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You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Mason v. Malone.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Mr. Mason. You previously
appeared in court when you proved that
the defendant’s
one-year-old daughter was not your child. You now here questioning
the paternity of the defendant’s
five-month old son, Ace. You previously received results
from a prenatal paternity test which stated you
are the father. You are here petitioning
the court to re-open your case and order a paternity test
now that Ace is born. Ms. Malone, you claim
to be certain that
the plaintiff is Ace’s dad and plan to prove it today.
Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. So, Mr. Mason,
tell me why you are here for the second time
again in court? I’m here for the
second time, Your Honor, because I feel like,
still, that Ace
is not my child. I feel like that’s
impossible to get a DNA for a child
that’s unborn just from a swab
of the mother. I guess that’s the only way
I’m still acting the way I am
toward him. Well, you don’t get the DNA
of the child that’s born just from a swab
of the mother. Do you understand what
a prenatal test is? Not for real, Your Honor. JUDGE LAUREN: Okay. All right, look. I’m listening to your case, because I want to understand
why you don’t believe
the results. So I ordered a new
paternity test
just for you. So you believe that
the mother was swabbed, and it’s impossible to tell
the DNA or the paternity
of an unborn child. CLARENCE: Yes, Your Honor. What other reason do you have? Every time I held Ace,
it’s like, all he did was just cry.
And there was just
no connection. LAQUISHA:
That’s what a baby does. They cry when they first… CLARENCE: There was
just no connection. Even when I look at Ace,
I still see… I don’t see me. So what part
of this situation relates to the fact that you
don’t believe the
prenatal testing results? Now he think, Mr. Haynes,
my fiance, is… the dad of Ace. CLARENCE: I believe… Oh, you believe Mr. Haynes
is Ace’s biological father. Yes, Your Honor,
I believe Mr. Haynes
is the father. JUDGE LAUREN: Why? Because when I’m
over there visiting my other kids with Ms. Malone, She’ll, she’ll… He feels like that
they get a bond. Ace’d be crying,
and first person she’ll
give them to is Mr. Haynes. She’d be like,
“Go to your daddy.” If I was Ace’s father,
she would hand Ace to me. LAQUISHA: And the reason
of that being… She’ll hand him to Mr. Haynes. The reason of that being, Your Honor, is… It’s like she doesn’t
even want me to be a part of his life. we got into an argument
over the phone. (STAMMERING) These were
his exact words. “Ace is not my son,
I just gave him… “my middle and last name.” So this is after you all
left the courtroom. He said, “Ace is not my son. “I just gave him my
middle and last name.” LAQUISHA: Yes, Your Honor. I met Mr. Haynes
February 22nd, 2017. I don’t believe that,
Your Honor. She could have kept him
a secret or anything. LAQUISHA: No, no. Technically, I didn’t know her
when the time she had Ace
in her stomach. You didn’t even know her
when she was pregnant? COURTNEY: No. Never know anything
about each other. So you don’t believe that
to be true, Mr. Mason? No, ma’am. I feel like… Why don’t you believe it? Because if that was
the case, Your Honor, when I was in the hospital
when she gave birth to Ace, she had put my name
in the birth certificate. Removing my name off
the birth certificate to put Mr. Haynes name on it. LAQUISHA: Reason of that
being is, I asked him. JUDGE LAUREN:
So wait a minute now. She took your name
off the birth certificate? CLARENCE: Yes, Your Honor. And you put
Mr. Hayne’s name
on Ace’s birth… The same day after
I left out of the hospital, after she had already
put my name on the birth certificate. LAQUISHA: Your Honor… I left to go to work. JUDGE LAUREN: So hold on, I’m looking at this… Your Honor. JUDGE LAUREN: Hold on. Your Honor. I’m looking at your evidence
submitted to this court. LAQUISHA: Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAUREN:
Ace Marcus Mason. And father’s full name… Courtney Tyron Haynes. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) CLARENCE: You don’t put
a complete stranger’s name
on a birth certificate. So how is it you met
in February after Ace was born… Your Honor, he was not
on the real birth certificate. He’s not on the hospital. Like, they give you a piece
of paper in the hospital. And you have to fill
your information out on that. And so what is this
you submitted to the court? That’s just
the birth certificate
that the hospital gave me that I could take home. And on the back of that… Oh, that’s the
thing that comes… LAQUISHA:
…that’s what he signed. Oh. So, in the record,
he has no father. It’s nobody’s name on his
birth certificate, really. But if you’ve
already determined
that Mr. Mason is the biological father, then why would you put
somebody else’s name in that… He wasn’t acting like one. Mr. Haynes acted like more
of a father than Mr. Mason did. He was there. So you’re saying
it was a statement that this is the man
that’s acting like Ace’s real father. Yes, ma’am, and…
that and he act like
he didn’t want it. He act like he didn’t wanna
be on the birth certificate, so I was angry and hurt. And I can see you still
have tears in your eyes. You moved on with your life
but this still upsets you. LAQUISHA: Yes, Your Honor. And why does it
upset you so much? He’s still
dwelling on the past.
I know what I did. And I confessed
up to that. I owned up to it. And he’s still bringing
the past in. He just needs
to own up to Ace, be a father to Ace,
be in his life. CLARENCE: She has not,
lately, gave me
the chance at all. Hold on. Technically,
she has gave him
the chance. He never picked up Ace
whenever he came home. Whenever he came and visit,
it was always about
my two-year-old. Whenever he came over,
it’s always about
the toddler. Ever since she’s been
with Mr. Haynes, it’s always just been
about her and Mr. Haynes. LAQUISHA:
That’s how he feel. That’s all it’s been.
I’m always over there
visiting my kids. And the only reason
why he feels that way is because I moved on
and I’m not
with him anymore. And it’s always
just about them. You say you need to
come back to this court and you petitioned this court
to re-open this case. ‘Cause you said,
“I have no bond
with this baby. “I don’t believe in
the prenatal test. “I feel like Mr. Haynes was
in Ms. Malone’s life “before Ace was born.” CLARENCE: Yes, Your Honor. “And I believe he’s
the biological father.” Yes, Your Honor.
It’s something
I just need to know. Well, I gave you
the answer. But you’re still
standing here. Yes, Your Honor. Because he’s dwelling
on the past. That’s all it is with him.
It’s the past. What is it about the past
you can’t let go of,
Mr. Mason? Me and Ms. Malone,
we were together
for five years. And for five years,
I feel like it was
nothing but just… dishonesty. And it was more bad
than good. And it was on both
of our behalf. And so that’s why we
came the last time. It was not just me. CLARENCE: Because of
the same situation as
basically this time. Even when we was
in the hospital before, before Ace was even born, she was… she was sending
ultrasound pictures to another person. No, I was not, Your Honor. I do not recall that. You were sending pictures
to another person. LAQUISHA: I do not recall that. And this was before Ace
was born or after? CLARENCE: It was before. I just feel no
connection at all. No connection. Like the baby’s supposed
to talk back. JUDGE LAUREN: So when you went
back home with the baby, you just felt like
you felt absolutely
no connection. Yes, Your Honor. And that troubled you. A lot. And then the doubts you had
just kept building? CLARENCE: Yes, Your Honor. And what else was happening? Um, well, me and Ms. Malone, we had… we had went
our separate ways. JUDGE LAUREN: You did? Yes, Your Honor. Yes, Your Honor,
because when we got back, he cheated. CLARENCE: And when we
went our separate ways… …after we agreed that we was
not gonna dwell on the past. He still did it anyway. So I took your advice
and I left him. And now, I’m starting to… I didn’t necessarily cheat. JUDGE LAUREN: What was it? I didn’t cheat.
I didn’t cheat at all. He left me
for another woman. I didn’t leave her at all,
and I didn’t cheat. JUDGE LAUREN:
Before the baby was born? A stripper at that. It was… (LAUGHS) Yes, Your Honor. Did you leave her
for a stripper? No, Your Honor,
I did not. Yes, Your Honor, he did. He did, Your Honor. I had a friend that
I was talking to. He was… It was not a friend,
Your Honor, it was way more than
what he said it was. …with Ms. Malone, so I was just talking to her. One night… I was going through his phone. I came back and… One at a time. I was going through
his phone one night. I was wondering who
this woman was. She kept calling,
she kept calling. One night,
I caught him slipping. He left his phone
on the table, and she kept
calling that night. I picked up and asked
her who she was. So she asked me,
“Go ask your man.” JUDGE LAUREN: Oh, really? LAQUISHA: Yes, Your Honor,
she did. So, with no questions,
I packed his clothes, throw ’em down the stairs. He wakes up, asked me
what I’m doing. I told him he was cheating. And did he admit to it? LAQUISHA: He denied it. Like he is now. ‘Cause I was not
cheating at all. So, Mr. Mason, you’re here saying you
don’t trust the results when you’re the one that’s
not being trustworthy. I wasn’t cheating,
Your Honor, at all. I went to a friend
who I could talk to
about my situation. Because I can never go
to Ms. Malone and talk about my situation. JUDGE LAUREN: What was
your situation? It was about the whole
relationship situation
with Ms. Malone, about her past,
and all of those other stuff.
I couldn’t bring it to her, so I brought it to somebody
who can relate
and could understand. And like I told her, every time I see Ace,
I don’t see me. I see Mr. Haynes. LAQUISHA: And that’s only
because he does not… That’s only because
he doesn’t want to. Even if I wanted
to bond with Ace, Ace is always with Ms. Malone
and Mr. Haynes. LAQUISHA: Does nothing for you
to come take him and bond with your son. He’s the only one. She grabs the baby, Ace,
and she hands him
to Mr. Haynes. It’s like… He doesn’t cry. The only reason
why is that… because I’m more
of the father figure
for Ace. He wasn’t there
for Ace, I was. He’s not more
of a father figure to me. I feel like…
I feel like… he picks favorites also
out of all three
of the kids. I don’t pick favorites… No. (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Not at all, he… He love my kids. All three. All three. Okay, Mr. Haynes
doesn’t have kids. So when we get engaged, he see my kids as his own. Of course,
it’s a new thing to him trying to show all three
of my kids attention. Um, he’s fantastic
with it now. Since the baby’s so young
and you spend more time
with the baby, the baby is more comfortable and more attached than you. Because you are the consistent
father figure. But, Mr. Mason, you’re
interpreting this to be… “Well, we only had
the test done in vitro, “a prenatal test done. “Now that we back home, “You got Mr. Haynes listed
on this piece of paper
as the daddy. “Every time you say,
‘Go to your daddy,’ “you give the baby to him. “I don’t feel a bond
when I look at the baby. “Something’s wrong here.” That’s what you’ve
been feeling like? Yes, Your Honor. And Ace is five months old. CLARENCE: Yes, Your Honor. And as I sit up here
on this bench, it truly troubles me that this baby,
for five months, has gone without truly
the love and attention he deserves from
his biological father because of your disbelief,
your mistrust of the testing. This is the exact reason why we performed
a prenatal test. And so that when
this child was born, the question would
be answered, so that he could have
the love, affection, support and protection of his father. CLARENCE: But I tried… And that’s why
this courtroom exists. Let me be honest
with you, Mr. Mason. As a judge, as a woman, I practiced law
for over two decades. I have every reason
to throw this case out because you have not presented
any evidence here today that would suggest
something was wrong
with that prenatal test we’ve previously performed which determined
that you were the father. So, as a judge,
I should throw it out. But if you don’t
understand the process, I do understand how you
can’t trust the result. I don’t want you to leave
this courtroom with any
lingering doubt, So standing by
on the phone
is Dr. Baird. He is the Chief
Science Officer
at DNA Diagnostics, and he can further address
the validity of the earlier
DNA test. Dr. Baird,
are you there? DR. BAIRD:Yes.
Hello, Judge. I’m here.
Thank you so much
for joining us today, Doctor. Doctor, I have a question
concerning prenatal
paternity testing. Can you please explain
to the court and to our plaintiff how a prenatal test
is performed. DR. BAIRD:The non-invasive
prenatal paternity test
is performed using
a blood sample from
the pregnant mother.
In her blood sample,there is DNA from
the fetus that she carries.
We then take a look at
the DNA from the fetal sample
as present and compare it
to alleged father
to see whether or not
he is or is not the biological
father of that fetus.
Thank you so much
for your time, and for giving us that
very important information. Thank you. We did not
just swab Ms. Malone. And you may not understand
what that means, so I hope you understand
what this means. Jerome. Here you go,
Your Honor. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics. And they read as follows. “In the case of
Mason v. Malone…”
When it comes to
five-month old… Ace Marcus Mason… it has been determined
by this court… Mr. Mason… you… are the father… again. LAQUISHA:
There we go. So that’s your son.
You need to just start
taking care of your son. LAQUISHA:
Start bonding
with your son. …the same way I do
with the other two. The same way I do
with the other two. Okay, and I hold you to that. And I hold you to that. That means my name would have
to go on that birth certificate and his name’s
coming off, tomorrow. No problem. JUDGE LAUREN: Mr. Mason. I would say you wasted
my time today. But the truth is,
I don’t believe that. And that’s why
I heard you out. Because I could tell you
had worked yourself up into doubting this baby… over your own misunderstanding
of science and the law. And that’s why
I let this play out, because this is an
important lesson for you and for many people. Your lack of understanding… of the process which was
obviously performed correctly, like I already knew, has robbed Ace
of five months of love, care and bonding time
with his daddy. But I’m glad we got
the answer for Ace’s sake. And I hope you will be
the father you say you will be. We have counseling
and resources
if you need it. We are here for you. Court is adjourned.

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