48 Replies to “Mama Cat's Reaction to Newborn Puppy”

  1. You dont take a healthy dog away from its mother and give it to a cat. You dont dress out the mother dog like that. Not for views. Its cruel!

  2. Well if she isn't the best sweetest mama cat!! She just took him right in and started nursing him or her!!! May God bless that mama cat she deserves the life of a queen!!! I love her ❤️❤️❤️✝️🙏🐾🐾😃

  3. That's great. But time to spay mom and when old enough all the babies…no more kittens. You are adding to the cat overpopulation and taking homes away from.shelter cats and cats on the streets, homeless…but they are adorable…I rescue cats so I know the feeling…

  4. Spay & neuter your animals, FFS! BECAUSE, the FACT IS that many of these adorable puppies & kittens will, statistically, end up eventually being surrendered to animal pounds & shelters, & in ALL likelihood, ultimately, some WILL be euthanized when they, for example: grow past prime, babyhood cuteness, need to be "fixed*," =are neglected,* abused, become an inconvenience & an unwanted, extra expense for any future owners you MAY find for them!!

  5. This only works with mammals, and even then some mammals eat their own babies let alone another species

  6. I hope when you have a child the nurse grabs it and runs nxt door and gives it to the mum in nxt riom first before you get to hold it. Then maybe you will understand the confusion and stress you put your dog through for a silly yt video. Not impressed. Trust your instinct dont listen to a man telling you to put it in there.

  7. A clearly newborn puppy and you are giving it to a CAT…where is its mother? Why are you taking a newborn puppy away from its mother and giving it to a cat? This isn't cute. You re being cruel to the pup and its mother…many people have asked repeatedly "where is the mom?" and you haven't bothered to reply to them so I'm assuming that the mom is in the house (since the baby is still wet) and you just decided to be assholes and instead of letting the puppy alone to be with mom so she could care for it you decided to give it to a cat instead. RUDE. You shouldnt snatch up a newborn animal and give it to another animal just to make a stupid video…shame on you

  8. Maybe we should let cats raise black babies since they dont have parents that give a shit about them. Cats dont get welfare checks.

  9. Cats tend to adopt baby animals that arent biologically theirs if they had a recent litter. So this cat could adopt that puppy if you let him stay long enough.

  10. Wish we’re all like this!!! Loving, accepting, non-discriminating and nonjudgmental!!! How can our hearts be untainted again??!!!

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