hey guys it's amber welcome or hopefully welcome back today is Wednesday June 26 and for me that means I'm 10 DPL and I'm super excited I'm kind of procrastinating because I feel like since I have an average of 27 day cycles that like I only have three days left so let's see show it to you if this main box gets a line going up and down to make it a plus then it means pregnant so let's hope I'm really really fascinating I'm just gonna give it let's go give it a good sugar and let's make sure it's going across okay hopefully you can see that it's going across so I am going to cover it up and let's start a timer for three minutes there we go I'll see you guys in three minutes I'm the only one who feels like 3 minutes isn't enough time I think I'm just finding reasons to like hold off from looking oh okay I know there's still time okay just gonna look okay pretty sure that that is a queer negative so I'll show it to you guys the best I can ah okay so that's a BF in fort NDP Oh tomorrow is 11 DP oh so I will see you guys then hey guys thanks so much for sticking around today is Thursday June 27th and for me that is 11 DP Oh work again is insane but thankfully the holiday is coming up soon so I'll get a couple days off I get a four-day weekend so hopefully I can relax and reset but anyways 11 DP Oh sounds like a good day to me so let's get started my battery is flashing at me so hopefully I can get the test done before it dies same thing the clear blue rapid detection it's got the line going across I know people are saying that these come in early detection but I cannot find them in the United States I'm not sure if it's just like a New Zealand Australia thing because that's the only place I can find them like even on clear blue calm they they talk about them but there's no option – like where are they sold and I can't find them anywhere Google was a no help to me so anyways let's get started got my handy-dandy princess cup for good luck build my favourite let's get to be cap back on and make sure it's going across and it's going back across shut that down cover it up and let's get our timer started for three minutes see you guys then boom guys special guest he won't come see how II know you didn't want to say hi you can see here me well you go ahead we call him him because he's a silly goose but his name is Casey and he is too you won't come say hi no okay see if he decides to stay or leave once again are you gonna stay Casey are you gonna stay with Mama okay bye I love you are you gonna shut the door thank you anyways like I said 11 DPO now he can't make up his mind so sorry I really want to look at this test before it's been too much hi anyways like I said 11 DP oh I'm expected to start either Saturday or Sunday but hopefully I do not so still got a little bit of time left but let's just look this is the first one to mess with me oh I hate it and this is like what makes me want to like run out and get frist responses I'm trying so hard to resist going out and getting first responses but I might have to I'm not sure if I'm gonna be able to show it but this is definitely the first one to mess with me that's not too bad though I can't be like too upset I'm frustrated because 3 out of 4 tests so far were great and just a clear-cut not today this one however is weird and also I decided to take an O key K this morning just because because I don't have any other type spits like the clear blues and it like was really weird when it was going across now that it's dry it's lighter but when it was wet it was slightly darker I don't know I know that for Opie Kay's to be used as like a pregnancy indicator it has to be a like dark it has to basically the test line has to be like way darker than the control line and your HCG would have have to be high enough to register on a pregnancy test that's what I've read let me know down below if that is not your experience I would really love to hear about it I just think it's odd that what to two to three days before I might expect a period it's like super dark anyways I'll show you the test I wanted to show you the opk it's lighter now that it's dried but let's see if I can show you the test oh well three out of four that's not bad this one is gonna mess with me like I don't even have to like hold it like all around it's like I look at it and I see something going through but it's either the faintest thing I've ever seen or like it's our first one with an indent line hopefully I can get it to show in this hopefully I got it to show in the still picture anyways let me know down below should I just bite the bullet and get some first responses I can just get a three pack and that will get me through a Friday Saturday Sunday and we can see and then I'll also get these these are significantly cheaper a two pack of these is like $7.99 at Target and a 2 pack of first-response at Target is like $16 so these are half the price but they can't detect early like first-response can so what do I do let me know I need guidance should I just stick to these cuz I'm out of these I only had four so no matter what I have to go get more tests for Friday and Saturday so should I just get first responses and then we can put them to the test like head to head like I could take a first response and a clear blue rapid detection at the same time and see which one gives the clearer answer so far I think we all know that these are winning but I think it would be a nice little experiment so let me know how you guys feel about that you can talk to me in between videos at field fam underscore vlogs it should be nope kitty it's over here I know because of and how far it will be right here at field spam underscored vlogs I love to talk to you guys over there anyway if you're new here please make sure you like and subscribe and hit the bell so that YouTube hopefully let you know when I post my next testing video and whether you have been here for a few videos are right from the very beginning I love you guys so so much and I appreciate you more than you could ever possibly know thanks so much for watching guys I'll see you next time bye

11 Replies to “LIVE PREGNANCY TEST JUNE 2019 | 10-11DPO | CYCLE 5 | TTC BABY #2”

  1. I am now 19 weeks pregnant and I found out I was pregnant on 9dpo. I took an ovulation test strip cheapie and it was darker than my normal 2 week wait but was not a positive ovulation test and the lone was still way lighter than the control line. So I decided to take a pregnancy test I took a cheapie strip pregnancy test and it was positive the faintest line ever. So if it is darker than usual it can be an indicator of pregnancy even if it is not a positive test it could just be very early still.

  2. I could have swore I saw a line on your 10 dpo test. Get a First Response! Keeping everything crossed for you!!!

  3. Omg!!!! Hurry up already and go buy First response test!!! šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚. Pls pls pls be a positive šŸ¤žšŸ¤žšŸ¤žšŸ¤žšŸ¤ž

  4. I love clearblue. I have used them for both of my children and haven't had any problems. Clearblue was able to pick up that I was pregnant at 4 weeks with my daughter. The line was faint since it was so early but it was positive. It was a regular clearblue test as well. I don't know why there is so much hate on clearblue.

  5. I have no guidance but I'm here watching. Hoping you get your positive this cycle ā¤ I've always liked First response but they more recently (past year or so) seem to get indent lines that are HORRIBLE.

  6. I would most definitely get at least 1 first response šŸ™‚ I have been trying 2 years and have never had any problems with FRER I only buy those actually and never had the issue that everyone talks about.

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