Maci Considers Calling the Cops on Ryan | Teen Mom OG | MTV

(electronic music) – [Announcer] Tonight, the night
we’ve all been waiting for. Teen Mom OG is finally back. New season, same problems. – I just got a pretty
disturbing phone call from Ryan. – Wait, he called you? – Yeah, apparently he
didn’t like my tweet. – What did it say? – Something along the lines of, “He’s a 30 year old who
still needs his ass wiped.” (electronic music) He called me in a fit of rage, screaming and losing his mind, and tells me he’s gonna show up over here and put a bullet in my head. – What? – Gonna come shoot up the house that not only our children
live in, but his son. – Oh my god that’s absolutely not okay. – I mean it’s pretty
serious, it’s not like- – No, that is like
extremely freaking serious, and he definitely owns guns. I mean, your son lives here. – Yeah.
– Who does that? – Absolutely insane. – I think we should call the cops, file a report, so that
it’s at least on record. And see what the cop says,
like, what our options are. – [Announcer] After that is a brand new episode of Floribama Shore. (hip hop music) – I did tell y’all I was
gonna be open with everybody. – [Man] Yeah, let’s hear it. – My friend ended up tellin’ my mama that Gator put his hands on me. – Now-
– But he didn’t. – He was upset and he grabbed my neck. (eerie music) – We done had this man
in our (bleep) house, and Gator done put his hands on her. – There is no excuse for that.
– Oh no he did not! – Gator never, he never hit me, he’s never put his hands on me. – He put his hands around your throat. It just keeps gettin’ worse. I’m tellin’ you, listen to me. – To be honest, I mean, y’all
he didn’t hit me though, he didn’t hit me. – He hold himself back one time, but when that (bleep) gets intoxicated or whatever the case may be. – Candace, you’re saying that he put his hands around your neck? Like there’s no excuse for that no matter how you try to sugar coat it. – Can I tell you somethin’ from somebody who’s been through it? They put their hands on you once, they’ll keep doing it.
– They’ll do it again. – They’ll keep puttin’ their hands on you-
– It’ll get worse. – Candace should get out of it before it gets worse
because, it only gets worse. I mean, how would you
make an excuse for that? That’s puttin’ his hands on you. I been through that and I
tell you it only gets worse until they knock your ass out, and then you gotta crack in
your skull right here like I do. You don’t wanna go down that road, you’ll be trapped forever. – You have to (bleep) get out now before something worse happens
that’s what I’m telling you. – It’s completely unacceptable for man to put a hand on a woman. If he’s gonna show that like, y’all been together for how long? – Six months. – For six months, – What’s gonna happen in a year? – Exactly. – [Woman] Or ten?
– [Man] Or ten years. – I’m sorry but I’m gettin’ (bleep) mad. – [Announcer] It all starts tonight at nine, eight central on MTV.

100 Replies to “Maci Considers Calling the Cops on Ryan | Teen Mom OG | MTV”

  1. I understand that Ryan is a POS but posting stuff like that online doesn’t make Taylor any better. He benefits off of Macis name too

  2. What do you expect when you trash him online? No Ryan's not the greatest and his response was over the top but you dont go trashing him on social media. I never trash my baby daddy on social media for everyone to see and would never let my partner do it.

  3. Why is he even picking on Ryan to begin with? Didn’t he just get out of rehab? He obviously has issues but publicly humiliating him is wrong

  4. I wouldn’t put what Taylor put on social media… but BUT he should NEVER threatened him he should’ve texted him and ask to speak to him like a man but people do not do that nowadays

  5. Drama filled BS , teaching young kids what happens to teen moms , single mothers are trash so is the show. Geez the domestic violence drama scene is just promoting the violence.

  6. Production companies, instead of all these bullshit shows. Take the hundreds of millions of dollars and house our homeless Veterans!

  7. hes a fucking crack head he needs to be inmjail where he belongs hey ryan get off ur ass talk about jobless u cant even stay sober for one day and whos the deadbeat dad stfu ur a loser at least he has a dad and a mom u loser go to hell ryan u pos lowlife wannabehoodrat

  8. Sounds like Taylor was trying to start shit with Ryan. Not making excuses for Ryan's behavior but that is not the right approach to get someone to step up. Taylor bud, you were in the wrong too. You totally antagonized instead and did it behind a phone screen instead of speaking to him man to man. Both of you acted immature

  9. If you know he’s mentally unstable, why the hell would you provoke him? Talking shit on social media is total b.s. you’re talking about the father of a little boy who might see the shit you’re talking. I don’t agree with Ryan’s behavior, but I don’t agree with this crap either. I just don’t understand why people do things when they know there is a damn good chance it’s going to cause a domino effect!? Then shit hits the fan and nobody wants to take responsibility for their role.

  10. Ryan is the biggest piece of shit. I swear and I can’t stand Mac either. She’s a piece of shit to let her son be around Ryan and to have a baby with him shows how ignorant she really is. Heroin and other drugs effect sperm, I don’t know how he was even able to produce any “good sperm” makes me sick to see women that will chose to be with men like Ryan. It’s pathetic. Are you that desperate?? Well Mac probably is, that women is ugly as hell inside and out.

  11. Imagine how Bentley feels hearing his mom and step dad constantly talking shit about his dad on the show. Get a new storyline already.

  12. I hate the new girls. Not personally but everything is off and it doesn't even feel like Teen Mom anymore. Its not the Teen Mom we all want. I'm done watching. Its ruined.

  13. How did he expect Ryan to react ?!? This guy is a pussy – don't tweet shit if you can't handle the repercussion 😑

  14. Ryan is crazy as hell for making threats where his son is at but Taylor shouldn’t have tweeted that. That was petty and childish af

  15. IDK but if I was Taylor I would be tired of there bullshit sitting on the sideline watching some one be lazy n not doing nothing on top of getting the opportunity to do something for urself n make something from this blessing would piss me off cuz that makes her n Taylor have to pay for everything n pick up the slack as her husband I've would have went off too it's been too damn long

  16. Wow. These comments that are somehow comparing Taylor's tweet and Ryan's death threats are pretty gross. People are allowed to have feelings and express them however they choose without having to worry about them and their children being killed for it. The tweet shouldn't even be a topic because there is no world where what Ryan did is justified. Ryan and Mack literally go to every news site that will give him drug money to shit on Maci and Taylor, but when Taylor responds (which is what the tweet was, him responding to something Ryan said publicly) to defend himself and his wife it justifies death threats? GTFOH. Most people are only gonna let someone go around and shit talk them daily and to everyone before you feel you have to respond and defend yourself. If you follow Maci or Taylor on social media you'll know that they RARELY respond to anything but Ryan and Mack are constantly talking about them and blaming Maci for his drug addiction and his poor choices every chance they get.

  17. How is Ryan doing now. is he in jail now also was he really gonna shoot Taylor. why what happened to make him say that and did Taylor really say that on twitter. I feel bad for Maci and Bentley

  18. Taylor is just tired of the shit. He loves Benny I think when you love your step kid and there real parents are shit you probably get tired of holding you tongue

  19. Who cares what Taylor wrote on his own social media. He’s right. Ryan’s parents and wife all baby him. Plus how many times have Ryan and Mackenzie dissed Maci?? Ryan should be happy that Bentley has a strong role model as Taylor in his life. By the way Maci doesn’t use Ryan as a storyline. He will always be talked about because that’s Bentley’s father.

    Taylor need to stop being childish and tweeting airing out dirty laundry… Posting about another man on social media then prepare for the repercussions don't act like a little pussy now.. you're the one that wants to run your mouth on the net and now you scared it was that big man?

  21. I've seen MacKenzie & Ryan trash talk Maci & Taylor on social media & TM. Those 2 unemployed losers need jobs so they won't have energy & time to bash ppl. Taylor was sick of the disrespect & finally responded. Ryan gets away with BS & hates ppl calling him out. For those saying Taylor should've called Ryan instead of posting to social media, did you apply the same logic to MacKenzie & Ryan? MacKenzie & Ryan have done this for a long time. Some ppl don't tolerate disrespect forever.

  22. WHY DO THESE TWO ALWAYS STAGE THEIR CONVERSATIONS?! You can always tell they’re not being genuine in their reactions. Same with the “pregnancy test” scene. These two are starting to become my least favorite couple.

  23. Taylor was petty 💅🏾 but Ryan is bat shit crazy😒 peep this for reviews of this season 🧚🏾‍♀️

  24. U can tell when they Force some type of "drama" …or issue…or…..faked story line. …. Gets on my nerves.m… Maci acts like she's Superior or better then other's. …. she's annoying

  25. Ryan put himself in this position another man is raising your kid because youre a useless cunt ryan and his parents should be excused from bentleys life forever get yourselves together your in no position to raise a child

  26. I'm thinking there's a reason Taylor wrote that. He seems pretty chill, so "someone" must of really pissed him off to have him post that.

  27. Ryan is a piece of shit. Wants to sit there and talk shit about the man that is there helping raise his child but you want to shoot him. I would call the cops and report it.

  28. They were both in the wrong there both grown ass adults. Taylor shouldn’t have posted that, but Ryan shouldn’t have threatened to kill him.

  29. I understand everyone is getting on Taylor but his been with Maci the entire way and I’m sure he can’t keep his mouth shut every time, honestly I’m glad he said something. He’s the man in all of this he should be allowed to put Ryan in his place when HE NEEDS to.

  30. Why is this show even still on air. When they were teenagers that was one thing but these are grown ass women and men. They aren’t teen moms anymore. End this freaking show

  31. Her story is so boring now. Like it’s just the same thing every time. She’s really trying to be interesting. After being filmed for 10 years it’s just getting so boring

  32. Ryan is way out of line for threatening anyone if they have children or not that should be reported I agree. BUT Taylor adding fuel to the fire by putting things online like that is childish and thoughtless he should of thought about his wife and children before saying anything because they know Ryan is a temperamental douche bag that will go off at the drop of a hat. Soooo that being said two wrongs don't make a right. Keep you're crap off social media! Ryan said he didn't wanna do the show anymore anyway sooooo why Is he still being relavent?

  33. Maci girl.. you're face looks like SHIT!!! 😳 With all that money you make you should really do something about already! 😑

  34. Then he shouldn't have set him off by publicly calling him down.
    I'm not saying Ryan's threats are ok. Because making threats involving shooting that's scary!!

  35. Doesn’t matter who says what. Ppl talk and it’s a free country idk why so many ppl get butt hurt over what someone says. But When you start making threats to the point u don’t even care about your own child’s safety then something is def wrong and it needs to be handled.

  36. For those saying Ryan is her story line, it’s not her fault Ryan is a POS and can’t give his life together so unfortunately MTV sees that and revolves it around Maci.

  37. What did Taylor tweet ??? Whatever it was it’s not worse than Ryan saying he’ll put a bullet in his head wtf 😳😳

  38. I give two and a half fucks aboutfloribama shore….. mtv needs to kick these old asses of the show especially Ryan he needs help asap

  39. Yes it seems like all they ever talk about is her ex I mean don't they have anything else to discuss every show that I've watched that they're in it that's all they talk about he has a problem he had he needs help but constantly putting him down doesn't help anybody and this last text or tweet whatever your husband did was way out of line you're just giving him ammunition to do what he did the guy is sick until he wants to get help he's not going to be able to get help but by you guys every episode that's all the to you talk about that's it

  40. This show is just creating fake drama now for views, you want to act mature but act childish with trying to shame someone who already has problems and provoke them. Its childish and stupid dont worry about what other people are doing or dont do worry about you and your life.

  41. Maci has to deal with alot of b.s from ryan and she isnt even with him i feel for her bad, she must sometimes just want him out of her life soo bad but they have Bentley together so she will always have to deal with it so her boy can she his dead beat dad. Poor maci Taylor n Bentley.

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