LIVE PREGNANCY TEST! | Baby number 3

okay guys so I'm about to do a pregnancy test I'm just trying to be quiet because I'm home with the girls and I don't really want them to know not that they really understand that is anyway but yeah I wanted to do a pregnancy test I just have this box from Amazon I'm gonna do one of those like little dip-dye tests I did do a test yesterday morning and I came back negative it's still supposed to be a couple of days before I test I just feel like I am pregnant so I really want to test again so I figured I'd go ahead and do it on camera for you guys so I'm going to go ahead and do it now all right so I'm just gonna go ahead and do the test right I'd cover that up until it's done so yeah the test is just back there but I doubt anything is gonna come of this I don't know I feel like it's obviously the end of the day it's like five o'clock so the chances of the test actually registering anything I think is pretty slim to none since before my periods do but I've been using the ouvea app and it said I can test in two days so yeah that's when they say can test if I know you can also test a couple of days before and sometime show kind of positive so that's why I'm gonna go ahead and do it I'm just waiting for the couple of minutes and I'm actually soft on her wrist like I'm getting goose bumps and I just feel like shivery I don't know I haven't been trying for a while or anything I just I don't know I think why I feel like I'm pregnant is I just have so many symptoms that I remember from my pregnancies in the past but I also did just start work so I'm not sure maybe I'm just sick from that like it's some sort of anxiety but I don't know I just feel like I am I'm getting like weird cramps and like have gassy noises happening in my stomach and then I don't know I just haven't been feeling great I've been having headaches but feeling dizzy my vision hasn't been the greatest and I mean these are all symptoms of anxiety and like new things too I mean I'm just I don't feel anxious like I do not feel anxious but I have all these symptoms so I don't know it's hard to say that's why I thought I'd do a test and just see I don't even know how many minutes I'm supposed to wait honestly I want to look right now but there try and wait at heart is beating so fast I don't know boy what it is about pregnancy tests that make you feel like this but every single time I've been pregnant with my kids I always feel like sick to my stomach and so nervous when I'm waiting okay so it's been like three minutes so I'm gonna go ahead and look I swear I see the faintest line see you might want to light oh my god there is like the faintest line guys you see if I can show you what if you guys can see that I can see my hair lighter right here I think that means I'm pregnant right there's no negative there's a such thing he was like I don't know I think if there's any line whatsoever on here that means you're pregnant oh my god look at kind of obviously I thought that I was but who am i ours raising I can't wait to tell my husband he's gonna be home in like an hour oh my god am I ready for three I don't even know one sack okay I have to go

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  1. First time watching your videos lol! I’m also pregnant but with my first baby and I’m also due in January 2020! Congratulations!!

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