Madonna wants the Pope to know that Jesus supports abortion

all right y'all all right y'all this is Maurice joking um I am here once again once again my friend I am here so just show you some some some dumb stuff I'm just going to show you this man because every day it gets stupid and getting more stupid every day you know I'm not gonna play not being much I've everything I just want to show you this this hideous stuff it's ugly stuff right here and I'm gonna give enough people to come up on here right now cuz I'm trying to give you at least ten minutes of my time if that's okay I'm not gonna give you many times with my time you know I want my time because sometimes it don't take all that so we're gonna get everybody enough time to come on here right now and I'm gonna I'm speaking to you too – so we got YouTube and Facebook of right here and so uh you can't make this up y'all Madonna wants the Pope to know that Jesus support abortion hmm want the Pope to know that Jesus supportive Russian okay okay can't make this up it's like these people want to write their own Bible they want to try to rewrite the Bible didn't want to justify murder justify kill it and you can't justify no killing it's totally impossible see there's nothing impossible without price but this is impossible with Satan it's impossible she went with Christ we can overcome every obstacle and look at these are obstacles they are throwing on our children Madonna wants the Pope to know that Jesus of what abortion man look a bit business it isn't right here look at this we're right here unless you I don't wanna get too much or a copyright strike but I'm gonna let y'all see a little bit of this we did what Jesus would do with us devout Catholic Madonna has off the showcase mixture over think always feel some kind of no now you want to read the rest of it how much time to see this but look at this I'm just gonna read it down – yeah I'm gonna read it now – yeah look at this my god ah look at this show Madonna wants a meeting with Pope to tell Jesus then tell him that Jesus will support abortion Wow that Jesus so Jesus was walking around in his earth right now I'll Lord and Savior you know if he's walk around her if he'd be like okay go get it abortion go get an abortion Jesus said in the Bible right see the Bible doesn't contradict he said let the children come and hinder do not let the children come you know so what are you doing Madonna that's not letting the children come that's not that you you are hindering the children you are hindered and sugar from their blessing you have hidden and hindering that children from multiplying for being fruit form at the plant you've been handed in their children that's that that's what you are doing you are trying to stop trying to popularise the the earth that's what you're doing and you two are before look I said this that's right we're right here look I'm gonna rewrite that the 60-year old Queen of Pop who grew up Catholic what one way see I'm not gonna shut up Freddie call me a captive Foley who grew up Catholic she wants to change she wants to change the basis stands on a reproductive rights I mean you can't make this up let's talk about Jesus point of view about women let's talk about it see it Madonna during an interview Tuesday will destroy and talk show host Denson look at it under there depicting a victim McDowell made that but a cynic down Madonna failed a rape by New York Times profile she considers sexes there you go there we go see the sexes gender for women they go with the titles right there consider sexist that's what they do that's what they're about and when Madonna said right here is don't think Jesus would agree that a woman has a right to choose what they do with her body said pop star who was wearing an eyepatch to promote her new madam X album look madam X okay I think that Pope Francis will be open to having a conversation with me she told that of course he'd be open to have it let me stop this let me stop this just look at this I mean a conversation perhaps but a change of heart would be a stretch for the Holy See look at this look at this you need to change your heart your heart believe abortion it's not murder you need to change our you need to accent gob to create Union like right thank David see it you guys got to create your clean heart you knew you're a right spirit and and beg the low Act the Lord do not take your people take your presence away from me because your heart is hardened understand just look at the kid all this just look at all this I wouldn't plan on being here very long with you I just want you to see enough and I won't shout to research this and look it up look what's going on cuz I'm gonna play in the band with Jeff for a few minutes and uh who or not think I said what I had to say it cuz the feather don't take all that and I just want to show you this because this is only the beginning I'm gonna understand look at this I said and why me Madonna she wants to expand abortion rights then at the bottom the anti-trump singer declared in a sneak peak of a new single a new single God control God control earlier this week the girls need to be made illegal hmm look at this y'all look at this look at this look at this you can't make it up and I'm not making it up I'm a new conspiracy theorist I'm just a a truth seeker I'm just a truth teller because I seek the truth so I feel I don't seek lies he was seeking lies that's what Hollywood is about seeking life because there Lyle iris okay all right I'm going I just want people to see this just look at this this is this is not right look at this hmm make sure everybody shared it because their shadow been in this video okay much love YouTube and Facebook okay I'll see y'all around I'm done

32 Replies to “Madonna wants the Pope to know that Jesus supports abortion”

  1. This has nothing to do with Catholicism. Catholics all over social media & ones I personally know are furious abt her saying this. Since when has 'Madonna' ever represented Christianity? Behaved like a Christian? Common sense here, she's obviously no Christian.

    Most Catholics are against this Pope. Priests, Deacons, Bishops & Cardinals along with most of us regular Catholics are calling for his resignation bc he's a heretic. He's what we call an Anti-Pope which means he's illegitimate, in opposition of the Bible, enemy of Christianity. We haven't had an Anti-Pope since 1429 with Clement VIII. Go figure it's happening in these evil times we live in now.

    Too many ppl on this channel are very confused abt Catholicism. I volunteer to call in & all of you can ask me anything you want abt Catholicism. I have yrs of education in Catholicism. I don't know everything like a Priest knows but for a lay person, I know quite a bit.

  2. If you look at that picture of her face, she looks more like a Disney Witch than a good intentioned person.

  3. This Pope is a fake Pope. He needs to be removed by any means necessary. I cringe when I see what people say to him when he tweets because they think he’s the real Pope. This fraud is a pedo and lots of pedos have infiltrated the Catholic Church.

  4. Madonna is a devil because she probably support Margaret Sanger who created planned parenthood to exterminated the black community. Knowledge is power my brother Mo!!!!

  5. Evil nonsense like this is the reason why I've always called her Ma-WHORE-a! This Heffa is just nasty and evil!
    And she was wearing an eyepatch?
    Pirates need to sue her for cultural appropriation 🤨

  6. because her name is Madonna and her kid is named lourdes grandma hoho can tell popey what JESUS thought and felt and wanted and supported shes just an old nutcase trying desperately to stay in the spotlight and stay relevant besides popey forgives baby killers now he thinks its cool !! kinda like pedophilia ……

  7. Not your body idiot. Want to cut of your arm? Go ahead. Baby within the womb: a separate individual. End that life it's murder. Again: thou shalt not kill. These people enrage me

  8. She knows nothing of Jesus Christ. This is demonic. In those DNC emails, Hillary's lawyer, Cheryl Mills emails Hillary about sacrificing a chicken in her backyard to Moloch. Anyone can go read it for themselves. Abortion is their sacrifice to Moloch, to Baal.

  9. WTF! These idiots keep saying that Jesus supports abortion. What ten commandments are the looking at? Thou shalt not kill. Not a bit ambiguous. She is truly a demon.

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