Madness! Judahite Brawling And Charged With Manslaughter After Gunshot Kills Her Fetus

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Petersburg Florida JMS Tampa Bay 12 want to give all under glowing praises to you how about you me outside by Hashem Akaka – double all the time elder pastas a great millstone who well sing I haunted the salutation to all your sensor but it says Constitution Richard sincerity and peace and blessings also be the order system in women and children that consisted of one third and peace and blessings to the confusion it faces in the four corners of the earth shuttle warm piece of less than me unto you all man this is basically going into how our women are the private of wisdom and how Esau is unfit to be a ruler he might grievious laws you know like here it is looking at this this article that I'm reading right now and all basically the woman you see on the screen right here her name is Marcia Jones now I'm not gonna read the whole article but I'm gonna tell you what the top or the top the title of the article is in this is from the New York Times it says Alabama Alabama woman who was shot while pregnant is charged and fetuses death I just think about that think about that she was pregnant she got shot and now she's being charged for the death of her baby now I'm gonna tell you why they said this because she was out there in the streets all right like running her mouth to some other woman well I'm gonna say lady a woman is a servant so she's out there bickering arguing and she got into fisticuffs so to say whatever the case may be did she got popped she got shot make a long story short Esau say well you survived but your baby died and because you could have prevented this we gonna charge you with that baby's death but lo and behold this is the same man that allowed women allowed women to murder their children another abort their child it just goes to show you man by the scriptures say all wickedness has brought a little – the wickedness of a woman and II saw that favor be shown to him though yet he would not understand righteousness in the kingdom of heaven all right so this is Isaiah chapter 3 verse 12 as for my people children are their oppressors and women rule over them all my people they which lead the cause deed to air and destroy the way of thy paths well that goes right back to the woman in America can remember America a mighty go okay there's also known as – mister be whore Babylon and the paths and the ways here in America they lead you off and to death leads you off to transgress okay like these laws they allow you women to murder your children but then here it is you get shot you lose your baby not they're gonna charge you for it these are same people who you go to court for who you go to court – against your men you know like I said we don't want to talk about the woman like that but this is hand in hand with he saw in the woman because we know that the women of our nation the majority those those are them who are part of two-thirds they eat sauce lap dog okay and as what it says children are their oppressors that's really going into Esau okay because even um even Joe referred to Esau as younger than him even though he was that he's the elders of Jacob it he saw you know job nine than a job now Joel 30 and one but now they they are younger than I had me in division whose fathers I would have this stage to have set with the dolls of my cloth it's talking about Esau for those of you who know all right this this whole shop is talking about Esau for one and famine they were solitary fleeing into the wilderness and former time desolate and waste Ramallah kind of first chapter okay they said oh we are destined we shall come back and build up the desolate places I'm sorry impoverished who cut up Mallos about a bushes in juniper for their meat they were driven forth from among men they cried after them as after a thief to dwell in the clefts other valleys and caves of the earth and in the rocks their true caveman living in the mountains man among the bushes they breathe like a donkey you know honey hee ha ha they were brain like animals under the nettles they were gathered together they were children of fools Jade children of basemen they were violent than the earth so now we're so warm a curtain that Isaiah three this is the listen this is the side that we live in here right now women rule over us because what it says in Jeremiah the Lord shall create a new thinking or 4/1 Mushaf surpass a man all right and what was the prime example of that because they have the authority over your child and you put your seed in huh I mean I don't hit me out if a woman gets pregnant and you tell her listen I want to keep my child let's make this work out don't you know she has the authority to abort your child to kill your child but who gives her the authority to do that Esau Edom indeed when they start to abolish it women read read anyway you can't tell me what to do a mother at the same time though it took two to tango so to two individuals to create that child but no man the man gets no say in it she can taste you can abort your child that's how she surpassed you then on top of that let's say you what you shouldn't do it it's not right you shouldn't do it let's say old man wants to tell well you know what I'm not I'm not said I don't you know maybe maybe you should get an abortion which we don't condone that we don't condone it the Lord said to be fruitful multiply she'll tell you no I'm keeping it I didn't put you on child support we just want to speak on this because what's the name Rae Carruth he tried to murder his woman was pregnant because he knew what she was gonna put him on child support and get that money okay but this is but this is what I'm talking about this is Esau Edom ruling okay I didn't put a woman above us but then here it is you were getting shot in the back and I mean that figuratively because you take an e struggle yo and here it is let's say she decided to go get an abortion oh they'll allow her to but because she was out there ranting and raving in the street and she got popped or shot and I she gonna get charged for the murder of her child call a lawyer how about sue me I was shot I see how the tables turn man and now even in this article I thought somebody said that they said this is how motherfucking grew up a little boy he said soon after Miss Jones soon after the arrest of Miss Jones who was black she's not black she's a Judah hi more or less abortion rights groups came to her defense site in the case as an example of the harsh treatment of people of color Israelites in the criminalization of pregnancy and other cases women have been charged for drug using during pregnancy or a car accident that resulted in a death of a fetus man so the Lord is really that's really the Lord bringing judgment amongst you people I mean you women first reformers right here my name is Marcia Jones all right this is how people especially women of color Israelites are already being punished and having their pregnancies criminalized the National Abortion Federation a professional association of abortion providers said in a statement and the problem and and this is what I say to man you know that says more women in our heart men you know I'm a man too I like women but I'm picky whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo I live with I do it because I know it's two things that can happen I can't have catches something from this woman or two I can end up having an 18-year contract with a woman that I absolutely have no emotional no spiritual no mental connection we're only physical that's dead that's come best in recipe for disaster you know but you know naturally we attracted to women so man we're gonna do our things but hey you got to be careful who you dinner with cuz the situations like this man come up you know let me get back to home Isaiah and Isaiah 10 real quick cuz she he saw allows the women to abort their children but then now you get into a scuffle it's just beautiful man the times that we live in it it's getting bad it's getting a little rough but the time we're living in the most hardest showing absolutely judgment when you least expect it Isaiah ten-in-one war to them that decree on righteous decrees and their right grievousness which they have prescribed they go about to what having abortions man that was a greevey that's to the Lord is various like what I take it like over I think they said like one year right was like 40 million abortions I forgot what year there was you know IIIi didn't get the update on it but man millions millions of Jake's being aborted oh she went to keep her body tight matter fell well that bitch name is Jackson if I'm not mistaken she wasn't pregnant by Floyd Mayweather Floyd moneymaking Mayweather he got money he gotta worry about you or your child well you know what she want to be she want to be a ho she got that baby a border walker once you had that baby that's it you your body gets rent you get torn you know you mean you can keep it so foot but they don't like that but that's but so you don't think that was Grievous to him damn bitch you hope you killed my baby but what allowed her to kill that baby he saw right in the crease where women were able to abort you know he saw is not fit to be a king he says not fit to be a ruler did this this is the youngster who's oppressing us hey like Esau was crying when he sold us how you gonna sell your birthright then BOOM Crider Isaac well that's you man that's you all day man this this is this is insane and she was out there you prayed and had to fight it man the most I showed judgment amongst among amongst her let me get a job dirty knife I'm not mistaken I'm a closeout ain't gonna make a tour I just want to speak on the massage showing some judgment 39:13 game is doubt the goodly wings unto the peacocks will wings and feathers unto the ostrich which leadeth her eggs in the earth and one of them in dust okay could that would they do they lay their eggs in the earth ostriches now forget of that the foot may crush them or that the wild beasts may break them and I think about this that's just like her having her baby in her stomach and you are held in industry thinking is about you trying to fight somebody about God knows what and the beast of a woman that shot her whoever shot her you guess what happened she lost the baby and guess what not she lost some freedom to they may charge her I don't know they're gonna talk about manslaughter whatever I read it but yo the most high is not playing all right she's just like that ostrich how you gonna forget you pregnant you know you pregnant acting goofy and verse 16 she is hardened against her young ones as though they were not hers her labor is in vain without fear because you how I have deprived her of wisdom neither have heed imparted to her understanding like what was the wisdom in that you know you pregnant so you shouldn't be frightened the knowledge is knowing you're pregnant the wisdom is to apply it you shouldn't fight why cuz you understand if you do you can possibly harm your child what did she do what she knew she was pregnant did she apply it no said I wasn't wise and now she understands she lost her baby and not she finna go to Joe now why the Lord said the woman is still weaker vessel and to do with them according to knowledge man women need a leader they need a hedge well guess who the leader is Esau eat them and this is it this is the outcome of things like that you know especially the own predicament the way that women and see the reason why I will not the way they are the majority is because we are out of power Esau allows and narky and mayhem but when we get back on the power they can be on the hush-hush – alright they're gonna be like the lady you're on coming to America whatever you want my lord all right you're gonna be right back in power but until then the most are gonna keep showing judgment on these on the women of our nation and also that he saw eat them I just pray that the elect and the one-third that you know the most I have mercy upon us all but nonetheless I pray you edify I want to give all on the glowing praise to you how about she now is shy about Scirocco – that wants tomato pasta great minister who well all right sing honest I was singing honest I'd say story sensor brothers be some list of the weren't there answer the confusion of faces like I always say ask for forgiveness pray without ceasing stay humble we Dylan's here alright with that being said kamiesh Allah or flyball shallow

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