LIVE Pregnancy Test! TTC Baby #4 , 9-11 DPO

hmm okay hi guys I'm kind of quiet because I'm in my bathroom and all the kids and my husband are out there I'm blink out of breath I can't even talk right now um Michael actually knows I'm in here I'm taking a pregnancy test I'm so excited so if you're new to our channel we have three kids our oldest jr. is six years old and our middle child is Brooklyn she is for our youngest is two and his name's Carter oh my goodness I'm like so nervous right now um we have been wanting to try for a fourth for quite some time but situational things just weren't lining up and we're finally just ready to quit waiting on other things and just do what we want to do oh I already peed on the stick and it's under this box what was I saying oh this is our second month charting last month I just I wanted to film it like I was planning on filming taking the test and everything and I just I don't know I just didn't film it and I'm glad because it was negative obviously and we're pretty bummed so yeah but this month oh gosh I'm like out of breath because I'm like excited um this month I just I don't know I feel like I want to film even though it might be a negative I am currently still breastfeeding our two-year-old you just turned to like – what's today today is May 3rd it's a Friday and my son turned to on April 24th so not that long ago I'm still nursing him and so I feel like it's making it hard to conceive I'm gonna stop right here I know this is like a family channel and I know a lot of kids watch us so if your parents are around you might want to ask if you're allowed to watch this um anyways I have a 28-day cycle but I do not ovulate on the correct day i am i was taking ovulation tests and by the time i took them they were already getting light so I know I owe you late 'add way before I was supposed to I'm about nine dpo according to my app but I think I'm about eleven DPO so I got an early response I'm actually taken ooh this would be the third test I've tested for the past two days didn't pick up a camera but today we went to Walmart okay I think it's way past is it's coming up 1 2 3 minute market yeah anyways we went to Walmart we picked up some bursary spots the six days sooner ones so I was like okay I'm just gonna pick up the camera and see so I think Michaels like out there waiting I'm gonna show you guys first if I can get it to focus but I don't want to see it I can't tell that's focus I don't know I wouldn't want to look too close and see the results but oh the other two tests that I took were like completely negative so I'm kind of scared that we're gonna have to try for a third month but that's okay so I don't want to be too loud oh Michael I'm like shaking oh I don't know what to do I was like what am I gonna do how am I gonna tell him I wanted to do something like special and now with the plan the whole time but he's off for three days and we bought these tests together so he like knows I wanted to go take him oh I think I'm just gonna have to tell him you said you wanted to see it you said you wanted to see it well I was talking the whole time like explaining everything I got it covered yeah I did I'm sorry you want to see it know what it was a negative huh what if it's a negative you think it's gonna be negative are you ready mmm not great where's that brick that's right it was painted it doesn't matter no you sure I'm positive it does not matter as long as there's a second line it doesn't matter how dark it's only light because I'm early oh they'll keep getting darker are you excited I'm surprised I am too I'm really surprised I really thought I was looking to be met you defended you you know I took a test this morning I took it does this morning like a dollar to you and it was negative was it yes that's what I wanted these things I told you you're gonna be a daddy before did you hear that like screaming out there going chaos after both another I'm so just like I'm so high right now I'm sweaty did you draw a line on this no surprise I didn't do the leg again stop oh my god are you punking me what about one on my face I couldn't stop smiling I felt like superhot doing my read a little bit well okay well I guess that's it for today we got to get back to our three children soon to be four are you excited yeah just gonna be able it well that's that I guess that's our video for today man I wanted to make a separate video showing you know I can't when you don't want to wait too late no I'm too impatient now I have question when do we tell the kids TV oh you're right oh that's gonna be a whole separate video I'm so excited I think this to be happy we need to but it depends on the agenda is when they're weeks I feel like jr. would be the one to have a meltdown if it was a girl he keeps saying he wants a boy and since you keep saying she wants a girl so we're either way we're probably gonna have a meltdown do you like this no big car doors yeah I've already asked Carter he wanted another baby and he said no so there's that do I know I'm the baby so you know yeah you know the other day I asked again and he actually was like yeah yeah yeah Carter do you wanna say bye bye to everyone he's so handsome sweaty oh you are sweaty you're running around oh you got crackers Wow crackers can you say bye-bye to everyone oh let's cover everything okay

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