Live Pregnancy Test- 8 Days late!

right okay you have all been right in how long the last is patiently I think a week it was absurdly it's been a whole week since we tested with the first response those of you that watch our channel follow the community tabs know that I have been waiting for first response yeah capital letters first response test to be arriving because they're the ones I've been getting the limes on and so I wanted to compare line progression or not on those tests so I ordered on Amazon paid 14-pound waited nearly a week I fought 14 pounds for four tests that is a bargain do you not they've sent me they've sent me answer brand and I know they are yeah in a first response box look and I know they're pretty much as good as but that's not the point the point is I could have gone up the road and bought these then banging upstairs oh yeah gone up the road and then back within within 20 minutes and bought these tests I've waited a whole week and i'm in charge two whole five four more right on someone emailed i knew for a much different it's just like thoroughly shocked me extra know what's cheek you think they sent you first response which are the wrong ones anyway first response box with these in yeah but even the first response box was wrong because it was 45 second rapid yeah she wonder the six day early ones so i just cheeky anyway so these are answer brand they're not first response even I wait the whole friggin week for an excuse the state of my ears but windswept we've been out all day so actually that evening I've only held my pee for two and a half hours and about a bottle of Pepsi Max but I'm over it I'm ain't jiae's legs so if there's gonna be a line there's gonna be a dying yeah so let's just dip this what do you think it's s is going to be I think negative yeah I've gone in circles when I first started testing I thought all the first response and that were given indents I was adamant it was indent lines and then last Saturday that test was pink in the kitchen wondering that last one we're done on the video that's the last first response we done and I thought they can't all be indent lines on like five different brands since then I've come across another lady that I started to follow in her channel and I think she got indents on for tests so now I'm thinking yeah they are indents so I don't think this is gonna be positive oh yeah I forgot to tell you oh no what I've told you in today's vlog but that followed me up after this when he got my thyroid checked which is a blood test and I asked the doctor and he said he wouldn't normally but he will do me HCG blood test so I had that on Friday morning rang up last night which was Friday night and they weren't the results aren't back so now I've gotta wait till Monday which is so annoying because we know results if it was if it was a weekday yeah I mean I kinda now anyway it's gonna they're gonna be negative but so they have to give you a number your HCG number yeah if it's below fine this negative if it's above it's positive so why you know you get pregnancy tests give you a line that will give you a pregnant not pregnant yeah why don't you get pregnancy test it give you your HCG level number well cuz obviously that's then it's not that sensitive well they should make an xx and your 19 no because your pee can confirm Eli that's why your line might be lighter in the evening to the morning depends how much I just feel like a test should come up number four a four point five or five law no because I'd like said it depends how much you drink and how long you've helped your pee for whereas your blood is your blood there's no changing the number in your blood whereas your we can be diluted so I don't they give you a pregnancy test that you have to take not because why would they do that when you can buy urine tests in the shop because I I'm saying this because how much money to people waste on pregnancy test when you can just go yeah you know like the young pinpricks yeah what are those who diabetes yeah yeah they should do one of them and you stick it on and it will tab and it will say you HCG level is this yeah that's at the point no no why don't we invent that I've gone Dragonstone without there must be a reason probably that's got the impending hospital people probably don't want people stabbing themselves to find out because you know what you know women like every morning if it's raised on a pinprick in the finger I don't know what else to do it at least pee you've got a pee whereas you haven't got to stop yourself and find out that's five minutes you said this should be a blatant positive if careful at the camera why does our mirror always up monkey that's so annoying I don't know yeah let's just clarify I put the mirror up perfectly straight anyway I'm expecting a scar be a negative yeah but friggin gray line which is an indent that's so annoying this upstone friggin nine in it's pink but it's not a line it's called Raven she's got bathing clearly visible isn't it maybe it's Varys why is it not just hungry enough that's the clearest I've seen it yeah it's look yeah you can see it from here you haven't even gone – zoom in for that with your eyes but it's not dark past it's not done well where's no because I can see it I'm gonna study it but it's not no it should be but yes lying there right will show you guys in his pink that is 100 percent pink line here yeah I can see it in every angle you know what I was like okay this has got to be a chemical pregnancy but what's frustrating is it's just like if it's good if it's going to be a chemical just any I just hurry up and let's move on so no not this dragon out with a line that's not getting so now I'm knocking dozen chemical pregnancy caused you to be they only pair at them because it's yeah it does because it's basically I don't know why the line isn't getting darker because I've been getting the same time for a week or more what about if it was a early six day pregnancy test first response that you asked for Jack another pick out more I don't know because people swear that these answer brands are as good as fast responses yeah I've also read that these aren't six days sooner they are more like 25 hour you and you're not doing it in morning P you have been drinking all day and stuff so maybe it should still be dark are eight days late well if you do one in the morning Monday morning I'm gonna ring up these blood test results let's show you guys anyway um obviously still struggling to see on the camera you ever just spout so there is a line because people still say there's not a line it's like I'm not making up I'm not stupid purpose you have to come out and go in okay come no it's focused of it you can't friggin see it he kind of guns here what I kids here dinner whether it's better and it's pink I've proper pink Matt hi I was watching a video the other day and I noticed you could see it more in the shadow the new blazing light on okay well I like to do both so I mean it's there and it's pink it's just annoying I can't show you well pink is but it's not darker don't tell me you can't see that one guys come on well if I get a picture of anybody in it again I always try and get Oh Oh get it together I I always try and get a picture of it but I can never pick it up and I let me just try and show them don't know at my Crotty table I've got three kids you know the actual camera screen is quite there is one thing probably struggle to see through well it was annoying is because I can see on here and I'm not yeah they'll definitely ought to see that and then when I upload it you can't see it but I think the point is that it's not darker guys tell me you can friggin to see them oh I'll get it I just need to try that's blurry again Larry I just like to try and get it properly in all different lights forum which is why there's always like a solid minutes worth of me trying to show the test because when I hate it when people just put it up to the camera and take it away again I like to see it properly they focus in that box there is no sawdust the screen very dark where is the test tumbling upstairs I just not to show them in different notes because when people have the test this is what other people do oh I think there's a line I don't know I think so that des yeah what's annoying is that this by far the pink is just like last time it's a smidgen darker probably pick up in a digit or but what your Bloods gonna come back negative and then we're back to square one if my blood comes back negative then these are all differently indents but I just struggled to believe that I had an indent on when I say I have done how many pregnancy testing I got upstairs on the window so probably about 50 not probably but because I thought Oh every time I buy a different brand of internet cheaply I buy them as a ten yeah and I probably got about four brands up there I've probably done about ten first response I think this is the third answer brand I've done and every single test is that alone couple of them but yeah at the beginning oh yes a couple off the internet treat me seven but we just don't know this one others you know I think well we do know but we don't know I think I mean we do know that you're not pregnant properly but we don't know whether you are I believe that yeah it's it's I think that balls will come back as like an a really yeah which is just above pregnant but not gonna it's not sustainable do not mean we need to be checked out because I you said if this sum in this base being implanted in your people so it was just my period or just come my spawn you said it's dangerous and you have to get to thank you know I will let you me not an epsilon here no I think that topics I don't really know let's just wait and see what the blood tests yes I've been waiting and seeing for the last two weeks I know but technically I'm eight days late and eight days eight to a doctor would cake just test it out of a week several week sorry Robert I said there is another line there and it is pink and originally they were crane I was like is it in done is it really faint and now they are pink but they should be dark there's so much darker but yeah we just got make four blood test I think a blood test will come back with like eight so it's given a real real thank positive it's not going anywhere it's just annoying because it's like just if you're gonna end let's just hurry up I'm not drag it out with all this but it is what it is I hate to say it there's probably love on it is what it is I'm just so glad he done me a blood test but I think I told you didn't I I won't probably test for the thyroid and they only took one cup like carton cartilage one two one two both blood and then my mum was like they would have to reshoot for H it's one pH TJ one for you I would man they'll split would they do that or would they just use the same blood to do different tests I'm not asking you I'm asking them I aren't I'm just answering you know anyway that leaves you just as confused as you were last Saturday and sorry so I really dunno I was thinking okay thank you for watching again watching another episode of issue pregnant you know welcome to another faint line it's annoying because I know I'm rambling now this this pregnancy test that should take three minutes it's now what have you got fifteen minute on video bar I find myself keep googling like oh thank positive for a week straight and then you come across stories whether like I heard a faint closet for free weeks and then I didn't test for a week and then I got a Blair and positive or people that are like I've got a star quite negative until I was nine weeks pregnant and then it kind of just fills you with that tiny bit of home yeah yeah I mean it's possible anything's possible but it's I think it'd be silly to think that that's what's gonna happen mmm but we'll see you never know I mean no say no say Monday's video will be do a video on a Monday doing no we could do it yes I'll let you all know what the blood test is probably I do a pregnancy video that just being with the normal blog and all thing so if you don't watch an awful Blockson make sure you do and if you did like this video please give us the thumbs up just helps boost our videos your more people to see yeah well then not a test hey more money gone down the drain still no result and got off with the test okay yeah if you want to hear us run about that then what's your video that's coming in after this one I'm going to edit this put it up and then edit today's vlog and put that up and that's got we on it anyway I'll see you over there

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  1. Those of you that are struggling to see the line on here, I have posted a clearer pic on the community tab ❤️

  2. I can see that line better then the others fingers crossed you get some answers on Monday I could imagine how frustrating it must be xx

  3. In south Africa they do have pregnacy test that you can use your blood instead of going to the dockter

  4. I had false positive on "rfsu" test. Line had red colour. Not pregnant. Expensive test were negative. Next time I will wait to be late like two days and test with clear blue or some other digital test. Hope you get pregnant soon! (Finland)

  5. You have such a positive attitude both of you hopefully just taking a wile to show but take a test tonight with night time pee I rem asking doc why my tests wer faint in a morning and her response was sometimes fmu is too concentrated to show anything ❤️❤️ good luck I see the line 💯💯💯

  6. I don't want to worry you unecessarily but please follow this up with your dr because this could also be ectopic. This happened to me early on, my hcg just stopped and stayed at the same level. It got to 50 and then wasn't rising or falling, it was an ectopic.pregnancy. I did have slight spotting with it as well though.

  7. I can see it to. Hope u get some answers soon hon. Pluss those answer tests are not as sensitive as first response early results.
    I hope its not a chemical 😥

  8. It’s quite clear I definitely see it, don’t give up hope just yet I have known people to have the same faint lines for up to 2 weeks late then they got their BFP 🙈😘😘

  9. i also had this few month back like i said before i used even clear blue digitals and said pregnant 1-2 and i did bloods in hosp and was negative i wasnt pregnant i did over 30 odd tests all high end sometimes your body can just do it i think i dont no

  10. thats for sure darker than all the rest i can see that without even trying to look in different angles but it should defo be darker hope the hcg bloods give you answers

  11. In the UK they have colour coded bottles that are sent for many different things. So one is for one and one is for another. I have had my blood drawn for many reasons on a regular basis and always ask what colour means what lol. I didn't actually get a positive till I was 6 plus weeks with my son 🙄 but it's something you don't tend to believe unless it's happened to you. I've heard of a chemical pregnancy that can lift your HCG levels and drop them and then raise them again. But not 100% how that works. There still could be hope for you 🙏🤞🙏🤞🙏 it's a pain how in the UK we can't just have a clinic that does a blood tests, it's all GP appointments then talk talk this, then book an appointment for a blood test and wait for f#cking weeks. I wish you all the best 💕

  12. Loving Max’s chat about why women can’t have tests for testing the hcg levels I’ve actually never thought about that till now lol I don’t think women would test as much if they had to prick themselves you would test to see if you are pregnant or not then maybe a few days later to see if it’s increased!

  13. Hi guys , try clear blue for a definite answer. Expensive , but worth it to know what's going on. Xx good luck. Beats waiting and wondering.

  14. I'm leaning towards a chemical pregnancy but Max is right when he says maybe a ectopic pregnancy because your tests won't get darker with those also. I would definitely talk to your doctor on Monday about it if there is still no sign of your period. I'm praying for you both!

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