Local group Sophia’s Wings supports women who suffer miscarriages

Today… is National Pregnancy Loss… and Remembrance day. And a support walk… was held at YSU this morning…to raise money… for a local organization. De-anna Slif-ka… wanted to start a non-profit… to help others like her… after she had a miscarriage. So… she started Sophia’s Wings. Slif-ka says… the loss of a pregancy… or an infant… is one of the hardest things a family can face… and it happens to one in four women every year. [C3]20171015 YSU MEMORIAL WALK-SV DEANNA SLIFKA: “That’s such a large statistic, and so many people grieve in silence. Especially for miscarriage, becuause it’s sucha taboo subject, and people don’t know what to say & they do this in quiet. This is for them to come out and say ‘I am that one in four, I am that woman, I am that dad, who has experienced loss and I’m here to remember my baby and speak their name.'” Deanna also told us that if anyone needs grief counseling or wants to join a support group… Sophia’s Wings is always free. We’ve put links and contact information on our website — WKBN-dot-com. [C4]20171015 YSU MEMORIAL

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