one of the most interesting things up is it this is something that we variously enough I ordered this a long time ago but I think we went on a trip and I could use it everyone has done this in their mom essentially Allie's always saying things like you know you'll never understand this is okay this is like I ain't great guy you'll never understand it was like to have a belly and do these things like clean get dressed just do everyday stuff go outside this 100 literally 100 degree weather in Florida so I got one of these things it's one of those pregnancy batteries you can add more liquid to it geez the weed there's a four pound weight so this right here already feels like heavier than the four pound weight how heavy is a baby usually our average pregnancy you know like for me they said you know we want you to gain anywhere from like it was like 17 to 25 pounds I think I'm right about like 22 oh my it's got the boots and everything way more than seven pounds easily it's not heavy this doesn't feel bad I just I think of course of like the day it's going to be a very interesting day guys very interesting day I don't know how long I'll be able to actually do this whole situation but I'm definitely very interested to go about my dad like this like trying to bend over to a really I couldn't shave my legs if I wanted to so what should be the first thing I do is start small play with the dogs outside or something no I got time sit down it's not fun I want to see if I can change Marley cuz I don't know what that thing is it's awkward and literally is all I can do how's the heat getting to you Oh hot when you bent down what it really like I couldn't like you literally have to kind of go like I think so cuz if you go like this your belly just gets all in the way he's been down there you know one of the hardest things for me is either putting on like it's funny only one side so my right shoe and my right sock and my right pant leg it really hard for me to put on especially I'm wearing tight pants getting dresses really yeah she has to change like 40 million times so I wanted to kind of feel how that like felt to try to get dressed obviously my pants are on you'll see why I'm not taking the pants off I don't like a play it's more about not fitting the shirt right about fitting I mean look are you uncomfortable are you on I think it's a combination of being pregnant and then this whole situation it's not just the fact that I'm trying to put this on when you see like pregnant lady they kind of always arch their back and to kind of do the small steps not even exaggerating I'm legit kind of going back like this you can't go in your stomach see it's just a reason like just it's not like unbearable well you're doing a two-second thing I know but I mean like I'm just saying like it's if he were to wear this for a solid week I think he would understand completely where I'm coming from he's taking it lightly because he's like oh it's not that bad well yeah cuz you're laying down a minute and a half shirt is riding up now I want you to try and sit yourself up somehow and scoot yourself down here to the bathroom yeah sure it's right out of that right everyone thinks I'm exaggerating either try this or try being pregnant watch drive in place try to be pregnant what a baby that's another thing putting on your socks and shoes is really hard for me your back looks so fun is it riding up looks like I tend to hunch over with my belly because you hug this way like like I just like like weird curve and it's not that I want to it's just like my body cuz I'm I'm trying to hold something back like I pushed my pelvis out almost feels like it's more relaxed that way and I feel like I have more control put on those socks and shoes so another thing I've noticed Ali has struggles with because I've actually helped her is putting on her her shoes in their socks what's interesting though is I've noticed that it's always her right foot and a right leg left is heart it's like it's hard work but this site is and I thought it was because I wasn't like stretched out and not like I'm not stretch stretching my body and stretching our muscles not that you know what that was easy there right for me is like a don't let this harder harder the left one it's not impossible but it's right this shouldn't be tired right yeah tying your shoes you're a little late on saving me what's reset guys let's reset when I bent over to like tie my shoes or put my pants on or anything like that it's awkward cuz you have to sing in front of you but it's also for me I can feel her up in my ribs and like her body cuz you know she was taking over my entire stomach there's a baby here do wow that one would hurt oh my god that one would hurt so bad so how was that like such a simple thing that you do every day is that wasn't it kind of offered that was a payment but want to be like you dude your pants now you should try and do that and see if that makes it awkward are you okay smile because you're going life tell me about your legs feel tired tired there definitely are not that I guess not to the autograph if you dream yeah roughly but I feel it like right here my heart's racing like that there's a lot heavier to go household tour that I tend to do right now because I'm like in that whole nesting mode sweeping mopping affected so it's like a writer grab a broom and that's not so difficult but it's just awkward and you get this motion right here you keep hitting right here and you keep in here so like you have to go like this and obviously this is a very big exaggeration otherwise kind of like this now I would normally sweep then it would go under the rug over here bring it I wouldn't got some dog for it so obviously we don't have a child yet everyone showering results to toys and Legos no no you have one I don't think it sound like that and you don't do that to a baby it's like you got a really high it did you gotta figure out how to be Chico sister yeah you gotta put that up I should do that next time back maybe okay steering wheel that's kind of rough that's how you do it isn't it it gets it like grab every they usually grab onto something well the best part is like when you get in you always go and this is how Ally usually gets in well usually right this is the important part now you have to have that but you can't have it on your belly under it it's gotta be under the belly it's not only this but then I got these things to do with all right that sucks I do not find any this is nice because you can make that's so not very over thank God this article is okay so what does it not say when it sneezes so I am now our I'm our like eight right now and I've got to say it's been pretty freakin miserable however this is the first time he's gonna actually be out in public with this thing on yeah it's really exciting yeah cuz I've just sent so high I've been 100 102 degrees I didn't want to do anything we had to wait so you're not really getting cool effects I'm not getting the full effect however it's still like 100 degrees and it's only eight o'clock one thing ally and I do do do do come on sled dog so I just for a little bit I need you on the gentle leader make it difficult for like catching a fish got mine so your dad our really feels here's the another thing Ally does she has weights on top of everything so she's got weights and dough I feel like right now cuz she's being a sled dog well you also don't have all three dogs alright we got another another car nobody wants to look me in the eye right now dog leash everyone's a burger eyes kind of getting out breath hi that's another thing summer babies have a summer mama's I should say having real rough I feel like if it was winter and beep I kind of nice to be insulated like a bear it was just saying to Charles how crazy it would be if you could actually remember what it was like to be in the womb like you could pass for a beer belly it didn't have the boobs are like kind of like the dead giveaway or something I'm doing that guy he's driving by and he almost missed his turn he was like he was gooseneck and do you decided to have questionable situation and I got on my hands people walk by and the buddy didn't even notice that he had anything on knew if they made it new color yeah maybe if they made it flesh I feel like if I wore a shirt they would just be like yeah he's a partier really like the lower back that were your back burgers and everything this girl like smiled as she drove by and they're like probably like 20 feet away here from her car all right so let me ask you this what was like your overall thought I'm having that on do you know some like standing like this still like I said I literally am I'm kidding this is like whatever I could take that off in a second so I think that's it's something any man husband girlfriend even yeah whatever you know significant other boyfriend should all try that for the opposite person who's pregnant I guarantee you have a whole new appreciation for the situation but do you like how you feel oh yeah I bet I do some days I feel bad to get it I totally get that I was your the bid did you rub my back now yeah I'll rub your back because I five years was pretty heavy I'm still standing I don't like that I'm still standing like that I feel like way down I always had a couple months to prep for her oh I've still breath um anyway I will see you guys later hope you guys have a great weekend and I hope you enjoyed today's video please like subscribe share this to a friend all the fun stuff you got it you know you understand how that works click the bell also click the bell guys that's a new thing that you have to start doing because youtube doesn't like subscription boxes very often so alright I'll see you guys later I'm gonna


  1. It is good that Char got a glimpse into being pregnant. Although they don't get the headaches, nausea, back pain, trying to get comfortable in your bed (wanting SO bad to sleep on your stomach but you can't). Char you just got more points on your man card. No actually You have reached the maximum number. 🙂 lmao MY husband ALWAYS tells me he is "glad he isn't a woman because of pregnancy, labor, and periods." LOL

  2. It's too bad that hormonal hot flashes couldn't be added to Charles, being pregnant for a day too. Especially with the heat being 105 degrees there in FL. Allie, have you experienced hot flashes at all during the last trimester of your pregnancy? I sure did, luckily for me though I experienced them in last trimester during winter time, yet still I suffered greatly. If you have them now, I really feel for you with that FL summer time heat! Charles, you are a good man, husband, and will be awesome at fatherhood. Big Hugs to you both, and baby too of course!

  3. As a husband and a father, I say every man should give this a try.
    Lots of respect to all mothers around the world!!!❤️

  4. I am seriously overweight (45kg over the normal weight) so i have a similar belly that i cannot detach, so i have a basic idea, but when my wife wife was pregnant i found out that the difficulty is far beyond the big heavy belly. The general discomfort a pregnant woman experiences is something i am glad i can't experience. So a lot of respect to you ladies!

  5. I was a winter mama… yes, i wasnt hot. but i was hyper aware of slipping on ice or snow lol.. i'm not graceful when i'm not pregnant.

  6. So I just gotta point out not sure how accurate that belly is my bellies during pregnancy were much bigger

  7. i have a july baby and a january baby… each has its benefits and downfalls… winter sickness and colds and not being able to take anything for it is the WORST! wish yas had a pool would make life a lot easier on allie.

  8. OMG dies I just laughed so hard mid chewing and swallowing a piece of chili cheese fry came out of my nose and my coughing fit made me start to pee myself…… I can't this is too much LMAO

  9. The more he says "it's not that bad" the more my eye twitches. 😂. Be pregnant for a whole 9 months, with your hormone going crazy, the baby doing flips and turns, in your ribs, pressing on your bladder and making your vagina hurt. Of course things won't be as bad, you're doing it for a day. Haha.

  10. With my 4th, she was sitting on my sciatic nerve so getting out of bed took me literally 15 min. Bionic man slow, major tears, and prayed I didn't sneeze. I was in constant pain but still managed to give my 3 other kids 100%…because that's what we mamas do. So buck up Charles! Lol And you're doing amazing Superwoman! One day baby girl will watch these and truly understand why you are her hero.

  11. Just imagine when an animal has to carry more than five babies in a pregnancy and give birth that many times in one time in labour? And we humans luckily only do it once..most times in a pregnancy.

  12. You know that thing where they hook up electrodes to your stomach and simulate giving birth?
    You could try that next if you have those things… lol

  13. Where can I get one? My daughter is due in sept and her husband would wear it all day and night. Lol

    Baby momma dance with char wearing it too.

    Oh oh you should do the belly cast. It’s fun and you have that memory. You can find someone to sand and paint and hang with a ribbon in her room or just put it in a bad and put it in the attic. I have mine from 25 yrs ago when I had my first one. And my other daughter is 17 and I have hers. It’s just cool to have it.

    Y’all are on my mind as the date is here already.

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