29 Replies to “Low cost IVF ICSI treatment at ARC Chennai India.100% Money back is not correct & practiced @ ARC”

  1. sir… i have a dbout,i have no baby repeat missed abortion…and doctor said ana borderline positive .and rubella ..Now i have a utrus blood flow low.. sit plz help me sir.

  2. Hai sir,              Iam from Chennai, I am ahousewife for the past two years I have no kid,now I taken scan HCG scan and doctors said that I have unicornuate uterus and my chances are less like that doctor says so pls pls suggest me the correct option for my treatment and my contact mai [email protected]

  3. Amount athigam erukum enra payathal arugil erunthum varamal erukirom marriage agi ettuvarudam aguthu migutha manakavalail erukirom engalukku therivu kidaikuma sir

  4. Endometrium Receptivity test done n Atosiban given before ET n still failed ,PGS blastocyst transferred

  5. How do you handle Implantation failure for recurrent IVF failure patients ( quality of embryo is Blastocyst when it was transferred )

  6. hello sir.
    I m from chennai. now I am staying abroad. here ivf cost s very expensive. we can't pay that much. so v want to try in chennai hospital.
    . please tell me the cost f ivf and how many days v need to be there in hospital for treatment.
    so that I can book my ticket accordingly

  7. hello sir, this is vaishnavi from thanjavur, I have pcod problem so my pregnancy delay what can do, can I get pregnant naturally or I go for treatment,

  8. ivf cost how much my problem is low sperm count what is the way increase it I have 4millon count and dead sperm 95%,living sperms 5%only what can I do

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