Loni Stresses the Importance of Education: ‘Don’t Take It for Granted’

Justice Scalia said there were those who contend that it does not benefit African Americans to get them into the University of Texas where they do not do well as opposed to having them go to a less advanced school a slower Trek school where they do well Loni huh what do you think about the justices comments I think it's hogwash that's what I think you generalizing people stop generalizing you know a race of people we got the president that went to Ivy League school we got Ben Carson who is a neurosurgeon even though you may need to operate on his own brain but feel the point is that man is smart and they went to schools that were so-called the rigorous type of schools and it's hundreds of thousands of other day african-americans that have done that he's generalizing and when you generalize a race of people that makes all the other races in my opinion look at us and go see they not that that's not an assigned trust not is just not true if you don't want to pass in front of the action find another reason don't say cuz blacks awesome all right that's just not right one thing that is that drives me crazy is when somebody sets the bar for another person Ojai set my own bar I where I can be down guess what even if I over assume that I could do something maybe I can make that stretch made me a better person trying to reach that goal and you'd be surprised what you can strive for when you set that bar above your own standard yeah you surprised yourself in the beginning something is difficult and I get that cuz I grew up in you know public school and I think you know sometimes our curriculums are not as advanced as some of the others so it's not that we're slower it's that we're being taught slower if you bring me from the school that didn't teach me something you can't um discredit my brilliance because of what I wasn't taught by admissions the thing with a lot of the reason why a lot of people don't go to college one is because of the money yeah then who because they don't have a connection right right yeah you know a lot of people of color don't have the connections that some other people have I don't have a dad that's gonna give it for the school thousand millions of like that and write a letter to get me into school I don't have that well I was gonna say what Adrian was saying sometimes you just don't don't have the opportunity to go to this privileged school where they teach you know the best but in all actuality if you teach us all the same thing whether you're black white whatever we're gonna we're gonna do the same thing – schools that literally don't even have the right books you guys go up the curriculum they have old books that don't even have the correct information I am sometimes it's insane yeah and parents really have to step in – I mean I know that it's we're aware I know that they may be in certain areas especially low-income they may be depressed things like that but you you really this is your chance to help we are living in one of the greatest nations that we can have education you know yeah don't take it for granted yeah weird of time now where we have Wi-Fi on planes let's get our school board system across the board just equal and I'm losing and above standards for all children out there so that they can become even better than they imagined yeah yeah like Eileen I feel like if it wasn't for like people really making initiatives to um for racial what is it what am i suppo if it weren't for people trying to make initiatives for racial equality I would not be in this seat right now is that none of us would be that's sure you know like over every opportunity I've gotten actually might have been because somebody was looking for a latina yeah so it's actually benefited me because they were trying to diversify whether it was on the Disney Channel they were creating the first-ever multicultural you know majority minority cast with the Cheetah Girls if it wasn't for them looking for Chanel a Latina girl to play a lot inna positive latina role model on Disney Channel I wouldn't have got that role in 3lw is the same thing it was specific it was a Latin explosion Ricky Martin I just performed at the Grammys in there like we're gonna do a girl group I'm with throw on a lot B night in there I think if you make the initiative you get what you're getting here right now is that everybody is represented yes oh yeah okay yeah it's so many opportunities and so many people out there had a try we never got the please hear us oh sorry but it's so true and if you didn't guess supposed to be here you guys I grew up in the projects where I've seen people shot I've seen people on drugs I am not supposed to be here my God had a purpose for me and I want that if it might be any child that is you know if people say why are you so into television I really fight to stay on TV because I grew up as a latchkey child and the only thing I had was television yeah to show me a different world and I guess many letters for people out there and children especially that's why I'm really you know passionate about children I try to work because I know that there's some of you out there that you may be lost you may be you know indifferent but I try to be that example of if I can make it you can make it too

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  1. If you don’t want black people at you schools that’s fine cause for me it doesn’t even my cause I love my HBCU

  2. But who says black people are stupid? Or black people won’t get a higher education? Statistics prove it otherwise

  3. This is happening to me right now. I come from a low income school and I just started my first year of college and I’m having this specific professor loose their patience with me and just makes me seem so stupid in front of the whole class. And just for knowing only how to solve simple math. It’s not my fault that I was not taught the levels of what the actual standards are!!! So many times I have walked out of that class in tears of how stupid I was made to feel. So yes this happens and it’s very real!!!

  4. Everyday I try to remind myself why it’s important that I stay at my university. I have a message and an example to set.

  5. Remember to dream big and activate your drive and work ethic to achieve those dreams, for no one can take that away from you!

  6. Loni's talk was powerful………growing up in the projects, seeing people get shot, and not seeing a clear path to success. I felt for her pain growing up and she is amazing for it! Teach people the right stuff and open the right doors, then everyone will prosper in time.

  7. I like Adrienne but what are you talking about you wouldn’t be in that seat if it wasn’t for racial equality? You are white, you look white, I am confusion. Why do they keep saying she is a person of color 😂. I am actually confused by the ignorance. I get being Latino(a) you may face inequality, but that’s not a race and not even close to people of color.

  8. In the UK theres a higher chance of going to uni if your not a white working class male, intact their chance is the lowest.

  9. Why does Loni speak like she's from the ghetto???? She is precipitating the stereotype that Black people don't speak properly and grammatically. Even though she graduated from college, she talks like she's from a trailer camp. Same goes for Adrienne. However, Jeannie and Tamera represent their people 100000% better.

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