hey guys so yes I just I chopped my hair off my hair is gone now um I believe this is week number four I'm losing track but um so I hit a bit of a dead end I guess in my weight loss journey best week I realized that my weight is sort of plateauing around like 127 128 range I can't seem to get lower than that I just broke it today at 120 6.6 but it's going linked up and then it's going down and I've been going down and whoo it's really difficult to go this far in like you know like just not see the results that I want to see hold on a second I'm going to pause Pretty Little Liars is in the background okay sorry I'm getting so much interruptions for this video but I will eventually finish it and so basically my thought process behind my plateauing of weight is that I'm not able to work out and so I go to the doctors for my six-week checkup in one week in a few days and so at that point I should get the okay to work out again and I'm gonna go to town because I've just been missing so much dancing jogging so much I love to jog I love to dance I love to walk I love to do 5ks and I just have not been able to do those so hold on buddy it's okay I know I'm gonna hop off here cuz he's just not doing so hot tonight um but yeah just wanted to give you guys an overview of this week okay so if you couldn't tell I just worked out I I love to mow the grass because it just it burns so many calories and I sweat so much doing it and it's really good on your core because we have a push mower so to like push in your abs while you're pushing that mower it's amazing for your body and it helped me get really toned um two years ago when I was losing all my weight so um and then last summer of course helped my ABS just keep up just keep up with my ABS so anyway I just mowed the grass time out the entire front yard in the entire backyard and I'm feeling so accomplished because as six weeks postpartum this is huge this is giant like I asked the OB if I could mow the grass and she was like I wouldn't know the grass and I was like but why not like I just I want I wanted to work out and said I could work out and she was like do you want to mow the grass I was like yeah like why would I ask you about I don't know but she said she's like I've never heard of um anybody wanting to mow so I guess you can just try it out and see if you can do it and I did it all of it today I'm so proud of myself and I'm so looking forward to working out because as you guys know if you've seen my last update fitness update I am basically Plateau but I was plateaued like 126 127 for like forever I felt like actually 120 128 now I'm 120 4.8 right now and I have a huge July to August fitness challenge coming up and I'm so looking forward to just working out and eating correctly and just seeing what I can accomplish is going to be amazing so I do plan online at making a separate video about that I will let you guys know what I'm eating and everything like that so but I just want to hop on here I am no longer doing weekly updates just because I worked now I have a baby other things are going on and I just don't have time to do a weekly Fitness update so I'm going to be doing a monthly Fitness update for you guys all let you guys know what's going on for that um but anyway I'm gonna get off your mic my hair is a mess my face is disgusting someone's smell like here and breathe and drink another bottle of water I just jogged for the first time in almost a year you guys oh my gosh I'm freaking stoked about it I only paused like walked like jog slash walk / dog slashed walked four times and a little bit of history on my jogging never runner and never a jogger did not was not like sporty or athletic at all during my entire life and I lost all that weight in 2017 and I picked up in an enjoyable love for jogging and so I jogged a lot in the summer of 2018 when it got really warm outside and then I found out that I was pregnant and I basically did not jog again because I was just so tired my first trimester second time I started third time I said I was too big too uncomfortable and just hurt basically everywhere from the waist below and I couldn't dog so I just chalked my first time in almost an entire year and I am so excited about that that is in tremendous accomplishment for me to do that and like I said I only paused four times school I got back in 2018 I started jogging enough to where I could literally just jog and jog and dog and jog and it didn't really hurt my body that much because I had a smaller chest size I was a lot smaller around my waist my clothes fit me better I didn't chase I had all these things that I that I don't have advantage of now that I'm overweight and so I am still looking forward to being able to get there again but right now just to having the accomplishment under my belt of actually having jogged around the neighborhood it's just an amazing feeling and I'm 120 around 124 right now and I just feel so amazing that I can actually go out and do that I'm so proud of myself and so excited to have done that so I just wanted to share that with you guys that's such a small accomplishment but really in my eyes it's so huge

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