hey guys it's amber welcome or hopefully welcome back today is Monday June 24th and for me that is eight dpo so I'm gonna do testing a little bit different this time instead of drawing out each test into its own video I'm gonna lump them together so I think I'm gonna do eight and nine TPO together ten and eleven twelve and thirteen and then we'll see what happens after all of that I hope that makes sense and I hope you guys enjoy that so it's kind of like getting two testing days in one video you'll just there's just gonna be a day in between me uploading them I hope it makes sense and I hope that you guys don't mind so like I said in the beginning of the video I am only eight DPO so there's really no sense in testing but if you know me at all you know that it's hard for me to wait so let's be silly and waste a pregnancy test together and have a little fun right so you know that I'm on if you watch last cycle especially my last video you know that I'm on a first response strike I haven't decided yet if I'm gonna break that but for now I have the clear blue rapid detection test so figured why not a lot of people love these even though they're blue dye and I know that the pink dye is easier to read there's a lot of controversy between blue dye and pink diet I don't know the science behind it I just know that personally I've always liked pink dye tests I don't think I've ever used a blue dye test and I've definitely never used these the only time I get clear blues is for the digital's but there's a first time for everything so let's give it a try so for these ones that are looking for to up and down lines it's already got a line going across in the main window and you're looking for that to turn into a plus sign I kind of think that maybe that might be easier to read because there's our D the main line going across so if you see anything at all like going through it but again the blue dye versus versus pink dye controversy blah blah blah and I know a lot of people say that these have died runs so let's find out so this does have the fancy color changing tip it turns hot pink to let you know that it's working so as soon as it starts turning pink then you count five seconds so let's get dippin that was weird it instantly turned like fluorescent pink like I don't want to mess it up by showing you okay hopefully okay there we go let's go into Chris so I'm gonna set it down cover it up and it says three minutes and since my son is sleeping I'm gonna go ahead and set a stopwatch instead of the timer and I'll see you guys in about three minutes timer is done oh I'm nervous even though I know the ad Pio is insanely early I know that it is possible as you guys know I try my absolute hardest not to symptom spot some things have been going on and if I do end up getting my BFP this cycle I won't absolutely do a video mmm listing all my symptoms by dpo so that hopefully that could be helpful to either myself in the future or one of you guys for now I don't want to like read into them too much I'm just telling myself that everything is PMS until proven other why's mmm again I know it's early so let's just there's a pretty significant like blue dye run so now I understand what everybody is talking about but I figured I'd give them a shot at least it doesn't have like a crazy gray indent line at all wait at all like it's very clearly like- there's no question I'll try and show it to you guys as best I can isn't that nice for once that's really nice four humps like of course I'm it's negative so like I'm not like too excited but I really appreciate the fact that it's negative like there is no isn't maybe no it's like 100% negative and I appreciate that if it's gonna be negative just be negative like how hard is that especially with how expensive pregnancy tests are the stick ones that you buy from the drug store like I don't know I don't understand why that's like asking too much so although I don't like the blue dye run in the bottom I do appreciate that it's at the bottom and that there's no indent line there's no dye catching in anything like and I really really appreciate that that might sound weird of course I'm not happy that it's negative I'm just appreciative of the fact that if it is gonna be negative it's not gonna mess with me so I'm thankful for that that might sound weird but that's just how I feel I don't want to think I see something because that's cruel and I feel like every single time I've ever used a first response I think I see something and then you just get even more letdown then you would be so this is a nice change of pace before me yeah there's like no question it is negative still undecided about first responses we'll see how tomorrow goes maybe I just my first one I ever used was really really good so we will see the only thing about first responses is is it's the only test that you can get over the counter that is that reads under 25 hcg so mmm that's what like makes me want to go out and get them because for someone like me who likes to test early and who cannot wait first responses just make the most sense but we'll see how this goes tomorrow like I said I'm gonna lump tests together that way you get to test videos in one okay I'm happy with this experience let's see we'll see tomorrow if this one was just a fluke I've heard a lot of complaints about them but so far I am extremely pleased with them and we'll see how tomorrow goes I'll see you guys in the morning hey guys thanks for sticking around today is Tuesday June 25th so for me that is 9 DPO so yesterday at 8 dpo i took one of the clear blue rapid detections for the first time and i can't get over it like how much I love those of course it's like never feels good to get a negative but I just appreciate that it was a clear not today you know so I hope that makes sense I also forgot to say when I said that I was gonna combine testing days it's also because my family and my closest friends watch my videos so if I do get lucky enough to ever get a BFP I need at least like a day to be able to tell my family and friends so late that makes sense and hopefully you guys understand it's gonna be a little bit rushed today because I do have a lot of meetings and work is crazy so we're just gonna take another clearblue I think I'm saving the chibis I think I have like 1 1 or 2 cheapies so I don't know okay so same thing as yesterday hopefully you guys can see it it's got the standard line going across and then the control window is blank so as soon as the tip turns pink you count five seconds and wait three minutes what go put the cap back on okay I don't want to ruin it but it's going across I'm gonna set it down and cover it up let's set our timer for three minutes okay you'll see you guys men I don't know why I'm nervous today I think yesterday because it's like a teepee oh it's like me like you know it's gonna be like more likely than not negative but because I have a seven hour twenty seven day cycle that usually means that I only have four days left before my expected period I don't okay let's just look hopefully it's like yesterday where it's just a clear definitive answer hopefully you're clear yes but if not hopefully it just doesn't mess with me and this is one of my symptoms like my skin never freaks out like this so I don't know if it's because of all of the supplements that I'm taking I don't know if it's PMS I don't know let's just look and get it over okay like yesterday it is at least it's a no like at least if it's gonna be a no it's a pretty clear no so I'll try and show you the best I can you at least tomorrow is 10 DPL which I feel is like a much more realistic day I feel like 12 and 13 DPO are the most are like that average days that most women find out so I hope so mm-hmm if you want to stay in touch with me in between videos absolutely follow me on instagram it's at fields fam underscore vlogs i'll leave it somewhere over here i absolutely love to talk to you and I've made so many wonderful friendships over there so I'd love it if you'd come along and join me there in between a little weight so I did eight and nine so I'll get these up and then I will do ten and eleven so I will see you not tomorrow but the day after so that will be Thursday and if you're new here please make sure you like and subscribe and hit the little bell so that YouTube hopefully lets you know when I upload my next video mmm yo Shane all the shade and whether you've been here for a few videos are right from the very beginning I love you guys so so much and I appreciate you more than you could ever possibly know we'll see you guys in a couple of these thanks so much for watching guys I'll see you next time bye

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  1. Can’t wait to the next video!!! Literally on the edge of my seat praying for your BFP at 10/11DPO. Let’s hope the Acne is a sign for you 💕 It’s like magic when it turns pink😂 You’ve got this hun!! 🤞🤞🤞🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. I bought the equate test bc it said it was compared to first response and it was not at all. It's a blue die test and now that I've seen the clearblue I know its actually compared to that. I hated the equate brand bc it gave an evap line but immediately. It was a blue line right down the middle of the test window. I thought it was a positive bc it came up right away but I def was not. I'm glad to see the clearblue doesn't do that. I try to stay away from blue die tests just bc of the controversy you were talking about.

  3. You should use the clearblue early detection test as they are 10miu and those are 25miu. I actually only use clearblue as I seem to get positives on all pink dye tests for some reason, I wish you all the luck 💕💕

  4. Yay live that you do 2 at a time😊 hopefully BFP this month. I get acne when I'm at the beginning of pregnancy. Hope's and wishes

  5. Sometimes a clear cut no is all we ask for. You are definitely still in the race. 😊🤞🏻🤞🏻

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