Man Thought Child Support Papers Were Fake (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Hanger v. Babbit.
Thank you, Jerome. Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Miss Hanger, you claim
the defendant has already
been placed on child support, for your daughter Khloe.And therefore, there is
no reason to administer
a paternity test.
Yes, Your Honor. You’ve dragged him to court,
to order he pay the support
he has been neglecting. Mr. Babbit, you’ve petitioned
the court to order a DNA test
because you are 100% certain that you are not
her child’s father. And claim to have proof
to support your case. (STAMMERING) Yes.
Yes, Your Honor. The court must decide if
there is enough evidence to
administer a paternity test. But first, Miss Hanger,
what has Mr. Babbit done
for your child? He’s done absolutely nothing
for her. He’s a spoiled, rotten, arrogant brat. Point blank,
he won’t even admit that she even looks like him,
when she’s identical to him. Oh, just because you
frame her up there and
put her next to my frame, that’s not actually
a DNA test you know?
I mean, that’s… MS. HANGER: Okay, you’ll…
You’ll get it don’t worry
about it. Mr. Babbit, you say
you’re certain you’re not. In all actuality.
I mean like…
No I don’t believe it. MS. HANGER: (CHUCKLES)
You’re blind dude.
You’re blind.
That’s point blank,
you’re blind.
MR. BABBIT:A medical,
a professional,
giving me the opinion
that you’re pregnant,
would’ve been good too. But I mean like… JUDGE LAKE: So wait a minute,
wait a minute, wait a minute. Just let me understand
this situation. I don’t know how you two
even ever had sex, the way you two are acting. I mean, goodness! How did you end up
on child support? Oh, I defaulted,
I suppose, as they say. Because, um,
I didn’t get served. They dropped papers off
on my porch, on my grandmother’s porch
and… No, I show the…
Seen the paperwork from them. A Jane Doe singed it
and that legally states that, you’ve received
this paperwork. It says that Jane Doe has. But they said
as long as somebody
signed for it saying that, you were gonna get it,
you were automatically… Did they say that? Or they just said they’re
dropping the paperwork off… No they showed me
the paperwork of somebody
signing it. Okay, so there was
no coincidence that after
they showed up on my porch… And then when I go get… So, did you get
the paperwork,
Mr. Babbit? MR. BABBIT: I got the
paperwork on my porch. Did I get paperwork
from any person? No. All right, so you got
paperwork on your porch
that said what? That there is
a paternity thing for… A DNA test for…
Whatever, Khloe. Khloe… Yeah. Did you show up
for the DNA test? No, I didn’t think
it was happening.
I couldn’t find it anywhere. Or I couldn’t get any info… I had wrote him previously
and told him, “Hey it’s coming up,
you need to show up there.” ‘Cause it was
a court-ordered one. So the bottom line is
that there was an attempt, to notify you and
you did get the paperwork
that said, “Show up for a DNA test,
as it relates to baby Khloe.” MR. BABBIT:I’ve also seen
paperwork saying
I want a free ipod,
that doesn’t mean it’s true.
I mean…
JUDGE LAKE:All right, you can
be a smart mouth if you want,
but you’re the one
on child support. JUDGE LAKE: Yes, ma’am.
What do you have? I have the proof showing
the paperwork stating
that he is on child support. JUDGE LAKE:
Let me see that, Jerome. So this is the paperwork
that shows thatyou are supposed to
pay $272.50 per month
in child support.
I actually never got
that paper, here’s the
paperwork I got.
It was to my restaurant.
And it was stated, it said, “You’re supposed to
be paying child support for “Khloe Hanger.”
Didn’t give a middle name. Didn’t give the social
security number.
On the birthday panel… They’re not going to give you
her social security… Why? If I’m the father. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Hanger,
I want to understand
what he is saying. Because I want to
understand, how a grown man
gets paperwork from a court that
he doesn’t honor. You felt like you were…
It was something fraudulent? Well yeah. If I would have
gotten a letter that had
a post marking on it, you know, that it
went through the mail, that would have made me feel
a whole lot better about it.
But I didn’t. That’s ’cause
they personally served you. They weren’t gonna put it
through the mail for you
to say, “Oh I lost it!
Or never received it.” Right, well because the mail
would just you know, register and actually be proof
of going and having a tracking
number and all that. MR. BABBIT: But that’s
beside the point, um… JUDGE LAKE: So, you got
the paperwork. Did it identify Ms. Hanger
as the mother? MR. BABBIT: Yes. And you did sleep
with her right? At some point? That is true. And so, if it had
her as the mother, and you had slept with her
at some point, you didn’t say to yourself,
“Well just in case, “this is real.
I should call about this. “This could be serious.
I could maybe have a child!” Just in case it was real,
I figured it’d be filled out,
so… So the bottom line is,
you just decided to disregard a paperwork that named
the father by default. And now you are
responsible for child support. If it’s my son or daughter. JUDGE LAKE: I’m sorry? If it’s my child,
I will be. You’re correct. Well no, you’re
responsible for it now
because you were named at… They gave him 30 days
after he did not show up
for this DNA test. They gave him 30 days
to appeal it and he never did. MR. BABBIT: I can still
appeal it. No you can’t. Not after that.
Your name’s on
her birth certificate now. MR. BABBIT:I didn’t sign it.JUDGE LAKE:Mr. Babbit.This has nothing to even do
with the birth certificate. This has to do with the fact, your failure to appear
caused you to be named
the father by default. Did I look
confused about that? JUDGE LAKE: No, you look
confused period! And you look like
you’ve got a smart mouth! And you think
you know too much, but what you
should’ve known, was
to bring your butt to court! Then you wouldn’t be here! MS. HANGER: Thank you! Now, you can get smart with me
if you want to. JUDGE LAKE: Let me
tell you something… I’m having fun! Let me tell you something,
Mr. Babbit. (CHUCKLES) You can get smart with me
if you want to.
You gonna loose every day of this week! I’ll give you a minute to
get yourself together. ‘Cause you’re not
gonna clown. ‘Cause there’s a baby here,
whose father is in question. JUDGE LAKE:And we’re gonna
get down to the bottom of it.
I’m doing you
a favor of trying to
understand your position. But every time
I ask you a question,
you’ve something smart to say. MR. BABBIT:
We’re not getting… Now hold on! Do not question, what I think you look like. I’m here to ask questions,
you are here to answer them. JUDGE LAKE: I’m here to
give you the answers to
questions you have, as it relates to paternity. Now, whether you have
animosity towards Ms. Hanger, or you feel like someone
tried to rail road you, that’s your personal feelings,
but what you’re not gonna do, is take them out on me. I’m sorry, I’m was just trying
to tell the truth. Yes, you are sorry! JUDGE LAKE: How did this
relationship begin? Was it committed?
Were you also sleeping
with other people? I met him through
my roommate. We had hung out
a couple of times. Played video games,
listened to music,
all that stuff. And then everything went on
from there. So the bottom line is,
you two were intimate… MS. HANGER: Yes. …at some point. Yes. Did you use protection? No. Never. JUDGE LAKE: All right. Mr. Babbit, do you think at the time
she was sleeping with you that she was also sleeping
with someone else? Yeah, the other roommate.
Yeah ’cause he
was super jealous when I first
showed up there… What made you believe
he was sleeping with her? He made a comment on
how when she gets mad, she walked around
lookin’ like a bulldog. And then the others say what? Wow! He said it!
You know what I mean? And then the other thing was
talking about the size of
her female anatomy. (STAMMERING) And it did
add up and he did… This is new to me.
I’ve never heard this. I don’t know how exactly
you can even… He said it in front of you. Let’s see,
how can we say this? There was an identifiable
piece of her anatomy,
and it was described. And when you had a
sexual relationship with her, that description
was confirmed, and so
you felt to yourself, they probably have been… Right, probably. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. When you
found out you were pregnant, you told Mr. Babbit? Because that was
the only person you
were sleeping with? Yes. I also had not slept
with anybody prior to him, for a year with
my ex-boyfriend. So you had never slept with
anybody else but Mr. Babbit
during that window of time? Well, you were sneaking out
in the middle of the night
doing something. I was not
sneaking out anywhere… You can’t crawl over me
and not wake me up. The only reason I got out of
bed was to go to the bathroom. Yes and you wouldn’t
come back for an hour! So you would be asleep, and then she would
climb out of the bed and
not come back for an hour? Yeah. I mean sometimes
30-40 minutes,
but it’s long… And that’s when
you thought she was
also with the roommate. (STAMMERING)
That’s pretty much, yeah.
I start piecing it together. He said this, but that
could’ve been a past
relationship thing. Maybe he was just
being jealous. But then,
her sneaking out… And it wasn’t exactly sneaking
out, but not coming back. It just kind of starts
building some questionable
situations. The only time I would
leave my bed when
he was asleep, was go to the bathroom
and come back. Okay. So, the court has
ordered a lie detector test. To determine if in fact
Ms. Hanger was sleeping
with the roommate. Um, and we will have
those results shortly. Moving on.
During the pregnancy, did you immediately say,
“That’s not my child.” Or did you participate? I was wanting to
get evidence of it,
like a pregnancy test. Now she did take a little…
I guess she took one, I never saw her take one. She presented me
with a pregnancy test
that was positive so I was like, for a dollar,
how about you just
go get another one so I know there’s not some
ghetto hood rat stuff going on and we can get this
worked out. MR. BABBIT: And she objected
to that. I did not object. I said we
didn’t have the money
to go get… It was a dollar.
The dollar was right there. I told him to go and get it
and he didn’t have any money,
I didn’t have any money. We were together for
three and a half months
in the house. JUDGE LAKE: So at this point
you’re not believing,
Mr. Babbit that she’s really
even pregnant, or you’re not believing
that the baby is yours? I didn’t even believe
she was pregnant. All right. I went to the doctor’s
appointment with her
to get the ultrasound done. We’re sitting there…
They’re doing this ultrasound. And the nurse is saying,
“Okay we’re going to
find that heartbeat.” And then the nurse is
going over her stomach. It wasn’t an ultrasound,
it was a fetal Doppler. Two different things. Well, anyway it’s supposed
to detect at six weeks, and you were seven and half
and the nurse told me “no” so
that was the medical fact. She said it was
too early to probably… MR. BABBIT: No. She did not. Next appointment
you took off to Florida. Wait let me get this. So when you were
at that appointment,
Mr. Babbit, and it was hard
for her to detect a heartbeat, you said, “Okay,
she’s not pregnant.” Yes. And then that’s why
you went on ahead
and went outta town, because in your mind
you were clear… Yeah. …there was no pregnancy. For one, I’m a bigger…
I’m a bigger lady. It is a little bit harder to detect things when you are a certain amount
of weeks pregnant. So, you were instructed
two weeks later to come back? Yes, and he left two days
before the next appointment. Wasn’t instructed on anything
while I was there. She may have been instructed,
but that evidence was
withheld from me too. Ms. Hanger,
when you had the baby, you were there by yourself,
Mr. Babbit was not there? MS. HANGER: No. JUDGE LAKE: All right. JUDGE LAKE:
Did you let him know?
I let him know,
I had to get induced.
You said, “It’s happening
tonight. Wait no I’m not. “No, tonight for real.” I got induced… And after a week of that… I got induced! Did you? A week before my due date. I was there for
12 and a half hours. They couldn’t get
my water to break,
so they sent me home. But I wrote him
that first inducement telling him I’m in
the hospital. And this is what
he proceeds to tell me. I have the evidence
of the letter right here. JUDGE LAKE:
Let me see that, Jerome. So you tell him, “I am in the hospital
and it’s really gonna
happen this time.”And you write…(JUDGE LAKE READING)Royce Babbit the defendant,
he writes back,
(JUDGE LAKE READING) (MR. BABBIT LAUGHING) And he also tried to tell me
that I stole a baby because I never proved
to him that I was pregnant. You know what I thought
could have happened as crazy as you are, you might have been
up there doing something
in the hospital, not pregnancy related. And saw a new kid and went
like, I will give you
10 bucks, let me take a picture
with the kid… Your kid,
so I can Facebook it. I’m in a hospital bed.
I had a caesarian. I had an emergency C-section
the second time I got induced. Up until this point from
the time you went to Florida, until the time
you had this baby you all weren’t speaking?
He wasn’t involved? No, we started semi-talking
on Facebook only and he had me come
pick him up in December, I’m 32 weeks pregnant, to come over to my house
to talk in person. The first time I had seen him
since he took off. He laid his head
on my stomach. He asked me what
I was naming her and stood
in the middle of her nursery. Yeah, I walked in there
and was like, “Hmm, I still
don’t hear heartbeat.” Why are you feeling
emotional Ms. Hanger?
What are you feeling? (CRYING) That my daughter has
to grow without her father
’cause I went through that. You brought a witness today. Give you a moment
to compose yourself. I’d like to hear from
your witness.
Sir, please stand. State your name, sir. Roy Babbit. Mr. Babbit, you are… Royce’s father. JUDGE LAKE: You’re
Mr. Babbit, Royce’s father. Correct. And you are standing
with the plaintiff… Because Khloe is
our granddaughter. He’ll take in
anybody’s kids. JUDGE LAKE:
You do believe that? Yes, I truly believe that. JUDGE LAKE:
And you brought evidence. Yes. I’d like to see that, sir.
What is it? It’s a picture of, uh… My baby picture with Khloe. This is a picture of… ROY: My baby picture. Of your baby picture
on the left. JUDGE LAKE:And Khloe’s
baby picture on the right.
Plus, plus, Khloe has so many
tendencies, looks and
mannerisms as Royce does that you know it’s… It’s really hard to know.
We’ve gone through this
with the first child and, uh, you know,
he needs to step up
to the plate. He’s got an older boy,
we’ve gone down
this road before. And he needs to… MR. BABBIT: The first thing,
to step up…
I’m with my wife… And here we are with Khloe… And my son. You know, he just needs to
step up to the plate and
take care of his children. All right. The court issued
a lie detector test. Mr. Babbit requested it
and we did so.
And we have those results. Jerome, may I have
the envelope please? This lie detector test
was issued in order to see, if in fact there is
enough evidenceto warrant this
court ordering a DNA test.
Ms. Hanger, you met with
a licensed polygraph expert
with 20 years of federal law enforcement
experience. You were asked, did you have
sexual intercourse
with your roommate, after March 2013. You said no. The lie detector indicated, deception. That can’t be…
No! Something’s not
right with this. I swear on everything. I did not touch my roommate. That is on my daughter,
that is on my family. There are notes in
the court papers,
I remember reading them, that referred to
a one night stand. Do you remember
this one night stand? Yeah, it was back in August.
Was I… Did I carry my daughter for
18 months pregnant? No! So… I did not. It was in August and he
was drunk and we didn’t even finish. All right. The court has
determined that there is
sufficient evidence to warrant a DNA test.
I am going to order
both of you to submit to that testing.
Return to this courtroom and we will have
the results.
Are we clear? Yes, we heard that. Court is adjourned. I swear on everything. We’re back in session
in the case of
Hanger v. Babbit.
Uh, you all have gone
and submitted to the
DNA testing, and we have
those results for you. Jerome. The envelope. Here you go. Thank you. Before I read these results, if either of you
have any words
you’d like to say, truth you’d like to tell… MR. BABBIT: A drumroll… No? All right.
These results were prepared by DNA Diagnostics
and they read
as follows. In the case of
Hanger v. Babbit,
when it comes to
17-month-old Khloe Hanger, it has been determined
by this court Mr. Royce Babbit you are her father. (CROWD CLAPPING) Oops, I guess. All I want is an apology,
Royce. Huh? All I want is an apology
for her. I don’t owe you
any apology. You owe me an apology
for denying her. C’mon, dude. It’s your child. I told you from day one. Yeah, it’s my child now, but it wasn’t then… It was then. All right, let’s not go
into this nonsense because it just
doesn’t matter anymore. It doesn’t. That was the past. Let’s just be honest.
This is a lesson
to women and men alike. When you engage
in activities that
produces children without using protection. You can end up
with a child
by a man that has this response. And now you gotta figure out
how to work together ’cause this little girl
needs you both. With that said we have
resources for you, counseling,
take advantage of it. Figure this thing out
for Khloe. I wish you
the best of luck.
Court is adjourned.

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