34 Replies to “Loni Love Opens Up about Suffering a Miscarriage”

  1. 8 weeks is about two months and the first trimester so it’s normal for miscarriages to happen around the first trimester, I guess the best way to think of it is your body just wasn’t ready and das okay

  2. I think people dislike videos because of how sad it is sometimes and then liking it makes them think that they're liking the fact that she's sad so to express their feelings they dislike the video.

  3. I’m suffering through one as we speak, knowing Loni has suffered one as well makes me feel much better knowing other people have been in my shoes , 🙁 it’s not a good feeling and it’s not something good either 🙁 it sucks ;(

  4. Now she can stop faking like she doesn't want a family of her own. I always knew deep down she truthfully did

  5. Hi Loni. I'm watching you today, June last. you look so beautiful today. Your makeup is flawless. I don't usually comment, but just had to let
    you know how gorgeous you look.
    B in S.C.

  6. Loni jokes a lot but have pain within. That's why I don't judge her jokes. You never really know what someone is dealing with.

  7. aww Loni made me cry. Well not made me but this is SO sad. That has been a fear of mine. To miscarry :'(

  8. I watched her movie/docuseries on "Being Loni Love" and it was good I learned a lot about who she really is and how she got to where she is, that's why she know just about everybody that come on the show ,if people watch it they would understand her better and why she is the person she is now

  9. Aww that's so sad. I had a miscarriage too. I saw the baby's body . It was so painful only you know your pain. The doctor at the hospital that saw me thought it was funny. He made the situation a lot more painful.

  10. so sad….the way she loves tameras kids though…I always had the feeling she wanted some kids of her own…seeing this is heartbreaking

  11. well done for being able to say this TV and know that a lot of people love you who u r and so does God

  12. Loni, my heart goes out to you. it is not an easy process to lose a child. I had twins and and lost one at birth. The loss is something you never get over.

  13. I wonder if they can change the title of this video to something a little less insensitive? Like "Loni Opens up about Suffering a Life-Changing Loss"

  14. Have you noticed whenever there are kids on the show Loni especially is so heartwarming and caring. Tamera says she really good with her kid, she as a natural knack for children, God bless you Loni. You opening up about this sensitive subject will help other women who have gone through the same and I am sorry for all the pain you have gone through and still continue to today. xxx

  15. Loni we love no matter what you're strong beautiful women don't be sad cheer up cuz life better when u smile ❤❤❤❤

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