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  1. Missouri has passed a restrictive abortion law, up to 8 weeks. Says two months is enough time for decisions to be made. It apparently though is trying to make a working law, not challenge Roe v Wade so is prepared to go up to 20 weeks. Some one suggested, heart beat bills may be used to make men start paying maintenance if they refuse to support the mother & baby. Why not? If we remind people tax payers money is used in abortion as well as taking over the role of father by supporting the single mother after birth, when maintenance can kick in after lots of court time, the number crunches may think that all a women has to do in the two months grace is register for maintenance from the Father, who pays depending on the wording of the legislation, from estimated conception, or heartbeat. Though a simpler less expensive way is to encourage marriage through tax relief, encourage young people to wait for marriage before sex, so there is no question, the father is responsible for maintaining his own offspring.

  2. Regarding delivering the baby early if it's threatening the life of the mother, they've been doing this since my mom was born (1957) as that was her situation.

  3. Pro-Life = Anti-woman.
    All reasonable people would stand behind be on this one.
    Btw… You're looking good!

  4. The rape and incest exceptions are inconsistent with the idea that abortion is wrong in the first place.

    Two wrongs don't make a right.

    And the "women will still do it anyway" argument is simply absurd. Murder is still happening even if it's illegal ect ect we re not talking about smoking weed which only involve the consumer.

    You're stance on abortion while less awful than most is still pro choice

  5. The problem behind this is, that criminalizing abortions won't keep any woman from getting one.
    Women do not get pregnant because it's fun to get an abortion, but it happens and anyone who thinks, that celibacy is the solution is just way off reality. And contraceptives sometimes do not work. And sometimes humans make mistakes and they should not be punished for it for the rest of their lifes.

    If you make abortions illegal, you won't save any fetuses at all. You'll only drive pregnant women to risk their health and their lifes because the abortion will be performed by amateurs with dirty instruments.
    This is nothing I want on earth for anybody. So I'll still and always remain a pro-choice person, because pro-choice means being really pro life.

  6. I really enjoy listening and watching you speak. Sometimes however because I am old, it's hard to keep up. Which is good, it makes me focus and pay attention to your content.
    Thank you. But how do i contribute?

  7. There is one act designed to create life. Yet people who engage in it are surprised when they are successful?
    When you create a new person they should at least have the basic right of not being murdered. Our oldest and most harsh laws are designed to protect the innocent.

  8. Won't make the slightest bit of difference. The bastard Clinton/Obama holdover judges
    shred the Constitution.

  9. When a nineteen yrs old at the office can come in and tell me she is getting an abortion and her boyfriend is not helping and the whole matter to her in her words was like cutting off a finger nail. I am lost. I am pro life however I look at the WORLD population figures and look at how over the past 200 years we as a planet human population have grown at alarming rates. Some 6.7 billon people all to be fed and need water.

  10. My biggest gripe about Abortion is that it USED to be for the very reasons that are accepted as exceptions of law,but NOW Women are using it as a contraceptive measure,and THAT is just WRONG. If a Woman doesn't want to have a baby,there are FAR cheaper and easier ways to do it. Condoms,the Pill,or even "NO" work well-any one or any combination. My Grandma told me her favorite was to make her boyfriend loan her a five dollar bill,which she'd place between her knees at the start of a date.Her main objective was to end the evening by handing the fiver back to the boy after she kissed him goodbye at the door. (That'd be a pretty extreme solution these days,but it sure brought a young woman more respect from the young men she dated.)

  11. Ive recently accidentally told my feminist cousin she was supposed to be aborted out of anger… She looked at me in horror. She now dislikes abortion and I dont know if it was a good thing or a bad thing.

    Her mom was a druggy and thought it was the right thing to do. She passed out after injecting and missed her appointments. Now shes sober and pretends that part of her history doesnt exist. Hints why this was a shocker.

  12. You mean 50% SAY they were on contraception. Surveys don't mean much when it comes to this kind of thing, and in my personal experience women tend to lie a lot when they talk about sex.

  13. SorryDaisy. I have told you previously that life does not 'begin". Sperm are alive, and ova are alive. You are free to argue that 'life' begins at conception, but that is religious mysticism.

  14. Has anyone seen the documentary on a doctor named KERMIT GOSNELL. He got away with killing babies after birth, sterilizing women, and even killing 2 women for thirty years. He was a LEGAL ABORTION CLINIC that was so bad, he is now serving time in prison (not for killing the 2 women that bled to death). And the ONLY reason he was even found out was because he was selling scripts for opioids. He was cutting the feet off of babies and saving them in jars. Do you know that hair salons are checked more by the health department than abortion clinics? As for getting birth control pills from Planned Parenthood, did you know they give these women very low doses knowing they will get pregnant because their money is made by doing abortions. That has also been found out. So much for safe huh!

  15. Men have no reproductive rights. That's why if you look a survey's the majority of men agree with choice. In the same survey's the majority of women disagred.
    Simple put this issue is a conflict between women using men as the soldiers.
    Besides if the anti-abortion movement really wanted abortion gone. They would just use the criminal justice system to do it.

  16. on the point of not having medical professionals assist on the law making is wrong. they contact A LOT of experts before creating legislation like this.
    ALSO did you know more black babies in the US are killed(aborted) then are actually being birthed at this time… it is insane…

  17. I think having the rape clause is dangerous. Allows for the chance that women will be blaming all their pregnancies on rape now so they can get an abortion…

    also on the fact that people will still get abortions is understood. but if this law stops the bulk of them from being even NEEDED because people will be more responsible when having sex and using protection on both sides will help with the need of killing babies. for example we have rules of speed limits, people still speed but it cuts down speeding by a huge %. imagine if there wasn't a speed limit law = new yorks abortion law!

  18. Okay so I know this sounds silly and overly simplistic. Let all abortion be legal. Won’t in theory the heard be thinned? Those genetic lines take a hit plus less strain on resources for unwanted children. People that have strong families and lines will keep thriving while the other humans that don’t reproduce will die off. Oh well, there is my unsolicited and unimportant 2¢

  19. Does anyone know why Daisy has 83 thousand subscribers on one page when I search for her on youtube but when I click on her homepage its at 91 thousand subscribers?

  20. For the "my body my choice" argument to gain any kind of traction… the government would have to introduce a law that requires women that believe in wholesale abortion, in its entirety, to have hysterectomies.

    On another note, there are always cases of special pleading in the abortion debate, the problem with these pro choicers is that they think that the majority of abortions are cases of special pleading.

    On a further note, just something I've thought about… how do u own a seperate human body that u have no claim to without a birth certificate which hands u the responsibility? We regularly see cases of men who have added their names to birth certificate only to find out the child is not his, he is then forced to bear the responsibility of child support if he leaves. However, how then do we justify men not having a say in this debate? Maybe we should be having the talk about men getting a tax exemption if we have no voice on the matter.

  21. one of the things that I am curious about the new alabama law is this… if life begins at conception and therefore the fetus is now to be considered a person, does that mean that mothers can claim child support pretty much from the get-go (especially considering how draconian some of the child support laws in the US are)?

    if it is the case, then that would be an excellent vehicle to bring forth the whole "what if the father wants the baby and the mother doesn't" question… as as it stands now I get that if the father wants it and the mother doesn't that you can't force the mother to carry it (women shouldn't be considered walking incubators after all), but, if child-support was owed then it takes out of the "men aren't affected by pregnancy and therefore aren't allowed an opinion on it" and moves it to the realm of "this now affects both men and women, so now everyone gets a valid opinion on it"

    this would be a much needed conversation to happen given that in the western world (but especially the US) men don't have the option of whether or not they want to be parents (after pregnancy has begun, they can obviously go and sleep with as many people as they want to try and father children, i get that),
    mom doesn't want the baby but dad does = sorry we're aborting the baby because "her body her choice"
    mom wants the baby but dad doesn't = sorry dad's gotta pay for that because "his responsibility"
    mom wants to give baby up for adoption but dad doesn't = baby is being adopted (little more wriggle room for dad if he's married to mom, but if not then he's not really all that relevant)

    UK and Oz aren't as bad as the US for this side of things (yet, give us time, I'm sure we'll get there), but it is something that certainly need to be at the very least discussed, but preferably addressed

  22. You know, Trump had reelection in the bag until you imbeciles started up this anti-abortion nonsense. These laws are not going to stand. Two have already been struck down, and the US Supreme Court is not going to go against lower court decisions and 40+ years of legal precedence. You have accomplished nothing other than potentially costing us the majority in the Senate and putting Trump's reelection in jeopardy. Trump may squeak through given that the Democrats' only viable candidate is a geriatric, rich, white man with a metoo problem, but the Senate majority is in danger. What you people don't realize is that the far right and the far left do not decide elections. Independents, moderates and swing voters do. They generally vote for the side that scares them the least. Up until now, that was the Republicans. Now that they are faced with far-right, religious authoritarians, they are already moving back to the left. Congratulations.

  23. In modern society if a MAN chooses to ingage in unprotected sex, he is Legaly and moraly required to take on the responsibility of a parent (as he should be). What is wrong with asking the same from a woman?

  24. Most of the Worlds Elections are Moving Towards the Right even though the left is the loudest politically, Nice.

  25. Abortion is MURDER no exceptions


  26. My body my choice ….is part of the dehumanising of the baby…clump of cells also…parasite. Life is continuous, sex cells are alive, their purpose is to combine to make a new life. That is simple high school science.

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