Managing a Miscarriage Misdiagnosis

and I want to bring into the conversation a good friend of ours also our supervising producer Shannon hunt who experienced this firsthand Shannon I I didn't know that you had gone through this none of us and tell us a little bit about your journey with that well it was my first pregnancy they ran an ultrasound and there was a gestational sac but no apparent embryo no heartbeat basically just looked like a little black dot on the screen like you have a fertilized ovum and you're probably very early on but in order to better determine the due date they said let's run HCG test a blood test to look at your hormones and I will never forget the call the doctor called me I was at work about to go on set for a show and he said I'm so sorry but your pregnancy is not viable your HCG levels are consistent with someone who is probably about three months pregnant and they're not increasing at the rate that they should and based on that and the ultrasound findings of no heartbeat no embryo you know there's not a baby here and there's not going to be I was devastated I this was a very wanted pregnancy I started crying it was really hard time but I thought okay yes rationally I can think through like a logical person there's no baby it's not developing there's not going to be anything here I should have a CNC to preserve my fertility and and reduce panic risk to me but my heart fell differently my heart felt like I'm ending a pregnancy that is very wanted and so I said to my husband and my doctor both of whom wanted me to have the DNC right away I just want to wait I just want to wait two weeks and so we waited about two two and a half weeks I went in for the scheduled DNC and I said I just I just want to see one more time and so he was wonderful and sensitive and agreed to do an ultrasound and he's doing it and there was just the tiniest Fleck of light and I said what is that what is that and he zoomed in and he turned on the audio and there is a heartbeat hello tell us what that little heartbeat so that heartbeat is now my 12 year old daughter Ryan so I mean you know your instinct your intuition yes it's not hard and fast science but there's an art to the practice of medicine as much as there is a science and again and there's always risks and and you know there's a risk of yes if it is a non-viable pregnancy and you miscarry of starting to hemorrhage and bleed at home but if it is a desired pregnancy and you have a plan in place if I start to bleed this is what I'll do I'm near this hospital etc etc and you can work with your doctor waiting and checking again is really the standard of care [Applause]

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  1. I am going through this now. Sac empty its measurements are 30mm and automatically diagnosed me with blighted ovum. My intuition says to wait two weeks and go to another doctor for another ultrasound

  2. This happened to me! I went in for a dating scan and they couldn't visualize the embryo. My period and HcG levels showed I should have been further along than what my scan showed. My midwife determined it was a non-viable pregnancy and recommended a D&C. Thankfully, as I was about to leave and schedule my surgery, she suggested I instead come back in a week to re-scan to be extra sure. That next week showed a healthy embryo with a strong heart! I had ovulated much later than we thought and had naturally higher than normal hormone levels. Thank God she double checked, my daughter is 4yrs old now.

  3. I am 7 weeks and 4 days pregnant without heartbeat and they said its empty sac. My doctor wanted to abort my baby since it can be harmful for me but my heart says "no". I wanted to wait.. i wanted to wait atleast 2 weeks..

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