Lucas' Birth Story: Part 1 | Preeclampsia, Emergency Induction & My Epidural Failed!

hey guys so I'm sitting down today to finally do Lukas his birth story labor and delivery story whatever you want to call it I mentioned in a previous vlog that I've been putting off doing this because I lost the video footage of his actual labor and delivery so I'm just going to be sitting down to tell you I may put in some pictures if I can find them from that day so I'm just gonna start with talking about and I in my previous pregnancies I have had gestational diabetes and preeclampsia or gestational hypertension which they believed would turn into preeclampsia I have had three babies or deliveries prior my son Roman I delivered him at 37 weeks exactly due to preeclampsia I was induced page I was induced at exactly 39 weeks due to gestational diabetes and with Masie I was induced at 37 weeks and four days due to gestational hypertension which they believed would eventually turn into preeclampsia my cat in my videos go lay down um so sorry if you see a cat around here he's he does what he wants with this delivery with Lukas's I was expecting there to be something like that just because that's what I've always gone through I woke up on the day I was 37 weeks and three days I went into work and thought okay then about mid-morning I started to get a little bit of a headache and because I had gestational diabetes sometimes I would get headaches or my eyes would be a little funny if my blood sugar was low and I wasn't exactly sure what was going on so I thought you know what I probably better go eat kind of an early lunch maybe my blitz just my blood sugar being low so I walked I worked downtown in Cincinnati so I walked to the skyline near my office and got some lunch just by myself and I wasn't really feeling any better my headache was still there knows a pretty intense headache so I took some and I actually took some extra strength tylenol before I went to lunch to see if that would help and so it had been about a half an hour and the tylenol wasn't helping eating lunch wasn't helping I check my blood sugar and it was fine and then on the way on my walk back or more like a waddle I was I felt so huge at this point so I'm waddling back to my office and I'm starting to see some visual disturbances like I your peripheral was kind of cut off if you've ever had that happen so it's kind of fuzzy around the peripheral like you know it's almost like tunnel vision and then seeing some floaters as well so I was like oh that's not good I know what this is all right a feeling I knew what this was so I got back to the office and I called my doctor and I said yeah you definitely need to come in to be seen so I headed into labor and delivery triage straight from work which my hospital is maybe five minutes from my office downtown so I called Lee and I told him that I was headed to the hospital and get checked out but I wasn't really expecting too much from it just because I had been in and out of the hospital and everything is always fine and they always send me home so I was like I'm sure it's fine you know I'll let you know keep you updated so I go into triage and they you know get y'all hooked up get you in a gown and everything and they check my put the blood pressure thing cuff on my arm and it checks you every 15 minutes so the first one was pretty high reading I think it was in like the one 50s over a hundred something like that and if you're not already wear anything 140 over 90 is considered high so that was concerning so well maybe it was a fluke reading you know so it keeps checking me every 15 minutes and it kind of keeps staying there or creeping higher I think there were a few in the 170s over a hundred in the low 100's which is obviously very concerning that's that's a big deal but they also when they test for preeclampsia they check your bloodwork and they check your urine anytime that I'd had preeclampsia in the past there was protein in my urine or there were some kind of indication in my bloodwork that I had preeclampsia but with Lucas that all of my levels were completely normal so they call my MFM and decided that I was going to be induced so during this whole time I'm keeping Leigh updated because he's gonna have to leave work and he's gonna have to take the kids to my dad's and just figure all those logistics out so I finally took notice that yep they're keeping me at being induced and so they took me over to the high-risk side of labor and delivery and they told me that they were going to start me on cytotec and if you've seen my labor and delivery story with Macy you know that I absolutely and my life whenever take sign a check again it's miserable I did not react well to it and I think that's common with a lot of women so when I was one centimeter dilated already one and a half maybe so I questioned them on that and I said you know when I was in my regular 37 week appointment my doctor told me that because I was already one centimeter dilated and if I needed to be induced I would not need saina tech that I could just start off with pitocin and so there was some kind some something lost in translation with that because they were gonna start me on sided tech I said no I absolutely will not take side attack I've already one centimeter dilated I want to just be started out mitosis and can you check with my doctor so they there she was like sure that that's fine she went to check with my doctor but the call in to her and she came back and said unit good for you for advocating for yourself because she said yes that's totally fine you can start with pitocin so that's another thing I would urge people to do is if you don't feel comfortable with something don't let them just do it because you don't want to question your doctor if you have done your research know your body and you know you just don't feel comfortable with it push back on it a little bit because at the end of the day it's your body and it's your experience so I feel like that's so important for women to do but so I was thrilled with that that I wasn't going to need the side attack it was terrible I'll link Macy's first story if you want to watch that to hear more about what that experience was like so they finally got me settled in my room that I would actually deliver in and at this point Lee is still you know going through getting the kids dropped off and get everything packed up for them bringing my hospital bag and everything cuz I didn't bring it to work with me that day so I'm just kind of hanging out by myself watching TV they got my pitocin started already and I was feeling some contractions but nothing major at all just very mild so they had but I still had this massive headache so they gave me some more tylenol and throughout this whole process my blood pressure was still high pretty much every time they took it so that was a little bit nerve-wracking they didn't put me on magnesium at this point I guess they didn't feel it was necessary which I was glad about because I've never taken it but I heard how awful it was so I'm on the pitocin and Lee finally gets there about eight o'clock that night I was probably like five six o'clock before I got moved to my labor and delivery room so I just kind of laid in bed with they were giving me like warm washcloths to put so if I can't remember holes but they're giving me a washcloth to put over my eyes couldn't keep my eyes open because my headache was so bad and I just laid in bed and kind of just what thermite dealt with my contractions as best I could and he just kind of hung out there with me and just watched a movie it was pretty mellow it was just the two of us and then I got my epidural which I had planned for an epidural epidural I always do I don't ever try to go it alone which more power to you if you can but and that's intense so I got my epidural when I was around five centimeters I believe I believe they broke my water yeah they broke my water probably when I was closer to six centimeters and things started to pick up a little bit after that and I remember I was around nine centimeters and I was my epidural started to wear off you

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  1. I'm 35 weeks pregnant, have had gestational hypertension for the past month.. Doctors worried it could eventually become preeclampsia, even some talk about being induced at 37 weeks! I've had a bad headache for days now, went to L&D last night and was monitored for awhile plus given medicine for my headache, then sent home. This is my first pregnancy. I'm just so scared about everything! Ugh!

  2. I've never gotten an epidural I am so afraid of them honestly I don't know why but I have had co workers that have told me that the epidural did not work at all or that it would work for like 5 mins and then it would stop working

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