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  1. may I add that I don't want to get a d&c because some women say it kept them from getting pregnant again…..?????

  2. do you have to go to doctor to make sure everything came out? I'm so devastated. I'm going through miscarriage right now. it started Friday.

  3. Yes I loved being outside. As soon as the streetlights kicked on my moms head was out the window hollering for me lol.

    God is great, He restored you and kept His promise. Congrats again on your rainbow baby!

  4. Thank you for letting God use you for encouraging us. I recently found your channel on last week & it is December 2018and I enjoyed what you said because I'm going through this right now.

  5. Thank God For Giving You The Strength To Tell Your Story And Still Speak A Word To Others. God Bless You Sis.

  6. I remember commenting on your video when you announced your pregnancy and I was so excited I followed your journey and we got pregnant around the same time. You lost your little one and I was so down, and now on May 17th I miscarried. I cried and cried and prayed for healing and understanding. I woke up one morning and couldn’t cry anymore. I said God is working on me Amen. This has bought me closer to God and I realized that I’m in in favor and he makes no mistakes. He chose me to test my strength and faith in him. I started my other channel Brittni Edmonds and will continue to vlog my journey and keep my mind occupied and focused on my future. I’m excited for what God has planned for me.

  7. Thanks for the encouraging word from the Lord! I'm believing God with you all to conceive! Be blessed and stay encouraged sister in Christ 🙂

  8. Great message, I really needed this for my week. I hope this passes soon. As always you and Lito are in my heart!

    I used to lie and say the street lights weren’t on yet down the street so we wouldn’t get in trouble lol.

  9. So true about being positive. – so sorry this has taken so long. I’m praying for you and Lito. 💛

  10. Lol my mom was the same way! I remember those days! I played outside all day nowadays I can't get these kids to play outside 20 min

  11. Hello Avi! I just found your channel last week, and I’m truly blessed to have found such a spiritually driven channel. I’m on my TTC journey as well, and it’s extremely hard for me at this time. I have faith that GOD will one day bless me with one of his angel from above. I’m praying for you and Lito as well. Thank you so much for sharing your TTC journey. God Bless 😊🙏🏾

  12. I'm a street lighter. I remember those days! Thank you for the encouragement. I'm following you in faith that "we" will both conceive this year! #subscribed #loveyou

  13. You do need to go to the doctor for them to make sure everything expels out because if it doesn’t they will have to do a d&c . So sorry for your loss. Praying for you.

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