Good morning friends, and welcome to hopefully the birth video. We left you off yesterday when the waters have been broken. Um, the stuff- we haven’t got the epidural, that’s coming now I think. They’re coming to get the epidural. Sorry I had to cut off yesterday’s video. Don’t hate me. But at some point I had to cut it off in order to start this one, because it’s gotten really late. And it wouldn’t make any sense, and then I had to figure out ‘How- When am I supposed to share this with you?’ But anyway, it’s happening today, friends. *whispers* How exciting? Are you excited? I’m excited. I’m kind of excited about this situation here right now. Oh, my goodness. I look like a superhero climbing on a building. *sings* Da da dah! Anyway, let’s go inside to Anna. *whispers* Let’s see what’s going on. Hello, Anna. I have come for an interview. *laughs* That’s amazing out there. ‘Cause you can actually get outside and, like, stand up and everything. Oh, really? Yeah, it’s crazy. I’m basically your midwife. Is there such thing as a mid-husband? Did you know men can be midwives? [Anna:] Yeah. [Jonathan:] I wonder if they’re called mid-husbands. No? [Anna:] (unintelligible) Oh. Not during the contraction? Look at these things here, guys. Oh, my goodness. Look at the size of them. From earlier on when they were tiny little things, like, these are, like, proper… Remember, don’t try and be brave, though. Like, the minute you want to… call quits, on the pain, like, we can get the pain gone. Do you want that now? Not yet. [J:] Okay. I’m very proud of you. You know? I’m proud of myself. I’ve been here nine hours, and I’m holding it together. Uh? You look so pretty in the birth videos. Thanks. You always do. I think it’s ’cause I’m wearing pink. Although I’m wearing blue in one. [J:] Oh. [A:] That was a daytime. [J:] That was a daytime. [A:] Oh no, was.. I can’t remember. [J:] Yeah. [A:] I don’t know what I’m saying. I don’t know what I’m on about. Yeah, apparently the epidural as well, here, I don’t know if this is a new thing, but now the epidural is- you’re not confined to the bed. It’s called, like, mobile epidurals. That’s amazing. I thought she said ‘modal,’ and I was like, [J:] I was like, ‘okay.’ I was like- everything’s gone mobile now. You know? [A:] No, I thought she said ‘modal.’ [J:] Oh, what’s modal? [A:] I don’t know. That’s why I was like, ‘Okay.’ And she was like, ‘Did you know that?’ And I was like, [J:] Yeah? ‘No?’ And then she started explaining it, and then I was like, *inaudible* Oh, mobile. [J:] Aw, yeah. I was like, maybe it’s an app you can get. Tzzh! Ahh. Epidural. [A:] I’m just tired, that’s all. [J:] I know. I know. We’ve been here for nine and a half hours. Oh, my goodness. I’m so excited. Anna: Yeah well we’ll get the epidural sometime soon though Yeah, yeah, yeah. Anna: Although I’m not gonna go downstairs. Because, like, everything’s progressed now. I’m not gonna go downstairs, so if we reach a point where I can sleep, I’m gonna get this chair, plug it into this, and plug it into this one. No no, I feel like, there could be some sort of transformer bed here. I’m not leaving you on your own. I’m in it for the… It doesn’t matter. Don’t worry about my pain. I will strive through it. I know. No one- Dads have a hard job in the labor… situation, you know? [A:] This must look really bad. What? It… looks a bit, uh… it looks odd. Looks odd. It looks like I’m riding this… ball. Emilia would be like, ‘hey, can I have a go on that?’ Aw, I miss the kids. Margaret sent us a picture of them all. Emilia… okay, just in case we forget to reprimand you, I see you convinced Oma to have a bath tonight. [A:] (unintelligible) Oh, I bet she was like, ‘No, no, no.’ ‘Cause she always wants a bath over a shower. And I bet she was like, ‘Oh, no no no. Come on, Oma, we have a bath tonight.’ Are you contracting? [A:] They had a Lush… They got a Lush bomb. [J:] And a bath bomb? Oh, my goodness. We need to get back home. Place is falling apart. Is that a contraction face? You’re a trooper. [A:] Not really. [J:] You’re a super trooper. All right. Ten hours in, and it’s time for *dramatic voice* the epidural of amazingness. *laughs* Trays of things have been brought in. Are you excited? *laughs* To feel no more pain. I might give myself a little quick, uh, a quick dib-dab. *laughs* Exciting, though. It’s exciting, though. He said it’s gonna be probably definitely a silly o’clock birth. Not a sensible o’clock birth. He said anything after midnight is a silly o’clock birth. So we’re going- I was born at three a.m. in the morning. So- and I was a third child. [A:] Oh, yeah. So maybe this is a third child, a three a.m.- maybe third children come at three- leave comments, of when you were born. The time you were born. If you remember. And then we’ll correlate all the data. And we’ll see if we can… formulate some sort of conclusion. Ooh, this could be some sort of science exp- it’s for science. It’s for science, lads. *laughs* All right. I have come back here for a minute. Because… um, Anna has had the epidural. Epidural has been inserted. It looks painful, friends. I know it takes away the pain. Actually, you know what I’m gonna do while I’m here? I’m gonna steal some of this fruit. Anyway, I’ve come for this thing here. Because we’re gonna get ready, ’cause in case the birth comes, I was like, ‘let’s get it.’ But while I’m here, Ah. As soon as Anna has the baby we get to come down here. I’m looking forward to that, because look at this couch. I’ve been sitting on that little chair for ten and a half hours. *whispers* Ah, look at this! Oh, this will be nice. This will be much nicer. With my platter of food. I’m gonna eat some of this before I go. I’m hoping Anna has not… Mm! having the baby right now. Or this. Look. Ohh! Ohh! Now we’re talking. It’s a foot free one. It’s a- oh look! Oh, that’s how it works. Look. You bring the leg in, leg out. Leg in, leg out. Leg in, leg out. Okay, what am I- Okay, what am I doing? How are you feeling there, friend? Epidural’s in. Other things are in. Contractions are going crazy. The midwife’s coming back to do an exam now. Hope you pass your exam. Ooh. That one’s a bit twisted. *click noise* I’m nauseous. Yeah. I know. Do you remember when you explained that? When I got the dentist thing done, I remember getting it, and feeling that like, ughhhh, and they were like, ‘Oh, most people like that feeling.’ And I was like, I didn’t like that. I just had loss of control, and that sort of, like- You know? *quietly* Can I have some more water, please? Yeah. Well, you’re connected to a- [A:] Oh. [J:] That’s what that is. We’ll get you some. *ding* Oh, no. *ding* Oh, no. *dinging continues* *quietly* Thank you. We’ve now added oxy-cotin or some- I don’t know. [A:] -tocin. [J:] Oxytocin in, as well. And the things are, like, kicking off. Things have been added for the baby. Contractions are, like, exploding again. *whispers* Oh, my goodness. Poor Anna’s feel all nauseous. You’re a trooper. Punch it. You’re a trooper. So proud of you. Three babies. Look at you. Huh? Oh. I asked, when they were doing the internal exam, I was like, ‘Can you check eye colour?’ It would be nice if I could have at least one of the children with my eyes. Is that too much to ask? We’ll find out very soon. Did I- did I win? Did I get one? If not, we’re putting it back in. We’re trying again. *laughs* So I was born… at three a.m. This baby might be born at three a.m., on the thirtieth of the third… How many threes? Huh? I’m just gunna say the Irish three. On the thirtieth of the third, three thirty-three a.m. in the thirtieth of Ireland. Oh, my goodness, guys. Would you just come on already? I don’t know if you guys appreciate Anna’s little socks here. See if we can get them in there. Look at this. ‘Ready, set, push!.’ Ah. All the midwives were having a laugh at your setup. [A:] Do we have any Rennies? [J:] Yeah, I think there’s one left. Oh, my goodness. When we get out of here, I am burning this chair. *Anna laughs* I’ve literally sat in it- [A:] -try and sit in the other one? What? This one here? *laughs* I don’t know… how much different it’s gonna be as an experience. [A:] Just saying, you know? Oh, look at these things. They’re skyrockets at night. *makes rocket noises* Three o’clock would be funny. Is that it? All done. Just found out we are ten centimeters dilated. [A:] Nine. [J:] Nine centimeters dilated. We’ve just called the phlebotomist. *Anna says something unintelligible* Okay, red. Red. Texting. Yes. I assume that means he’s coming. But this is it. She’s on the way. Huh? You gracefully did it. Huh? She was turned around the wrong way there, but we were doing some fiddling. Can we sort out some better lighting here? Because all our other babies have been, like, midday, so you got a lovely daylight situation. I’m joking. Can you just hold out? But this is it. This is- how exciting? She’s gone to wake up our OB. He’s asleep somewhere in the hospital. He’s fallen asleep. We’re about to have… our third baby. Huh? What a journey. [A:] I’m about to have a contraction. [J:] Oh. Let’s all have this contraction together. Contraction on epidural? Oh. [Midwife:] Pressure in the back? [A:] Yeah. *music playing* *baby crying* Ah! *more crying* [Doctor:] All right, Jonathan, if you come round here to cut the cord. [J:] Yeah. [Doctor:] So what was that? About seven- [Midwife:] Twenty-nine. [Doctor:] Lovely. Just about half past two. *baby cries* [J:] Hello. *music resumes* (inaudible) *song ends* [J:] Look what you did to my jumper. Naughty girl. [Midwife:] Hello. *baby crying* I cannot believe… we have another little baby. *whispers* Look, she’s feeding away. Perfect clamper. Hmm? [A:] She’s so small. [J:] I know. We haven’t actually weighed her- Oh, my God, you look amazing. Look at you. [A:] No, I don’t. [J:] Look at you. You just gave birth. [A:] My makeup’s all smudged. Did you weigh her? No, we haven’t weighed her yet. Look at these little toesies though. Look at these little toesies though. Aw. They’re so cute. [J:] What are we callin’ it? [Midwife:] 2.6, 2.7. [J:] In you pop, missus. Let’s see what we get. [Midwife:] Yeah. Ooh! [J:] Did you say 2.7? [Midwife:] Yeah. [J:] What? *Midwife laughs* [J:] It’s 2.7! Professional. No wonder that was so easy. Huh? *laughs* It is now… twenty to six, guys. And we are done. We are done-sio. We are about to get a wheelchair for Anna. Getting all our stuff and heading down to the room. We’ve been awake for 24 hours. I’ve been sitting in this chair for almost 24 hours, it feels like. But it’s all been worth it for this little baby girl. Who’s fast- who hasn’t really cried. She’s so good. [A:] She’s the same as the other two. [J:] She is. I thought maybe this time, but no. She’s so good. [A:] She did crack my nipple, though. [J:] Oh, she’s a nipple cracker. [A:] Already. I was like, really? [J:] Really. [A:] Really. [J:] Really. Really? Eh, there she is, friends. Aw. Took a long time for you to come out, mate. We’ve been waiting such a long time for you. Hmm? And now I must sleep for a hundred years. Probably won’t be a hundred years. Anyway, say goodbye. Say something amazing. Summarize it. *laughs* *outro music*

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