Managing Anxiety After Childbirth

what anxious thoughts have you had post kids and what have they stopped you doing my anxious thought started when I was handed my baby for the first time as the first time dad and I just thought this little thing in my arms now is reliant on me for absolutely everything I think when I had a traumatic birth I was really anxious I felt sort of there was a dark cloud above me I just think about the baby being hurt especially the first six months of my first child well for me I kind of got mad thoughts I remember thinking that my house had been tapped by my mother-in-law when you're lying in bed knew so many things the wardrobes gonna fall on the cot like what if I drop the baby and what if that happens I'll always gonna swerve off the road and hit the buggy one of the bows went in the oven like that would ever happen it was tough even just going to the shops I did it but I felt terrible like when Donald Trump is doing stuff I think I tweeted it we have a day well give her a chance that's like when do I become that person did you get more anxious after having kids hell yes I did I I used to make fun of friends we'd had kids okay wow they're so paranoid I'm not gonna be like that I'm gonna be really relaxed when you're giving giving the baby for the first time you really redo truly get a sense of what anxiety is your primary concern is the life of someone else you are in charge of a small human who can't fend for themselves that's anxiety inducing right there I think you worried that you're not getting things right you worry about what might happen the little things that you know you take for granted but don't bother you something you're very hyper aware you don't want them hurt you do you want the best for them I used to worry when I used to go to work and just wonder if my missus was okay with him if she fell asleep and if he rolled off the sofa or something I didn't want to leave with anyone I felt like everyone was gonna steal her from me and no one could look after her the way that I did yeah I am any tips for overcoming your anxiety Prosecco Prosecco works Paseka helps do you have to just get on with it any task that you come across that you're not too sure about just give it a go not to panic so much and make mistakes I think parents all about making mistakes and learning from them and also being kind to yourself and reaching out talking to someone just talking about anxiety to Naturalizer if you guys then talk about how you feel you're not going to know how you feel and then you can't get over any other anxieties that you do have that that rush of like oh this is gonna happen and this is gonna happen and I'm not gonna be able to deal with it just breathing is really really important yoga has been a complete lifesaver for me it's something you can even do from like your desk or your sofa meditation go into a toilet and just shut your eyes and breathe deeply for a minute taking a minute just to stop and take a deep breath and having a glass of wine morning

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