LIVE PREGNANCY TEST~7 DPO ~ SYMPTOMS ~ NERVOUS WRECK ~ Rainbow baby after miscarriage

hi guys today is October 10th 2015 and I'm going to do a live pregnancy test I've accepted the fact that I am a piata stick addict it's true the first step to solving the problem is you know realizing that you have a problem but anyway I just really want to know if I'm pregnant if I am and I want to know right now as soon as possible yeah I don't think that's a you know an uncommon thing but anyway so yeah I'm seven DPO cycle day and twenty or twenty one and I'm going to take a digital and a line first response um and look at the shape of this it's really it's weird but yeah anyway I'm gonna dip these now and you're not going to see we're in this video besides my hands he's supposed to dip in the air so my P either you're supposed to jump in for five seconds so that's what I'm gonna do 1 2 3 4 5 excuse me bathroom I mean it's decent it's definitely been a lot dirtier I'm not going to know those people who pretends like my house is always clean anyway is that a line now we'll just stop stop we can't stop looking at it cover cover cover I'm going to cover it I wish I would have brought something to cover it with but whatever now I'm going to dip the digital one two three one cup car fast three four five okay and I'll put that back line now wait for that to start blinking it should start blinking there's enough pee there we go you're coming in with your toothpaste and then I'm gonna wait three minutes and then we'll look at them so I'll be back in a minute guys actually you know what I think I'm going to talk to you guys well while they develop so we're at two minutes and thirty seconds right now so at about five minutes and thirty seconds we're gonna look at the test but okay so long I have had symptoms I wish I would've brought my little notebook in here but yeah I've had vivid dreams um cramping no spotting but I don't think I've ever really spotted in my life except what right before my period like as in the first drops of you know my period would are spying and then here comes the floodgates um but other than that I've never had middle of the cycle spine and uh yeah so I'm not I'm not afraid that I didn't have any implantation bleeding um you know because it looks people implementation bleeding and I've had very creamy cervical mucus and I've had lower back pains touch bad lower back pain but actually that could be attributed to my job because it's quite physically demanding I'm working with you know toddlers two-year-olds three-year-olds all the way up to uh fourth graders and yeah so it's a lot of physical pain I'm outside with them for about two hours a day approximately and maybe about an hour a day up to two hours a day I'm outside with children while they're playing and I'm playing with them and I'm trying to keep them entertained and I'm pulling kids off or trying to climb the fence because they do that if they uh if they throw a toy out of the fits they think that they are completely justified in climbing over the fence to go get it and yeah they can't do that it's dangerous and they can just you know get out the gate and run which is bad obviously so um yeah I uh I've been so thirsty I have been just extremely thirsty lately I haven't had much of an appetite at all no real cravings no aversion it's just not a very good appetite I have it which is a lot saying on 250 pound woman so obviously I eat but yeah I'm really nervous about this test like I'm really anxious and even if I am even it is positive then from that point on of course I'll be happy but if then of course I'll be scared very scared because you know last time I was pregnant I found out for sure that I was pregnant the same day I started spotting like maybe an hour before I started not spotting before I started bleeding because there was no spotting I just I thought I had to pee really bad so I got up I was in choir rehearsal I got it by the choir stand and I went to the restroom and my pants were covered in blood there was no easing on into it like my period usually is you know with like bleeding first and then here comes the floodgates get was just you know pegs little blood and I know that's TMI but seriously these are these are pregnancy videos you know there's going to be TMI so actually we're at 5 minutes and 45 48 seconds oh my gosh I'm so nervous I don't even think I can oh my goodness y'all pray for me either way either wherever these tests are y'all please pray for me and I don't like obsessing over things because I know I can get very obsessive and you know I I'm so nervous oh my goodness all right let's look at the lion test and there doesn't seem to be a line focus there's no let me look at it the person there's definitely no line on that we focus the camera and we'll look at the digital and that's a big fat note so that obviously doesn't mean that I'm not pregnant because I'm cycled a well I'm the seventh EPO well one app is telling me that I'm 70 PL the other is telling me that I'm 60 Pele so obviously it is much too early I am just a pee on a stick at it oops sorry guys I'm just a feeling oh my goodness I'm just apparently stick at it and I'm shaking and my touch drop the camera because I was so nervous but anyway alright I don't know at what point the video cut off but anyway yeah I am just I was so nervous on I've dropped the camera but obviously that doesn't mean I'm not pregnant because I'm only seven VPO when I was actually turning 60 do the others told me I'm 70 P oh so um you know I would didn't go to test again tomorrow but I might try to wait until the day after tomorrow so today's Saturday I might try and wait until Monday morning but it's really hard for me I'm I'm you know I like to test once I start testing it's hard for me to not test every day but anyway thank you guys so much for watching and you know just continue with me on a journey and thank you so much for being here hi

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  1. Hi I was reading through your comments and you mentions you didn’t think you where pregnant because you didn’t try. What does this mean exactly because people always say when you stop trying that’s when it will happen. How do people stop trying when you only have a short time to conceive

  2. Imagine how mch these strips company would be making cz of us all lol. M not gonna test until i miss a period. 🤣🤣

  3. My fiancé says all women are just pee on a stick addicts. I’ve had weird bleeding and light lines and test after test. It’s just a disbelief thing

  4. I gave up I’m tired of seeing the negative it’s just another reminder that I would be almost 6 months pregnant with my son and I lost him at 12 weeks and 1 day it’s just not fair.

  5. Okay I heard you say you had dreams ? Is that a symptom I’m really interested now I don’t really have any other symptoms but I’ve been having a lot of dreams does this mean something?

  6. I've been feeling that I should have my period long time ago but this kind of pains but nothing's happened yet

  7. Would be great if you could help me answer this! I was meant to have my period a few days ago and its still not came, not even any cramping but it hasn't came and me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex twice and we really want a kid so I did the shoulder stand method where you put you legs and body in the air to help the sperm go in faster, I don't know if maybe it's because I stopped taking the pill a month ago and it's affected my cycle I have also been having egg white discharge that looks like the clear stuff that comes out your nose from like a winter cold, i'm not sure but in 2 weeks time I'm hoping to take a pregnancy test, would be really helpful for any help or suggestions, thanks 😊 also been having stabbing pains in each side only happens like once a day though

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