here I made it through the night I feel super nauseous Alex drove all that long got here at 5:00 a.m. so I'm at the hospital and I check in with my doctor for monitoring I'm so hot I got a Gold Glove oxygen they are saying that I'm showing signs of preeclampsia I'm not super dilated which makes sense because I wasn't contracting a whole lot I just felt so sick so I guess my broke my blood pressure was like 159 over something and then they took it again and it was 138 over something so it's just been super high and they said that those are signs of preeclampsia so I'm now in labor and delivery just doing a bunch of lab work and if there's anything off she'll induce me and heck she might induce me anyway because I just feel so awful not so much in pain you know my stomach isn't contracting it's quiet but I feel sick so we'll see what happens just chowing down on some saltines so they're gonna keep me and induce me which sucks but I'm also contracting all of a sudden out of nowhere on my own every couple of minutes so that's good you hear his heart rate getting faster apparently he's had some decelerations whatever that means and my labs have come back slightly elevated so it's d-day my water has been broken it's just so crazy I've just been in early labor my my contractions have all of a sudden started coming I'm now at a 3 all on my own which I'm so thankful for she was gonna have to insert like a bubble of some kind to kind of help dilate your cervix and to get it softer but it's kind of happening it's own so she wrote my water and things are gonna fire up here pretty soon no no in another contraction so I will be back this is what helps we get it out come on Nico get the heck out of it you let me do it from the back it's a wait first one you're gonna get to see him the baby I'm shaking the apple tree is working hard so we're not moving along very far here so I might get myself a whiff of pitocin to give me my ready [Laughter] [Laughter] was furious they went from the four to attend and what Chelsea well should check to me at high 15 and I was at a four because I was like at 6:15 she's gonna check me again uh-huh oh so he's right here I have it's a drink from her thank you okay I'm just having some skin-to-skin with the little man and Chelsea killed it I mean I thought that I had it by myself but it was so nice to have the massaging in between she was quiet when I was quiet she talked when I talked she was responsive she held me I didn't know whose hand I was holding it was first so in between contractions she was sat there with her puppy her hands burning for a good at two hours and then would give me some good solid counter pressure during the tough stuff and you're in a chance Chelsea let's see I forgot a breath to life doula on Instagram check her out

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