Man reacts to seeing abortion for first time – “It’s a little baby … that’s murder”

oh man I've created it what do you think about that sir yeah yeah between these two babies that's that's over 50% of all babies that are aborted yeah what do you what do you think about abortion in general do you think it's really I mean you hear things but you really don't know what to see yeah that's that yeah yeah we've had enough former abortionist look in every single picture that we display and he signed an affidavit saying that all of the ages and the images that that he saw lined up with what he experienced as an abortionist performed over 1,200 abortions so these are completely authenticated the photographers who took them signed an affidavit saying that this was it were aborted babies with the gestational age is confirmed so this is you know this is absolutely authentic this is what it looks like what did you think about abortion before you saw this I didn't know I had no idea at that time of the baby you know develop like that but you know you really don't think about things like that I can't fathom you think it's just yeah yeah at the moment of swimming fusion once you get that the one-celled zygote at that moment all of the characteristics like personality traits are said hair color skin color eye color all of those are determined at that very moment and that's where we have a new individual so the interesting thing is and this is fascinating to me but every individual we see here today nothing has changed about them genetically or biologically other than the fact that they're more developed now so they're everything they look like now right now was determined at that very moment fertilization what's good to me I'm Sam howdy nice to meet you soon have a good day hey if you like the work we're doing on college campuses changing minds about abortion make sure you drop us a like on this video tell us what you think in the comments below and then subscribe to our Channel be sure to hit a notification bell join our movement to end ageism and end abortion

14 Replies to “Man reacts to seeing abortion for first time – “It’s a little baby … that’s murder””

  1. Not one woman, who has ever had an abortion, was happy about it. Years later, as they realize how childish they were, they always wonder what would have happened with that one child…

  2. I'm against abortions, but I think it's weird to go out in public and have nasty pictures like that. It grosses me out.

  3. I'm so impressed with the work that Created Equal does. They are always so polite yet uncompromising in their defense of the unborn. Well done, guys! Another one "converted" because of you.

  4. Please keep fighting for those who can't fight for themselves, especially against the people who should be fighting for their chance to thrive, mommy first, then daddy and finally their physician!

    This really is The Second Great Holocaust!

  5. It's absurd how LITTLE the schools are teaching about basic human development. I mean this is elementary and middle school science!

  6. This is why I read the Human Biology 15th Edition by Slvia S. Mader Chapter 17 to 18 to understand the development of a human being.
    I also read Human Biology Concepts and Current Issues 8th Edition by Michael D. Johnson Chapter 16 to compare the fact.
    And now I'm reading Human Embryology & Developmental Biology 5th Edition Bruce M. Carlson

  7. This video is raw and powerful! It still amazes me how many people still have no idea about the truth.

  8. Thank you for this video, it has really helped confirm that using victim photography is a good thing, I was unsure for a while, but this really shows it works to save babies

  9. Ive been commenting on videos telling people who are in denial that the baby have dreams and can feel pain and how around 10weeks it already look like a baby so Im calling it a baby and not a fetus just based on the pregnancy app Ive been using and I been telling people to download a pregnancy app to see for themselves. I didnt know theres actually reality pictures. Can I see what you guys are putting on public display, maybe next video in the beginning or end?

  10. You guys are fighting against the darkest aspect of western society, just as evil as any Nazi annihilation camp, Soviet Gulag, Killing Fields or Rwandan Genocide – especially because it is, like those death-factories, superficially justified to be in service of a greater good. Women's equality brings with it what's inherently part of individual liberty: Responsibility for those who you have power over – how you treat those, defines your character more than anything else you might accomplish in your life – rather everything else fades away in view of it. Thank you.

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