11 Replies to “Malignant Gestational Trophoblastic Disease – CRASH! Medical Review Series”

  1. is the grapelike mass on U/S the same as the snowstorm appearance referred to in text books? …. i'm in Africa, we have no snow storms here 😉

  2. My sister has been battling GTD/ Choriocarcinoma/Placental Trophoblastic for years and now they are saying it has metastasized throughout her pelvis, a lung, her cheek and possibly her brain. Recently she has begun vomiting blood. Within the past two weeks she has had such a rapid decline in health, that the doctor's are almost giving up on her. Please enlighten me as to how she can have been under the care of multiple medical professionals for this issue for years, is classified as stage 4, but has had no recent chemo regiment allowing for this gross metastasis.

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