34 Replies to “LIVE PREGNANCY TEST!”

  1. I'm sooooo confused. You can tell straight away from looking at that tummy your pregnant ! (Not fat but for sure a baby bump)

  2. Some people are fucking assholes.
    And ignorant as hell.
    Bet yall mommas walking around with bellies twice as big as hers so move along bitches.

    But on a side note. That pregnancy line was so much darker then the control line. The control line was almost non existent. You've been pregnant for quite some time

  3. Maybe its her body type to have some belly!!me after my second child i was having belly for a year and i was looking pregnant!!!

  4. That line! Is the test line and the other one the faint line it's the control line of the test And its faint because you are far along pregnant .so why are you doing this!???

  5. I know its so obvious she was lregnant with her bumo. SO EXITED FOR YOU! YOU KUST BE AT LEAST 16 WEEKS!

  6. Did she pee in a cup and then she dipped the pregnancy test in it. Just saying look at her stomach she looks pregnant Just saying.

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