‘Ludicrous’ not all women can have an abortion

and a private member's bill decriminalizing abortion will be presented in the New South Wales Parliament today one of the MPs sponsoring the bill is the Health Minister Brad hazard who joins me now from Sydney thanks so much for your time now the premier has spoken about the issue this morning she's flagged her support it will be a conscience issue do you think it will pass I think that's a matter for my colleagues to determine once they've heard all the arguments but what I would say to the community and my colleagues is that it's time for us no longer to have a criminal approach to the issue of women's health and obviously abortion that's something which doesn't occur in any other state or territory Queensland last year reformed its bill nearly 11 years ago victoria reformed its legislation and it's just ludicrous that a woman that lives for example in the Tweed can not receive the same attention medical attention medical opportunities for what she may may require then a woman in Cullen gotta haul in it in Aubrey I cannot receive what on across the Murray River in Wodonga can receive so I think it's a case of just make sure that we understand that it's not something that should be in the Crimes Act of 1980 a health context but this bill would allow an abortion with the approval of one doctor up to 22 weeks that's more than halfway through a pregnancy when a fetus is fully formed are you comfortable with that look obviously this is not about encouraging people to have abortions it's about taking it out of the Crimes Act in Queensland it's 24 weeks in other states it can be up to 28 weeks the position here in New South Wales by those members who brought the bill together is that it should be 22 weeks obviously people can form their own views on that but it's essentially a bill that takes it out of the Crimes Act and certainly it accords with the views of the AMA these Trainor Medical Association it Accords with the views of medical practitioners more broadly who believe that when a woman sits in a surgery with a doctor to discuss but is a very very challenging and sensitive issue she shouldn't have to be contemplating criminal proceedings being brought against her and the doctor shouldn't have to be contemplating criminal proceedings it should be what is in the best interest of the one and that is the the the issues of the doctor and the patient should be talking about it sure but why have you landed at that twenty two week mark you as the health minister didn't you well don't you have some impetus to actually drive a debate around where that that line is not just be dictated to by what the other states are doing well I just said to you Laura that the other states have differing periods Queensland has 24 weeks there's another state that has 28 weeks and you know those are issues which can be discussed in the parliament but the critical issue is should a doctor sitting with a woman obviously making a very challenging decision should that be how should criminal proceedings be part of that the cop the possibility of criminal proceedings and the answer to my mind and I stress this is not as the Health Minister it is as an individual each one of us who brought this legislation I'm bringing it as private members Alex Greenwich yeah and I have worked extensively together but with a group of cross political spectrum MPs and hopefully the time has come for us to say well if every other state and in the and and territory in the country has decriminalized termination of pregnancy isn't it time for New South Wales to also do the same who is having such like taught term abortions how common are they 22 weeks who is in what circumstances Oh a women having late term abortions at 22 weeks less than 1% of women who have gone to 20 weeks less than 1% after that have terminations but as an example I had the situation where a young woman was the ultrasounds and other examinations showed that her baby had the organs growing outside of where they should have been outside the body and that young woman like you know many who would say well I don't want to have a termination and she went hope she went for about 12 weeks when it was diagnosed through to more than 20 weeks and then of course had to have the termination so there are terminations that occur in those circumstances but what this legislation says is after 22 weeks you will it in fact in this regard it's actually far stricter than the current legislation what it says is after 22 weeks you have to consult with two doctors and they have to look at a range of factors to determine whether or not it's appropriate to have the termination of pregnancy in the first twenty two weeks though it is up to the doctor and the patient to dissolve a woman to determine whether or not that is something that's appropriate the legislation does so administer allow for a social provision in there before 22 weeks in what circumstances the legislation the treat a social reason for determinating a pregnancy in that case though well those are matters that we'll leave to the doctors to determine with the patient but something that all members are going to have to consider today what would be a social reason it's psychological physical or social and there may be a range of circumstances we're gonna have very complex social circumstances which I'm not talking about something which the average person would have but some people are just found in very very difficult circumstances where they can make a decision with their doctor as to whether or not that's something they want want to continue with in terms of the pregnancy and that those provisions are also as per the law reform commission's recommendations which led to the legislation now nearly eleven years ago in Victoria and that certainly hasn't caused any problems in Victoria a year ago in Queensland and it hasn't caused any problems in Queensland it's being dealt with as you would expect respectfully and properly by the medical practitioners and the women involved do you think this has been rushed through Parliament without having a proper community discussion in New South Wales and proper time for debate no well it's going to be discussed all I would I would think all this week in Parliament it's already being discussed out in the public arena and of course there been numerous discussion around the country and in New South Wales on many occasions about this issue so I think people are very alert to all the various aspects of it but again I'll come back to why would we be relying on a criminalization of all and back from 1900 it's now 2019 it is time to take it out of the criminal law and put it in a health framework and that's what this legislation does just finally labour is calling for Victor domine low to be sacked this morning because documents on the published by Andrea quenelle on the front page of The Australian newspaper show that he wanted information from the department to essentially put a political hit on his opponent being Michael Daley and his driving record do you think there are grounds for him to be sacked look I don't know any of those details I'm not going to comment other than to say that Victor Donatello is a very very good Minister and a very truthful person and my experience is some of the Labour Party people are involved in this campaign I wouldn't apply those sort of criteria to them so I'm backing Victor even though he used departmental information to put a political just indicated I've just indicated to you that I believe him to be a very truthful and honest person and I'm not going to get involved beyond that do you think there is this is the proper use of Department and to departmental information though you can ask me you can ask me a dozen times I've been around a long while and I've given you my support for the minister and I also indicated that the Labour Party liked to play silly games all right that's all I'll say well you're supporting the minister without knowing all the facts is that correct I have known Victor Domino for many years and I am supportive of Victor domina okay well looking at these documents at all do you think you might need to take a closer look at the facts all right that's a matter for Victor de Manila and for the appropriate authorities but I'm not commenting any further on that I'm here to talk about the abortion bill all right and that's what I'll talk about so perhaps an investigations needed herein as I said I'm not commenting any further on that issue clear Minister thank you for your time thanks very much flora thank you

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  1. Why would we be relying on a criminalization of a woman who has an abortion you ask? Because abortion is killing a human life. Should murder be legal ????

  2. Save a baby, kill a murderer. Use the money keeping scum alive, to give a new life a good start, and a future.

  3. We'll just kill our babies and replace ourselves with foreigners. Well done westerners. And we were suppose to be the most advanced civilization on earth.🤔

  4. we should legalise euthanasia for women who are so depraved they think murdering babies is a legitimate replacement for responsibility.

  5. Most loving mother's would walk the earth on broken glass barefoot for a child, any child.
    Then there are others who will kill their child for reasons or convenience ?
    In saying that though, those who allow mother's to kill their child are the very worst of people.
    Adopt out…if you wish.
    Kill……. absolutely not.

  6. Before having one they need to be made to watch the doctor explain how it is done to the American congressional hearing were he tell how he cuts them into qtrs lays it on the table like a jig saw puzzle to make sure they got it all.when he crushes there skulls and the brains pop out.this bloke is as sick as uk

  7. It’s for the WAHmans health, how about her mental state after you rip a life at of her body? This is all BS smoke and mirrors they did in America, it’s the WAHmans choice, it’s for her, it’s healthy, keep it between the doctor and the woman so not even a father can have a say, let the doctor spin lies as to why you should abort the baby THEY WANT ITS ORGANS!!!.
    The cuck on the right needed to be yanked from his mother’s womb! talking this sh*t!

    And yes this issue is being rushed.

  8. It's ludicrous that people have so little regard for human life. You'd sooner see a person protesting to defend the life of a sea turtle than you would see a person protest to defend the life of human babies.

  9. So it is "Ludicrous" that any woman can't murder their baby at anytime during pregnancy? Australia will truly deserve the destruction that is coming to this, once blessed country! This scum will argue for the horrific policy of the US Demonrats, of near birth abortions (9 months) and not giving comfort to an aborted baby who is aborted alive. They are now arguing for aborting a baby UP TO THREE YEARS OLD! I lie NOT! Infanticide made legal!

  10. If we can kill babies we can kill government imported violence and treasonous people in positions of power…
    We show consistency

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