Maria Kanellis becomes 24/7 Champion: Raw, July 29, 2019

[CROSSTALK] [NOISE]>>I need to see my husband, I have to see my husband!>>I’m out of here.>>Michael, you let me in.>>Go away!>>Michael Kanellis,
you let me in right now.>>Who is it?>>It’s your wife, Maria!>>How do I know it’s my wife?, how do I know it’s not Carmella
pretending to be my wife?>>Because if you don’t let me in right
now, I’m gonna knock down this door and kick you in your vagina. [APPLAUSE] [SOUND]>>I won this for us>>You did what, Get down on your back.>>What do you mean?>>[LAUGH] I said get down on
your back like you usually do, referee, referee, come on over, come on.>>Baby, what are you doing,
>>I’m pinning you, so my unborn child has a champion
as a parent, get down. Ref get into position, come on. Now, ref count, come on, get down, count.>>All right, one, two, three.>>[LAUGH] I’m the champ,
I’m the champ, raise my hand!>>Winner!>>[LAUGH] First ever pregnant champion, I’m the champ, I’m the champ,
open the door, come on, first ever pregnant champion,
first ever pregnant champ. Titus look at you,
the first 24/7 champion, now what would you do to
become two time champ, would your wrestle a pregnant lady, [LAUGH] I didn’t think so,
pregnant champ, guys, pregnant champ Just so you all know, this week, on Thursday,
I’ll be at my OB-GYN appointment, so if anybody wants to try and come pin
me while my feet are up in the stirrups, you can come around for that, no,
pregnant champ, guys, pregnant champ.

100 Replies to “Maria Kanellis becomes 24/7 Champion: Raw, July 29, 2019”

  1. This has to be the worst thing ever. She is annoying asf. They are wasting this man's talent. Be nice if she gets clothesline tho

  2. at this point the only way for someone to get that title is when she gives birth r truth is going to be the doctor and take it back

  3. Maria really annoys me like why embarrass your husband on national tv. I get her being pregnant and the hormones and all but she takes it too far.

  4. Leave it to a girl to ruin EVERYTHING…..when something is dying or dead, look for the cute chick that is getting her way again

  5. Now that wwe creative see the comments saying r truth gonna become a doctor they gotta change the game plan now and figure out a way to bring him in the scene😂

  6. Maria‘s husband is afraid of her,hence he didn‘t stand up to her to retain the 24/7 Title. It‘s unlikely for Maria to retain as long as she‘s pregnant. Someone may defeat her 4 that title without using violence on her. Should she lose the 24/7 title during her pregnancy,she might go crazy and risk her unborn child‘s health.

  7. I’m not even mad at this . What bothers me is that Wwe has two talented superstars (Roode & Ec3) running around backstage chasing the 24/7 title

  8. Come on anyone with a brain can figure out that is so fake
    Maria maybe pregnant in real life
    Come on does anyone actually think that WWE is going to let a pregnant woman going to a 24 /7 champion specially with a the male wrestlers is after it
    That is so scripted

  9. Can she actually win a championship on her own merit without actually cheating she is such an annoying person she was in tna and wwe

  10. I would like wwe if they did every person who the 24/7 title winner to have a battle royal that would be fun

  11. What is the point of Maria storyline. It does not push Mike. The payoff would be that Maria gets fired and Mike shows the world how awesome he is. Kingdom.

  12. I don't understand The 24/7 title is singles belt. Wouldn't Maria and her unborn child be a tag team?

  13. “She’s gonna kick him in his vagin*??? Hahahahaha he doesn’t have— okay lemme stop I thought this was PG but apparently this is PG-14”

  14. Does anyone else just want Bray Wyatt to come out, listen to his Heal Hand and give poor Michael a hug?

  15. Mike and Maria Kanellis are booked better than Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch because they are a legitimate couple.

  16. Maria is so underrated but she gave birth to her daughter and she's stunning as always..Love ya sis!🌍🤩

  17. The baby gotta exit out that body sooner or rather later, and when the time comes… Let see how you do then.

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