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  1. @stephy22388 Well that's the internet for you, you shouldn't take anything you read here too seriously. I'm just fishing for people with insecurities, who are willing to expose them for other peoples amusement.

  2. * What's funnier than a dead baby? A dead baby in a clown costume.
    * How did the dead baby cross the road? In my lunch box.
    * What's the difference between a Ferrari and a dead baby? I don't keep a Ferrari in my garage.
    * What's the difference between a truck of bowling balls and a truck of dead babies? You can't unload a truck full of bowling balls with a pitchfork.
    * Whats more fun than a dead baby spinning at 100rpm? Stopping it with a shovel.

  3. those people are stupid! they dont realize thats illegal. and so youtube wont allow it. It would be up for maybe a week and then youtube will delete it.

  4. Hi, if you could, could you upload the miscarriage parts…like the episodes Turn, Turn, Turn, And Tonights specials are, A pain in the neck, Broken hearts and promises, and Good News for almost everyone? PLEASE!

  5. what episode is this in?

    Thanks so much for putting this up! (Hopefully I can find the full episode!)


  6. umm we want to hear what their sayin?? i missed this espisodes… can sumone please put on one wit the words…..please

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