Man arrested in Kitale while conducting an abortion in a private clinic

we found we found someone who purports to be a nurse actually conducting an abortion and we managed to seize him and they the instruments that he was using we have now closed this facility and we we have called the we we have actually arrested and we as we are going to take them to the police station he purports to have graduated from kmtc catalá having done a registered nurse course and he did his final exams in March this year that is what he is telling us but he has not been employed by what he's telling us he qualified from came to see here but now we have we have to confirm we have to see the purpose we have to confirm everything but the way is is drunk so we can't even trust what he's telling us we are going out crack down on illegal outlets both all health facilities clinics pharmacies and hospitals private and public we are carrying out these exercises to ensure that services that are being offered to the people are safe and of quality so we are still around we have done quite a lot we have some people we have already arrested they have a patent code and this morning we pumped into this guy as you have seen the guys drunk and he happens to be a student actually not qualified to be doing whatever he was doing so we have arrested him and we shall be renewing Hatsune and then we've made arrests and in some cases where the culprit is run away we do total sisha we seize everything if it's a chemist we take all the drugs and we poke them so Risa we are closing all the illegal facilities using either means either we take them to court or we seize all the commodities if they run away was most of them had they have information that we are round so they happen to be monitoring our movements and running away so where they run away we carry all the drugs and all the items they are using those illegal clinics and chemists it is a laboratory it is not a clinic but right inside there is a clinic so I want to assure you the disk laboratory inside this clinic was closed aloysha so it was not operational and even there was nobody but now they are purported to use a laboratory as a clinic but right inside there there is a clinic so we need to separate a clinic from the laboratory

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