why some get pregnant while nursing but others don't manage to conceive. When a woman is breastfeeding a lot happens to the body. For instance, nursing makes the lining of the uterus thin, so even if the egg and sperm meet it is difficult for implantation to occur.
    Also, it depends on how much you are nursing. Most of the patients who get pregnant while breastfeeding, and continue nursing frequently miscarry. Don't stress but just keep in mind that nursing has an impact on your body. Wait for a week then take another pregnant test.

  5. Throw everything away. Stop counting. Take a month or two off. Just enjoy the freakish morning ride. Put your mind and body in relax mode.

  6. Sarah, Google says, “The simple answer is that you can get pregnant while nursing. However, many moms experience a time of delayed fertility during breastfeeding. This is very common and is referred to in many places as the Lactation Amenorrhea Method (LAM) of contraception.”

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