MARRIAGE & CHILDREN LINES Female Palm Reading Palmistry #111

now the area right below that mercury finger is for your marriages and your children are going to show look down there where the flirt lines are at the end of the heart line yours are just kind of fair means interact well means act interact okay with people don't have a whole lot of flirt lines in there and then that section between the flirt lines and the ring around the mercury finger is for the marriage and children so marriage and relationship lines will go horizontal across that area and then the children lines come down vertically from that ring around the mercury finger shows two children they're kind of slanted that's kind of a strange look to them then starting down there by the flirt lines you take that area I'm going up towards the ring around the mercury finger the first section by the third lines up first third of that area is age 2030 the next third is 4050 in the last 36 30 40 50 last 30 is 60 70 80 so the light colored lines are relationships the dark colored lines are marriages going up from the bottom you've got to relationship lines one before your marriages and one after you got to marry joints so going up from the bottom where the flirt lines are and this is earlier in your life you've got a relationship line then you've got a marriage line it's a good marriage line it's got good color it's about twenty years long that's probably the line for where you'll have your children and then the second marriage line is a little bit longer than the first marriage line about the same color about the same type of marriage both your good marriage lines got got good color in them but that second one's about ten years longer than the first one oh it might be a little bit long and that fact that first one could possibly be just a little bit more than twenty years I can't tell you exactly when you're going to marry but there's a little marking that shows up in the faint line the line that starts at the base of your palm and goes up to your Saturn finger tell us about your career in your lifestyle and it's a little marketing it looks like the letter why it's a little stick when support on the end so I went along that faint line and software that that's a good time line on there every every half an inch is seven years every eight some inches a year where that crosses the headline that's forty where it crosses a heart line that's fifty and so I went along that line to see where that appeared in that fade line and see where it says chances to marry down there in the lower left-hand corner of your chart there's the ages where that little marking appeared in the Fate line and that's a just a positive time in your life when you can marry now whether you make the choice to marry or not this you're the master of your fate it's your choice so here's the chance of the marry at age 27 28 29 and then this is probably your second marriage 47 50 52 and 54 that one at 52 looks a lot better than the others I'll say that

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  1. Omg people are so rude saying that your voice is annoying, its really not, you just sound really older like 70's or so. If youre not then whoops lol🙈

  2. Thank you for your in depth videos. It's very interesting and fun to learn. By chance could I submit my palms for a public reading? I have some crazy lines that are pretty unique. I have some triangles, stars etc. Thank you 🙂

  3. Ur voice sounds like u r in ur 60's or 70's but ur hand look pretty young their is somthng fishy 🤔😎


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