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make my face up against like your hair and save your shoulder I like what hello get here can you hear me hear me can you hear me I'm making sure to wake oh oh okay I'm gonna shave your head today who's making coffee and he's bringing toast to the table he's bringing bootleg bagels to the table hey Pam hey Dave I hope I said that right I feel like we haven't been on here in a while and I don't know why it's literally a month since we do business and it feel like it's been poeta but yeah it was weird maybe cuz we did it at like seven o'clock last time now it's like right on time yeah see okay what's the temperature where you guys are at it is I'm sure it's not the hottest hot in here 69 right now it's supposed to get up to 191 I'm soon that Celsius today pizza you can hear the clammy Mississippi with me yeah thanks steamy 87 hmm okay so no you're joking that's heavy what I mean that's like boiling water on this thing thank you currently 86 feels like 92 I'm guessing it's humid that's why element 92 I mean I kind of miss NC I don't miss the full-blown humidity like right before we left that wasn't no but I definitely miss like some are starting early that's it thanks I do well I mean I don't miss that you get to get off no no just the how long the summers last that's about it because here it's like it just started they said they was supposed to start the beginning of July and it started like last week officially what summer yeah it wasn't it like July 2010 I need 70 cities wait so instead of one ninety minute seventy-six picture 87 in 79 in North Dakota North Dakota man Oh typo instead of one 1976 that sounds realistic my lashes stay dirty like I could clean them and then as soon as like an hour two passes by they are dirty all right what have you guys been up to I want to know we have been up to karaoke bar yeah téa's what's up always coming through him alive right you know is counting on you to be here you should kill yourself bread oh that's heavy oh it's the moment person that's still a thing I didn't know I was so like just okay okay I wear my glasses after like three months of only wearing contacts and was ashamed at how much dust we collected my glasses kids I owe my glasses since fourth grade and then after that in like seventh grade I got contacts then the boys wanted me like fourth grade when I first got into portrait quick story time the most popular guy in the class he liked me and they were like oh you gonna eat and be in a game and I was like guys like I don't know and this is I gotta go get glasses and he was like yeah I don't like you anymore so then I got contacts in seventh grade he came back there well then got a little bit of but yeah I mean just you know yeah people that are coming around now Brett looking flawless in this class oh thank you thanks I'm good we can see Apple in a month whoa hey where you coming from are you HOT home right in a month it'll be like the end of August so yeah you'll be like hitting the tail end summary [Laughter] what's your favorite thing about Seattle now that you've been there for a little while it's a question you go person thinking cause you'll make it my favorite thing about Seattle hmm I honestly this isn't some pretty messed up but I don't know I can't think of anything else something that I truly love about this city because we have some like ups and downs in the last couple weeks so it's yeah oh man like between Mike just random things happening to us like people like not instead of coming for us but just oh no but I do like I had I like the the fact that it's so gay compared to any of the other cities we've lived in there's so many things that you don't even see it's it's that's kind of big it's a bit of answer yeah what about you what's your favorite thing now that you literally like I realized what you said now I'm sorry about my shoulder I just touched it my favorite sorry my favorite thing since living here I think seafood you have a lot of seafood you famous scenery because I'm originally from Missouri and then after that I moved to NC so I'm not used to all this like super saturated green like being able to just go outside or even 20 before here and just see it is like wow I actually know like the mountains in the background stuff yeah coffee there's scenic views um the fact that like everybody I don't know nobody really cares too much as far as like judgment why you don't really hear about or like see that in my eyes I don't really like everybody just kind of nobody here so you want to be if you want to wear a crazy outfit nobody's like yeah that is true I saw a guy wearing a top the other day on the bus that was literally like it hadn't been like a whole foot of you was wearing confidently the whole in office it was interesting I was gonna take a picture but I'm like I can't bring myself to take pictures of people in public I think it's so strange like it's just every movement from Jersey Wow Newton Coast goes to you are you driving or are even a fly and just follow your step watch it I'm gonna get striving but I don't know I started school August fit what type of school like college or like you're back in school like great anywhere where it's your school located it's like Harvard whatever am i well you can cancel off because you probably should be watching us probably not I remember I think I lived in South Carolina no I don't remember I moved to North Carolina at be like hat know at the end of seven for it so I was just still like fresh in North Carolina and eighth grade like I was still considered like kind of new so still had like dress up and be that you know I'm still yeah I was definitely the new kid in eighth grade too I just can't think it was I would really want to say I was in South Carolina at a school named Pleasant Hill yeah it wasn't Pleasant that was not pleasant I well Seattle's happening I've been seeing a lot of blogs various people visiting Seattle and enjoying it oh yeah as far as like tourists and people that aren't like from here a lot of people have been visiting here yeah bro you can't go anywhere here to try and get some food breakfast is completely out of the question if you are a local to this city yet and you want breakfast like right you make it in your kitchen at home because you are not getting world and it is frustrating holy cow I've been calling on shoo bees I don't know if anybody watched rocket-powered but the people that don't live here in my eyes there sure there's I remember whenever our friends came and they visited and you have some footage that we're gonna put up in a blog I think probably this upcoming week literally we tried to take him to this one place like three time reducing oh my god it was like a 30 minutes plus wait it's like standing in this line outside like watching other people eat you're like that's a hurry it's so annoying then finally I just waited outside no I want you guys to eat here so it was like what 30 to 40 minute wait thanks to you just ridiculous for breakfast yeah that is literally a block up the street yeah much pretty view I would have said the scenery to all of your pictures in great supply thank you I love it here it's like I would choose this over Missouri or North Carolina like any day super – as far as like this is easy to see yeah yeah why don't we do the other day called Dante's Peak well um it's an old movie in terms of 90s but and it like shows the scenery of this place like all the mountain yeah and stuff like I might a bit that's insane we honestly haven't even made the most of all the scenery yeah we're very stuck I need another night I need a buddy and then start going yeah I need to practice on a bike fine I'm shipping things over beforehand oh thank lucky you seen our videos driving across the country is yeah yeah yeah it's not funny move it whenever you're trying to get from A to B now if you're like oh we're gonna stay here and like having it tough like that's different you can make the best of the situation but no we were trying to get from A to B what you catch the car and a bigger older stressed-out brother people I know usually try to push great yeah yep you tried to just you're so worried about high school whether they're like a three doesn't yeah my little brothers just finished it great and now he's going in high school some of the wings using just like my spilling the water what are you guys is plans for this Sunday oh they've been watching us for the next like 40 minutes you guys have anything good going on today grocery shopping any good stuff I mean grocery shop what are you guys that's know we are filming two videos today after this so stay tuned they're pretty good I will say you're gonna be good or anything but they're pretty good let me see okay think I'm going to binge watch what is what am i slow what I'm gonna think about it I've never seen that show so I I wouldn't even get that what yeah we uh we definitely I watched like the first season to that show and then I kind of like yeah you guys watch stranger things oh yeah I mean seriously that's that's a big deal guys evening when it cools down a minute I'm jealous I'm gonna get definitely too but you should because we haven't got outside this weekend right freaking out what we're taking out loans for school next year and then sleep about anything yourself I got like 40 G's racked up in student loans are taunting me so it's invest in yourself again it's like or you don't and you just you know it's not it's not real it's not actually good good go towards my credit or anything I really I had a couple talks with people that I'm gonna spoil within my page 80 leave I know I'm not paying resident ones I was like boy you do know that they will charge you for that some way somehow all that interest just to cruise them we and started with like 25,000 now you've got like 35 just going it would tarnish your paychecks like eventually it might not be like immediate but now I know because my job I see it all the time they do not play yeah what well I just told myself if I don't think about it will mean they're not there I wouldn't worry about it too much in the beginning no for a moment and then make sure you take it seriously though man don't do not go to school and not take it seriously I got too many people that went oh I'm going to school I'm gonna take out these loans for this first semester and then one count of the first semester it's just like you still have to pay that I remember my dad was pretty adamant about that one she was like you're gonna finish the school and if you don't I will find you wherever you are those people that like go to school just to get the refund and they try to like this is some shady stuff right there I'm not gonna lie I know people did it yeah so it is what it is now they have a system for it now at where I think you did you have to be you like passing for a certain amount of yeah or they even send you a loan so you should be looking forward to that does but you'll get a nice refund for whatever money didn't your classes didn't use or whatever in your your books and stuff so that's kind of cool yeah good the outer be the neck oh wait a minute you're not gonna be the next one keep consistency maintain consistency go by myself I don't think I could pull this show by myself yeah we jump in this round yeah yeah we know it's just like triggered off into nothing this camera here wants an attention we're going too far as moment oh my god he's a big put the screen up a little bit so you can see it's building man look at that thing put a baby bro on that's all big Billy saving Billy socks right hates being held kids okay I feel like my spirit animal was an indoor cat so that could be a thing why did you start or why did you want to start a YouTube channel me so it was like 2016 I'm sure you viewed like the oldest videos I wanted to do YouTube like a long time ago because I was a theater student and I didn't really want to do the whole excluding scripts thing I was like not like I wanna be myself like I don't have to read a script and become a character and I just kept putting it off and putting it off and finally I had a story outside for my first video B and I thought about it and I thought what I've been through who knows I can't make a story time and then I just committed to it and that was it I just wanted to be able to show people my personality without having to like read a script yeah being yourself yeah you're pretty you pretty tame when you have to read off script unless it's improv yeah which kids is cool but I mean most yeah and then after a while we combined it to us because I realize like oh like I don't really want to do as much beauty and stuff I want to kind of I just I kind of got pulled in she drove me I'm just here cuz what am i sometimes say I'm just here to UM get fine mmm yeah have you guys always been cat people personally I like cats and dogs but I rarely find people up like cats anymore I honestly think the whole people that don't like cats it's like all it's it's it's because of social media like people like hate cats on social you either love them or you don't but it's like they make all those like comments about like how people are weird and stuff like that it's like I i I've had just as many dogs growing up when I was a kid as well I never had cast as a kid cuz my dad but we wanted cats when we were kids but then we just you know we never gone but I think that it's a companion a companions community yeah should I had a buddy of mine at work the other day that brought in a bearded dragon he was literally treated like a child people I mean they're competing in a companions companionship man whether it's a human yeah reptile I like both but I know that the only reason I was more drawn towards cats was because with dogs you have to take them out and I knew that with cats you can kind of like leave them at home by ourselves or we would take a trip or something they're more independent but that litter box low that is where my problem is we have our ups and down battles with monitors to keep our cats around because it's just like sometimes yeah it's rough it can be rough yeah you start really thinking about bacteria that's not really the cleanest thing oh let's see do you have a vision for your channel now we actually had a really long talk yesterday about it yeah about where we like the direction we want to go with our town and I feel like we've been kind of bland like some of our content that we're putting out it's kind of like uncie's and chicken butt so it's like we're trying to like bump up the that's not boring like right we were talking about it's like you were not like interesting we're funny people and I feel like the five of you that are on here might know that but like we are funny people and we don't we don't show enough to you guys for you to see like lot of it you're really are like funny all the time cuz we are and we don't show that it doesn't reflect on our Channel and we're just thinking about what it is some seasoned chicken yeah pretty sure so we're trying to we're trying to get back to a point where we like like when we re watch videos that have been edited before they get uploaded like we're laughing ourselves in involved with it because we just kind of been like like a couple steps back down that's our Channel yeah we put on this like super like overly professional we're not completely proper sit-down like no like sometimes we curse sometimes we like myself we're human we're 25 X be 25 but like we're human and I think that mean to show that and not just like bring million grocery shopping guys we're gonna take a look now we're cleaning like we're not 85 were 25 so with that being said you guys all should be tuned in for the next like series of videos that are coming out cuz they're gonna be a lot better in my bump in another reaching out to like different things just a lots coming good quality funny content is where we're going not boring vlogs like we're turning into more comedy cuz that's who we are we're funny yeah we joke a lot we're trying to we're trying to be seasoned chicken to be an adult stressful don't grow up stay young stay mint grade bills don't pay any and all you know revealing kid I grew up too fast all I wanted to do was grow up I wanted to be able to not to go out and do the other adult you should watch later right yeah yes don't grow up too fast holy crap it's like seeing kids that were like 14 and 13 like is it's sad I talk about it all the time it's like they wanna grow up so fast in your gravies like bras making boobs invading all this makeup and like be so drunk a social media honestly like it's sad this morning when I was looking on I was going through Instagram I saw this meme where it said when our people are kids at 13 are having sex when I was 13 I was closing the fridge slowing up yes do not grow too fast I can go back in time I told earlier I subscribed after you decided to make Britain blue but I was only finding videos yeah do you guys think people tend to romanticize that moving to big city like Seattle or do you think that it's truly worth it there in the long run absolutely not worth living here in the long run unless you are really well off your programmer to Microsoft Amazon CEO under whatever do not move to the big cities because you're going to you're gonna be a red slate basically you're gonna pay your bills and you're gonna have hardly any money to enjoy yourself and it's just as I say if it's something that you've been wanting to do you should do it because if not you will live that like what if I would have done it you because that's what we did we did this because we've always wanted to go to big cities was the bucket list yeah we know we're like okay I know there was that safety net bucket list because like I have family I used to go to Seattle like all the time as the kid girl up and stuff so it was like I felt more comfortable with city but like in hindsight like I I would not live here forever I'm not planning on living here forever I think that once our lease is up here we're out and we're gonna find a place it's a little bit more like mellow calm down it's just too much going on in the city I love it it takes the novelty out of it yeah wait where are we gonna go now we look forward to leaving Pacific when we leave the city oh great there's something to do I say do it and then see if you truly love it or not and if you don't gets totally fine like you know pushing back a little bit you don't have to live in the crazy hustle must listen yeah let me see let's see is the Seattle freeze real you guys have been there for a while now and I was wondering what making trances like the freeze is yeah but police is certainly real people are very yeah like they have their friend groups and then that's it and it's like hard to get into it I mean unless you make friends that like your job or with your co-workers and stuff I have not there's been one person that I had met on the street that I like got his phone number and we texted back and forth you still haven't hung out but we like that's it's people here are very it's like they're just there to themselves I don't know it's hard to find that bear do you mean oh it's a little late we're trying to make a friend all right around here whenever people are kind of like you know what I did went through all these hoops to make these friends like I'm not trying to go through any more hoops that's it we got angry that's it yeah so when new people try to come around they're like no well then there's a lot of people that like have or they've lived here for a long time so it's like their friends are from high school you know like trying to break into that high school friend versus stuff I mean because you're going to be that you might as well just watch a couple seasons of the frickin real house labs and see how whatever systems end in like it just doesn't work people are in and out sometimes here so they don't know like are you gonna stay here there are you just here to really there's a lot of people that I we walked down anytime they walk down the streets we hear different languages with your accent yeah they're also I mean they're this place is so big there's just so many people that come in you know so it's kind of it's kind of hard yeah I would say to Mike's like for me I don't have like my co-workers I kind of just like text randomly I don't have any friends other than that and but I'm okay with I like not having like it sounds really weird but I'm just that person I like being alone and like having my independence I want to go out cool not like I'm cool meeting here too yeah but and then the present lose handsome go say my friends kind of I met through my job and that's usually how he goes for me I'm not one of the it's either I met you at the skate park or skating period or we work together I'm not one of those people that go out like and just go to the bar by myself and met a guy that was cool like I'm not that's just not me yeah no no we have to have something in common before we can be friends out of that weird so but yeah the fries is real – according to answer your question and it's totally not weird at all it is very accurate it's similar to New York but um have you looked into tiny homes we have we certainly looked into tiny homes I don't know if we're gonna do it at this point yeah realistic now yeah we've also talked about the hands and stuff like that and like not having a home at all I'm just like living on the road kind of but that concept is very scary to be honest sometimes like I think about it's like but why would it be scary you work on the course for a living and it's just like not even that it's more like the security of having a real home you know we've always had a home so it's like no it's just strange the strain concept tiny moons I'm all about the those are cool people that do it I mean this is as you can see there are no rooms behind us this is our entire apartment right here so we live in a small space tiny ones for health reasons and being able to like live in all of my spacesuit Matt like like the previous home we had three bedrooms and we only lived in Jeff three bedrooms one and a half stories garage like we didn't even know it today we would hear things in the house and get scary because it was too big no when you guys like to or wherever you guys move next still Washington um I don't know if we want to let you guys in on the secret cold why yeah we're definitely good at we can't say indefinitely it's warm and it's on the west coast so but yeah I don't think we'll be relocating anywhere in Washington that's very short not that we don't love Washington not that I don't love this place and it's amazing and there's so much to offer probably the cleanest and freshest state that I've ever been to yeah for sure but definitely not going to be here next so but anyway is that that's we got time we gotta shoot our lease doesn't even into like January so we got that yeah and then some time on that so we'll be here for a bit at least you'll in a year okay that's how I feel I've lived in and out of downtown Chicago my whole life and so when people seem super excited to go into the city it doesn't feel the same to me because I'm used to it exactly yeah once you get there it's just like a whole novelty yeah I remember going to like mm-hmm like when I would take trips here as a kid with my brother's inside like that like it was the coolest thing to me yeah it was the coolest thing you can see all the big buildings and all that stuff and you're just like oh my gosh I want to live right there and it's just like you get here you know but I'm on board that yeah when you're actually there it's like and there's some people that love being living downtown nice it's not everybody but like I know for me I just couldn't imagine one raising a family downtown no yeah that would be rough especially with all like the homelessness going on around here right now and the fact that it's just like extremely dirty so I would yeah – Billie I personally would have so much anxiety raising a child downtown for sure um JT bowling oh you guys are live yeah I know man 40 minutes of this loading thanks for all the babes my husband and I are flying from Georgia to Seattle November 12th or a week to look at areas to move to in the spring next year thanks for the tips right on that's exciting for sure yeah well how I mean have an idea because obviously you're probably not gonna want to live downtown but you know I mean if you wanna live that's totally your call but I like Ballard Freemont Wallingford if we could go all back and do this all over again I would move along that place is so cool it's where we went to the festival the summer solstice my neighborhood zest I never heard it so many wrong yes it has like such a nice small vibe to it so I would definitely check out you're into that kind of thing let's see what dropped into youtube if you know my ass I'm sure you've covered it a video probably was recently promoted no I think it a promotion guys so I work in payroll it's the beautiful management and I notice that you would expect you to me either and then I just got a promotion so I work as a data migration specialist boom Mike didn't I work for Audi I am a technician and I've been doing it for a couple of years now so totally important coming on four years soon working on cars I know probably would never be able to tell right my hands aren't dirty and disgusting at all no I'm kidding yeah it's fun full time full time yeah been doing it for a while it's not eggs and yes we are they almost four years coming up soon so yes brother and sister Alice are you guys living your dream or is there something that you'd rather be doing it you're not living your dream question I swear thank you for being involved yeah but to make the move from the East Coast to West Coast was definitely a part of it yeah that was kind of on the track to living the dream honestly I don't know what like what my dream I mean I got a pretty girl and a decent job something I'd say I'm not doing too bad but I mean I don't know what I want honestly I question myself all the time I had no idea honestly truly you know that you Horsham oh yeah I definitely don't want to work on cars forever there's that but obviously pam to answer that truthfully I don't know if this is the dream or not truly I know that we wanted to live downtown and he's definitely not the dream we realized that super fast but honestly I think I'm gonna be I know I want to be close to do like a beach water that we can swim in like nah I mean don't get me wrong there's a crap ton of water that were water is cold I think for me I know that my dream for sure is to be my own boss I kept no and I mean no desire to put like a nine-to-five a work under somebody for the rest of my life I have complained about that since I first moved to Raleigh but I had like none no desire for that I want something that is mine or ours yeah and me and you would you like travel weather like you have a family at the time or not be able to travel explore yeah that would be a dream for me honestly Pam to answer your question I would love to just be able to have the money in the bank not stressing about funds and stressing about bills yeah and billion just travel the world and experience it you know but still have a place to call yeah still happen like a home location you know so to you a question in the long what is one annoying thing there's two what else they want it's really good so with the dishwasher oh my gosh here we go I think like I take the duty of doing most of the dishes and stuff because I know he doesn't live on centaurian time but he does not open the dishwasher to see it but things are dirty to put the things in if he just stacks them all and the sink and I'm like did you open the dishwasher cuz they're definitely dirty I definitely came home and switch them out okay so we're going on so this girl will not even attempt to wash the food all over that would be the dream mr. can up early I think you guys are doing great for you so how do I stay young well don't get on social media don't use [Applause] social media was 15 16 years old I had no desire to be MySpace or any my dad wouldn't even let me touch the computer my dad had a computer that was simply his we were not allowed to basically I was I never got to use any sort of that like modern technology or at the time no just don't stay away from on stuff and play outside go outside ride your bike or a it's it's however you like I even put your saying go outside instead guys like oh my god the kids nowadays just do not want to go outside they're all about being on their phones and like they don't do the labor talking message you my mom lives in a neighborhood yet what happened to that what happened to playing in the woods I remember there was no get out go outside it's hot outside I was like it's the weekend my skin was like 20 minutes outside so much flips new grass that's why I'm late that's gnarly dude I don't want to raise a kid in like this generation or like cool because it's like it's so it's too hot it is – oh god it's an excuse going outside and it's like a punishment now right seems like good I'm only 21 but when I was younger I used to have to beg to go out exactly you know I remember getting I never really got grounded you know I mean I know I didn't do a lot of stupid stuff gonna but the punishment that hit me the artist my god literally self-destructing and I said well doing that no no you're not what why she's a word word to say the least as long as we could hear my mom open the front door and yell at us if we couldn't hear her yell and play it comes in it was rough because they my dad got involved well that was my mom's thing don't tell your dad easy you both are so they're smart and town to keep talking about it make the drink together most people don't know exactly what they want to explore a little heat exposing yourself to anything that's a did as yes I agree so I were trying to get this light traveling like move in it seems like we relocated a lot I know probably because I'm always like let's go here she's like how does your bowl oh well I know the next that we want to do after this I'm pretty like okay but after that move on alright then we need to find where we're trying to live because I'm gonna I'm gonna kind of like set to like family time said so but still travel right but I kind of want a place to call home beautiful people oh hey Terry okay sign up we'll quit for time we're gonna be under so ask any questions anything as long as it's not like this computer over okay any questions you really want to know you know we're taking a turn so yes mhm how many kids be one way you see 100's navy-blue now all we have to make yes our kids no live outside social media de mon ami introduced no iPad sitting on like when they're young tenant backyard this is your room okay how many kids do you want honestly there used to be a limit there can 11 three as long as it's not like like six plus but I used to be like super like okay like I'm gonna have this week and this week was and then like like hit me and now I'm like I take what I can do I'll take what I cannot guarantee I won't say there's not a number Ethan please do my prank video I would say that's that's kind of rich thing she's a okay uh we can't it would be so like you guys but no it's coming there's no way this girl knows everything she knows what I'm gonna ask her before I ask her she knows it would have to be I'm just gonna come in one day and break my arm on purpose like it's a break even though it's really broken Prince it just can't be anything that is so cringy or like I broke up with my girl nothing like that it's gotta be this one time Lou decided maybe something it could be afraid just none of these like cringy ones that go around YouTube that are like dude like you know I lost my memory right you know like who are you you got two seconds you got two seconds to get jacked together honestly I'm not for the pranks but it would have to be a really really good one I mean something that's not cranky where I'd be like are you kidding right that's it that's the only time I will agree to one I do not want to be that channel oh yes you guys should do great videos I feel like every YouTube couple does them and you guys are both funny so I'd be excited to see what you guys come up with I did oh crap sorry okay oh yes it's how because you won't keep me tonight any people wait head not to our face I don't think anybody's ever I don't think people aren't that they're not that tough they will stare I mean obviously we get the occasional stare and you know stuff like that but I mean no I mean no one's ever really kind we live and see how it's kind of like I mean every other person you see homosexual you know either interracial there's just so much this isn't the place maybe in the north back in the south we experienced a little bit more but no guys okay thank you talk some sense to these young see that's okay I always want to tell her something it'd be hard to ignore you it would go south I was gonna say the only time we ignore each other is wasn't either one of us and she's way better than I am yeah I give in eventually I can't do it I just can't we have to be something that's like maybe not even at the house I would go that far it would be like a legit the job to get other people involved to that point if I were to do a break it wouldn't be like it just need it would be like I'm calling people I can't you in Hollis Frank Jesse Frank yeah any other questions we got like a couple like I give it like one more and we're gonna call it but other than that I like given like the one-on-one time actually being able to see what you guys are more the questions that you guys have peace take it easy day to enjoy the eighth grade right well asking a month how it's been like I hate it and I'm ready to go to high school if I ever see relationship like yours Hey I mean we have our ups and downs like in your relationship but thank you yeah no it's just we fight we argue we love we pay I mean I would say but we just dislike thank you for joining us and asking some real questions yes thank you so much all right guys cheers Cheers don't forget today please we'll see you guys you came in a little late take it easy guys

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  1. Brit your hair is growing so fast 😍😍 can you do wash day video? Lou your hair grows fast too!! What y'all eating? Share

  2. You too are such a cute couple keep loving one another respect him one another and being there for one another and and your love for one another will grow so strong I hope your love one another be there forever for one another God bless Both of you see you on the next one

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