1. We have very similar stories. I had my D&C on Aug 15th. I really appreciate you sharing your story, i know how hard it is and it takes courage (more courage than I have) Something that has helped me is a necklace I bought myself – Seeded Hope on Etsy has a Forget Me Not seed necklace. It helps me have something tangible that I can hold in my hand and have on me, and it just looks like a cute necklace. Thinking of you, stay strong. Hoping for happy and healthy babies for both of us in the very near future.

  2. Congrats!!!My period was late with nine days and been having lights cramps for the last two weeks took a home test today and found out am pregnant. Am so happy had a miscarriage too 2 years ago.Praying to God all goes well

  3. Prayers for you! I feel like I see the faintest line when you showed it. I hope this is it for you. We are currently 6 weeks pregnant with baby #4 who will be our rainbow baby after 5 miscarriages. I’m so scared, worried and excited all at the same time. I hope you get your rainbow baby soon! Baby dust to you.

  4. Omg 😭😭😭😭 we miscarried the same time 😭😭😭😭. I’m dying I want a baby so bad! 😭 check my channel- posted my miscarriage appointment when they told me no heart beat 😭

  5. I only had sore breasts with my first pregnancy! Each one was different, I have four boys! Good luck hun

  6. Praying for you girl! I am already excited to test in a week to 10 days. Ovulation tests and temping put my ovulation at Monday. I'm just excited my body (hopefully) is getting back in gear! We will get our rainbow babies <3

  7. Hilarious when you held the test up and said "Do you see that" and had the caption at the bottom that said "No girl….they don't" LOL. Sending you tons of baby dust!!!

  8. How embarrassing you are to real women that dont post the stats of their vagina everytime they spread their legs. Grow up.

  9. My husband and i have been ttc for going on a year now hopefully i get my blessing soon. Goodluck godbless you

  10. Hi! Hope you get your positive! Chasteberry (vitex) is a good herbal supplement but it can vary with someone who is normal
    In their cycle. To me was extremely helpful because I suffer from high prolactin and it normalized it. I got pregnant with vitex with my last son and with my last miscarriage I used as well and had a miscarriage I don’t think it was related to vitex. But I did also spot in between cycle but that’s because I had rupture of cyst on my ovaries, can’t say if it was related to the supplements. So in essence herbal supplements should be taken with caution because once u conceive shouldn’t be stopped without slowly weaning. From what I read many women had had miscarriages from doing that. Although again is what I read. But honestly in my case it worked. Also I have used pre seed, ovulation test, ovulation apps, tempting, primrose capsules etc all is good, just used with caution.

    Again the best of luck and I can’t wait to see a positive

  11. Baby dust to you mama💙I Belive that God is up there preparing thoes 2 lines.Ive tried to consive 5 gets and i finally got them and then misscaried.Your doing great and keep it yo

  12. Hey momma! I just wanted to share a small thing – with my first pregnancy, breast pain (like literally, feeling like a stampede of elephants ran over them) was my first symptom and they stayed painful for like the first 10 weeks! But with all my subsequent pregnancies (miscarriages and successful pregnancies alike!) my breasts never hurt again. And I had a ton of differing symptoms (or lack thereof!) between all the pregnancies, too. So, try not to be discouraged by symptoms that you would expect to see, but don't. Each pregnancy is different, so you just might not feel breast tenderness at all in you next pregnancy! 🙂

  13. I am going through the same thing I had a miscarriage August 27 and is my fists time testing since then it is nerve racking and emotional but I hope you get that positive!!!!

  14. I think you should be careful with Chasteberry, which is Vitex. It doesn’t sound like your fertility blend has very much in it though, which may be good depends on the person. Vitex is an herb that can cause your endocrine system to produce more/less hormones. I have been TTC for a long time & decided to take it and it made me super sick-I ovulated 5+ days late and was extremely bloated. Anyway, I believe some say Vitex shouldn’t be taken during pregnancy/TTC-or some say it SHOULD if you were taking it beforehand through the first trimester as it can effect progesterone levels, which some believe MAY contribute to miscarriage…if that makes sense….it has helped some people for sure, but it made my luteal phase very very short. Good luck!

  15. I’m TTC I’m trying pre seed next cycle I took a pregnancy test yesterday but it looked negative unless it’s to early I’m only 9DPO if you have any advice message me on Instagram brianna Legace

  16. Take another test in the morning when you can when you see faint line that's pink and what not take another one

  17. I seriously rushed out of my office on my lunch break to watch! And yes I paused and tilted my phone too LOL and dont feel like an idiot girl! Ever! You know all of us at one point or another moved our pee tests all around xoxoxo take care and we are with you!

  18. After my misscarage I got almost 2 weeks of positive opks. Maybe that's what was happinening with you. Opks detect the surge in LH but can't confirm ovulation. You're Ava bracelet might have been right. I had one cycle after my misscarage and I just found out last Thursday that I am pregnant again! 😀 Confirmed it this morning with a digital. Good luck again on your journey! I have a good feeling about this cycle for you. Rainbow baby dust being sent your way! 😀

  19. I think I was getting line eyes for you haha! I felt like I saw it for a second too girl!! You aren’t crazy! Love and prayers coming your way ❤️❤️❤️

  20. Girl I paused the video and started tilting my phone trying to see a line. Lol I either saw a super super faint line or I was getting line eyes also! Lol praying and hoping for a rainbow baby soon!! ❤

  21. I used a flashlight on the back of the test and you can see the faint line better. That helped me on my early tests for this pregnancy. Good luck, I hope you get your rainbow baby! ❤️

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