hi guys Oh welcome back to my channel and if you are new welcome to my channel if you haven't already go ahead at that red subscribe button down below and I know you already know what the heck is going on judging by the title of this video yes I am pregnant and I just found out three days ago I was so freaking shocked I didn't know what the heck they do it myself like we just moved down to Florida like all of our families back home like in Virginia like what the heck is going on so needless to say that I was freaking stressed out and here is the video clip of me finding out that I am pregnant yo I mean yeah yo I am freaking scared right now dog so no I don't know what a cry or laugh okay I don't know why about the blue I'm just I'm just chilling and I starting to feel like a little queasy so I'm like let me just take a pregnancy test just just to take it you know I knew I just knew it was gonna come back negative because I literally test myself literally like every single like every other month I'm testing constantly just to make sure I just took a pregnancy test off oh my god this she came back positive I don't even know if the camera is picking this up but that is legit a lie I can't even say that we I want to say like we were so careful but bitch I obviously not I mean okay here we go so as you guys can see I was definitely nervous as hell I didn't know what to do I was like oh my god how am I gonna tell Joey so I wanted to do like this big thing where I make him like play charades I don't know like you I don't know but I wanted to do like a cute little game to show him and I was just like okay I need to just tell him because I can't hold the secret from him and I was just too nervous to just handle it by myself so I ended up kicking her he got off work really late and then I woke up I peed on the stick and I showed him and he freaked out of course just like oh my bad like I can't believe it we're pregnant blah blah like it was it was kind of crazy I mean we're fine but it's just really unplanned and really out of the blue but we're gonna take it as a blessing and we're just gonna make the best of it you know so I haven't went to a doctor or anything like that yet so I'm just waiting on that I haven't told anyone yet but if you're watching this now now you know and we are excited now because we had some time to process it and I mean everything's good so well yeah I want to see me fat again but I will give you guys an update on everything that happened and what's going on with my doctor's appointments and stuff like that so make sure you hit that subscribe button to make sure you follow me and don't miss a video ok and thank you so much for watching you guys and leave me a comment down below and let me know if this has ever happened to you and how shocked weren't you and how you guys got prepared because look this is gonna be tough like we literally just settled into our house but we have like 10 months or nine months and whatever I don't know how far along I am so whatever we have some months left to get everything situated so that is pretty much it for this video I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on what the heck is going on and I will see you in my next video bye


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