MaameRose | Preparing For Motherhood Pt 2 | After the Miscarriage & Finding Out I was Pregnant

hi welcome back to my channel uh uh I've been going for such a long time I know I know I know but I also know you guys gonna forgive me cuz you seen the title so you know I had a baby yeah so I had a baby back in January um and yeah the whole pregnancy no females bit but not so that's why you guys didn't see me I thought about doing the whole pregnancy update thing it didn't work out but here now I did record previously and if you follow me on instagram you notes already I did record a whole labor and delivery story as a baby in the background you might hear from time to time he's with my husband I did record a whole labor and delivery still a pre labor and delivery story and it just didn't work how I wasn't happy with their the point I'm trying to get across in a come across when I thought about it I talked to my husband about it I said the last time you guys or the first time you ever heard anything to do with Parenthood pregnancy motherhood was when I did a video back in August 2016 called preparing for motherhood I was just trying to wrap my head around to the idea of one day becoming a month and then I had the video where I was away for a while and I told you guys I suffered a miscarriage which was very unfortunate and then I've had a baby and I thought I'd be doing a what's the word injustice yeah if I just came on as a day I've had a baby here's my labor and delivery story without taking you guys through the journey that I went through to get to this point and I think it's important for me to be able to talk to you guys about this and add to the conversation the style cuz I'm seeing a lot happening especially within the black community with moms and women and men talking about fertility and things like that think it's important because it's shot to me since that is such a taboo in our community where it's like oh you wanna have kids you prince with the Lord or Allah who as they worship you know that it will bless you if their fruits of their work not children their fruit of their womb and you know you just pray and then BAM you've been also trying to deliver and bring forth your child this is not like that for everyone there is prayer involved there's point of God hoping for the best there's also medical appointments pills injections jabs timing lots of sex like there's a lot that goes on so I thought that it's important to talk about the nitty-gritty of these things and even though mine wasn't the most challenging of journeys the permit I still think it's important to add my voice to the conversation that's going on and hopefully it can help someone if they're out there and they've got these issues going on or even if you're just curious about it because everyone just assumes you know yeah six and nine months baby it's not always that bad anywho so what I wanted to do and just let me know what's going to happen over the next few videos because it's not hair related it's because it's such a big topic I didn't want to just try and squeeze into a 10-15 minute video so it's going to be a series I don't know I'm going to title this series you know because it'll be the title but I don't know right now what's going to be called but it's probably going to be about four parts and it's going to cover everything from the home after the miscarriage getting pregnant the pregnancy journey and now that I'm a mom so today's one is kind of from the whole miscarriage point up until I found that was pregnant as they always like to say get pops I got a tear these get some water get copper tees because it's gonna be a bit a long one right so I so I'm gonna start from after the miscarriage however I was tiny square map of what go back just a little bit to put this into context I stopped using hormonal birth control back in 2015 summer of 2015 mum plus ah yes me and my dead boyfriend at the time desire or now husband then boyfriend of time just with all that was going on decided this is not good for me anymore I had been using what doesn't exist they were basically the concept implant I have used that prior no problems for the three years plus your yes I've used it for three years prior and that time it was called Implanon no issues my peers didn't disappear I had periods of normal no problems there took it out I wasn't with anyone I was celibate sounds like I'll need this no more take it out and then a while after I met my now husband I said okay well we're gonna have to do something as a time baby right now so I thought why he's employed last time let's use it again but I got worried about no pills daily medications and then oh my memories not that so let's get rid of that misuse the employment again when I went to get there wasn't Implanon available there changed it to Nexplanon and if that's what they still use I'm not discrediting it everyone's body reacts differently to it but for me it was hell on earth I had rippling periods Tripoli could've got to work the doctor put me told me to take paracetamol ibuprofen codeine every two hours up to let the whole eight eight times in there four times a day throughout my period some days I couldn't go to work I remember there was a time specifically owes me my husband and my nephew and the contest go shopping and I remember being crouched over the trolley looking like a crazy person screaming because they told me they ran out cold I was like no I'm gonna die people need to get me something it was really really bad so with my GP we decided let's take up the implant see what happens when your hormones settle down see what's going on had a series of ultrasounds ultrasounds ultrasounds blood tests and I never happened to me before I had like huge cysts on my ovaries first I was on the right side then they disappeared and then same thing I hit on my left side and it was mad but by if I keep looking that's called up notes by it was to June 2016 so in the following year everything had settled down we taken up the implant my horses settled they checked my ovaries everything was fine and this was a couple of months after I've got married so they said you know if you're a star for a family great you can go ahead which is probably explain the reason why in August the for a month is well not almost a couple of days when I did the preparing for motherhood on video it was very much on my mind I wasn't ready to have a kid at that particular time but because of everything I was going through is very much on my mind that okay if they said everything's fine should I just go for it now because you know I want to wait and then there be a problem so forth a little bit later so this was November 2016 start having these issues again these same guiding issues so I went to my doctor officer they saw a medical history said okay it's strength let's go friend and see what's going on inside if any of the sister come back or anything I assumed maybe I had another cyst on my ovary why I didn't expect was to see tons of new assists dozen around in my ovary so they said Oh looks like you might have polycystic ovarian syndrome however there's like three things that they have to check for and my bloodwork didn't match it there was something else that I remember didn't match it but my sister one might ovaries were full of cysts so that was November but obviously it was really scary for me then because there's a oh my god you know PCOS is the hard to get pregnant or you know what should we do so then I was like okay I wanna have a baby and try it and Oh Joe jumped in obvious sorry so um because I took out the hormone birth control but I still wasn't trying to get pregnant at the time when we took it out I learned about the fertility awareness method which if you are interested in that let me know because as I hold on the topic or I can point you to some is the primers youtubers that talk about it wonderfully and I don't have to repeat it but it's basically where you track your fertility without home and so you take your temperature every morning you if this TMI you just shouldn't be watching this anyway but you track your look at your cervical fluid every day it has a specific way it looks when you are fertile and I mean you feel one this your own body you should be grossed out by here so I got really good at doing this by the time we've gone from summer 2015 to the end of 2016 now I leave this stuff like the back of my hand so I was like yeah let's have a baby I was out case blow town was tries big making time stick your legs in the air afterwards everything and boom I was pregnant in December I felt a move just a few days before Christmas so it was really exciting time and then unfortunately I had a miscarriage so I had the option in November I said piece put a cystic ovaries got pregnant in December had the miscarriage right right at the end of December like December 31st I think it's when the whole beings died and then through New Year's Day and was horrible so the doctors didn't really know what was going on in terms of pregnancy because usually a first Midwife appointment is around about the 8 week mark and I had that miscarriage about five weeks so I knew for a couple of weeks yeah cuz I found it really early it's only for a couple of weeks and then had the miscarriage they just carried on the whole kind of guiding investigation as normal so after I had the misguided also expect my doc – you know down on my record and I had some more blood tests because they'd seen the Pala cystic ovaries by that time they hadn't that's not what they were looking for so they now wanted to do the blood test and everything again to see if I had the other two out of three markers for polycystic ovarian syndrome watch 2017 I had a procedure called a high cosy it was horrible it is the worst pain next to neighbor I have ever experienced in my life it was horrific I hated it I screamed I cried I did not give a shit who hurt me in the corridor who denied me knows I didn't care because they told me on the paperwork now I'm not talking about I don't care I need to tell somebody when they told me on a little of that number hope to the Haiku see they said to me take some paracetamol about twenty minutes or so before you go to have the procedure is just that cramping pain to a period anyway so this is fine put a couple ibuprofen I'll be fine no it's a lie if you ever have to do it they lie to you it's not blue paint it's horrible it's horrible they square some fluid up there and it goes for your tooth and I feel that someone is stabbing you inside right into all my gods and nobody saw it it's people and it's horrible what to get you you know what to get you that how cozy was horrible so I had that and basically what they wanted to see was if my chips were blocked so they wanted to they put some some food up there they do a ultrasound transvaginal ultrasound which is where they stick the thing is that a one-two up you where they can see inside your uterus and your ovaries so they stick a fluid up thing which they're nice guest shows up on the screen and then they can see if the fluid is possible for your fallopian tubes and getting through to where your ovary self they said you know thankfully my Chiefs are fine on one side she said it was kind of hard to get the flute to go through but then once she saw it through so if there was a blockage there isn't any more and then they looked on my ovaries again they said yes there is multiple cysts on your ovary so it's looking like polycystic ovaries conquer further syndrome yet they've got my blood results and the blood loss again didn't show what it needs to show confirm Paulo cystic ovarian syndrome however they stuck me on metformin anyway which is a medication which is from that metabolic disorder so if you've got problems with insulin when they're producing too much I think is producing too much insulin it helps bring it down something like that I don't really know too much about it but I know they give it to a lot of type 2 diabetics however my blood work did not show anything I had a lot of blood work done nothing showed anything like raise insulin levels or like I can't process it properly or that I'm borderline diabetic nothing showed that the only thing that shows is that I've got family with type 2 diabetes my medical history showed that I've got family of type 2 diabetes and not my blood work so this stuff no metformin had told me you need to lose some weight because the medication that we could give you to help you get pregnant we can't it doesn't work very well in overweight women so they said loosen weight come back in about three months time the world will review the whole situation so I said okay I've gone the metformin on taking metformin I'll go on a diet and I did I put my heart and soul into I was going to the gym for five days a week I lost 20 pounds I was very proud of it I was doing my thing and then this then this was when was this this was may late April so a month later late April I was doing my thing at the gym and I remember specifically this one day because I was doing it in tandem with my friend my really good friend of Mr we said we're gonna lose weight together and we'll be like accountable to each other every Saturday morning yeah to stand on the scales send a picture you Basnet hit on the scales while your weight loss was for that week and everything and I remember saying to her okay I'm going to the gym before we do our weekly weigh-in and I was really dizzy and I did it do make sense because I wasn't doing anything particularly straining ourselves and going for any personal bests with the weights nothing but I was really weak and I remember telling my husband I think I'm pregnant but I was really really really upset and this is what I want to talk about the reason why I was upset because I've gone through this whole thing with the miscarriage and then all this crap hi cozy medications the you know pti Westley whenever my I was like I'm not in the mic space for this I want to be pregnant I won't have a baby right now I'm not interested so when I thought I could be pregnant I was horrified I was crying on the fence my husband like I don't want to be pregnant right now I'm not interested I don't want to do it and he bless his socks just told me you know oh it's fine but Shona pregnant I'm sure he just made by a few days ago pregnant but now he says he knows praying about it I'm sure he'll come to me anywho first week in May was well anniversaries 30 April so we decided to go to Edinboro to celebrate our anniversary for a week and the weather was amazing and it was beautiful and whilst we're in Edinburgh I was having loads of back pain and like I'm gonna do as much walking as I wanted to cause remember when my gym kick thing so we've got booked a hotel there was that 20 minutes away from the city centre so we could walk everywhere every day and on the last day as long as that you know we're going to super job just got to pick up a pregnancy test and just see what's going on he's like the day would you to fly home where for four days were due to fly home last I was like just take the test you get on my nerves because I tossed and turned all night I couldn't sleep just thinking oh my god one problem so when paint on the stick and I could look here it's a holiday I've had a car do you got okay so he went in looked answered yet be pregnant each three weeks and I burst into tears and in the moment I was like oh no baby I'm so happy but after that the whole idea of okay I flew home the nut sack okay I'm pregnant when morning sickness hit me like a truck that's when I was like oh my god I can't even and in my head my thought process was I can't believe I'm gonna go through all this crap with morning sickness all over again well I didn't get molesting this the first time but going through all of this crap to lose the baby because in my mind I wasn't gonna have a baby I was gonna have a miscarriage that's how I story I would mention it sometimes that I'm worried I'm paranoid I didn't want to tell anyone and then I'm not to go too much into it but it's gonna be the next video I had some Hospital scares really really early left six weeks which then just kind of came out it for me and I was that hard I'm gonna lose this baby so that is kind of part one that I just wanted to take you through to explain what happened before the baby even came along and what happened after the miscarriage so everything happened really quickly I had the miscarriage at the end of December I found out I was pregnant in May so it's what for five months it wasn't a long period of time which I consider now being very lucky but mentally it was a lot to get my head run because I was grieving the loss of the first pregnancy go through all this stuff the procedures and stuff have it to miss work and then fight now that it's called polycystic ovarian thing and then fighting a sprint again and having health care so it was a lot to deal with but I felt it's important to explain all this stuff before I just get to oh I was it late when I had ever joined and it was like this a number that heals the baby yay because it's not like that for everyone and I don't want to paint a rosy picture of it being like you know bantering laughs about how easy it was to have my baby when there's a lot of people that struggle to either get pregnant or they have multiple miscarriages people go through stillbirths and I wanted to make sure I covered that spectrum to give a realistic view of what people are dealing with when it comes to parenting or getting into becoming a parent so that's part one I hope it was interesting if nothing else part two you'll be out next week Sunday and if you've got any questions please leave them in the comment box below I'm going to try to film these on a weekly basis rather than film them all in one go so if you've got questions I can look at them and then address them at the beginning of the next video I have that make sense and until next time

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  1. Congratulations, much blessings for your mother hood journey, my kids are grown now, I've been blessed with being able to spoil the grands now, lol. Be ready for some ups & downs but please know it's all worth it 😁

  2. Congratulations Maame, wow. Also, damn your hair! Just encourages me to keep staying in my braidloc journey.

  3. I’m soo happy that your Rainbow made it here safely.

    Yes, indeed, having my babies was a struggle. And I struggled in mostly silence bc no one in my close circle could relate.
    Listening to others had me thinking I’d get pregnant if I was in the mere presence of a naked penis. So much unneeded worry bc it took a heck of a lot more than that to conceive. πŸ™„

  4. Congratulations πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽˆAnyway….I have been going cra cra wanting to see your hair. Beautiful beautiful beautiful…OMG!! I’m loving it. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Grow baby grow baby so we can get more hair updates. Love πŸ’•

  5. Welcome back hun! Excited to hear your story. I can relate to the PCOS element of your journey, I'm a cyster too ❀ looking forward to the next part.

  6. So, so happy that you're back and happy for your family with your little man. He's adorable. I also love the avenue you decided to take with explaining your journey to parenthood because truly it's not always easy. Looking forward to next week's video😊

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