Mars in 7th House of Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

in the last video we have discussed
about mercury in the seventh house of the horoscope in this video we are going
to dive deep into the Mars in the seventh house of the horoscope so keep
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seventh house of the horoscope what is Mars the first thing which comes
to my mind when I think of Mars is energy and strength this strength can be
physical strength can be emotional strength Mars is an independent planet
it shows energy strength competition blood war it also shows your
entrepreneurial capabilities your business capabilities the strength and
energy to initiate things and the caliber of candela Mars rules the first
house the life force which is the fire element Mars represents that fire
element in CalPERS currently it rules the first house and the eighth house so
life and death is ruled by Mars seventh house is primarily the house of
relationship it is also the signification for the other people it
also signifies the western horizon it is all about the other people it is the
house of marriage it is also the house of career because it is tenth from the
10th it is also the house of your nourishment as it is fourth from the
fourth and from the seventh house Mars aspects
by the way Mars has spatial aspects let me tell you first of all
Mars has three spatial aspect the normal aspect of the seventh house like from
the seventh house mass will aspect the ascendant then Mars has another spatial
aspect which mass can see four places away from very displaced when it is
placed into the seventh house of the horoscope it can see the fourth house
and what is the fourth from the seventh seventh eighth ninth and tenth
so from seventh house mass not only aspects that ascended but it also
aspects the tenth house of your horoscope with its fourth aspect mass
also has another special aspect of the eighth house from wherever Mars is
blessing it can also look at the eighth house so eighth house from the seventh
house is the second house okay and how did we arrive to the second house just
count eight places from the seventh house so seventh house
we have to count that house 7000-8000 ninth house 10th house
eleventh house 12th house and ass in that these are the seven houses and then
the second house becomes the eighth house so Mars will also aspect the
second house from the seventh house it has its own impact on these houses will
talk about these aspects later in the video we are talking about Mars in the
seventh house when you have Mars in the seven thousand or scope it also makes a
rude shock yoga what is the root chakra root chakra is one of the punch Maha
purush yoga if you have not watched my punch Amara sugar video go watch that
video as well wherein we have discussed about the root chakra where we took yoga
is when Mars is in the first fourth seventh or tenth house
your horoscope and it is in its own Russia or the exalted Rashi so what is
the own Russia of the Mars Aries and Scorpio are ruled by Mars and what is
the sign of exaltation for the Mars Mars is exalted into the sign of Capricorn
yes it is ruled by Saturn yet mass gets exalted into the sign of Capricorn so
when you have Mars in the seventh house we are talking about seven thousand I am
talking about the placement of Mars with respect to the seventh house when you
have Mars in the seventh house and in the Rashi Aries Scorpio or Capricorn it
it it creates the reach of yoga so you also have to look out for that the
planet of Independence is coming into the house of relationship this kind of
upsets and frustrates Mars that’s why you will always hear about
Mars in the seventh house as a relationship breaker but that is not
always the case now you know the challenges now you can work up on this
take this as a diagnosis and then you can start walking upon them to your
benefit okay so anyone who has Mars in the seventh
house is an independent person he doesn’t like to a committed relationship
and seventh house is about committed relationship of marriage seventh house
the house of travel and Mars is the planet of independence so these people
travel a lot and these travel may be for their work purpose because it is tenth
from the tenth and the house of travel so very much the work-related travel can
also be seen with the seventh house Mars seventh house is about the interactions
and Mars is an energetic planet so there can be aggressive interactions
with the other people like people with the seventh house mass the other person
or the other people or the rest of the people might think that this person is
aggressive because from 7,000 it is placed in the seventh house and it is
also expecting the ascendant so the so these people have to control their anger
they are highly energetic and interactions with the other people need
to be handled with caution seventh house is the house of the business trade and
commerce and what is Mars Mars is an initiator Mars is the planet of
initiation like our ascendant starts with the Mars are all the ascendance all
the science starts with the Aries which is ruled by mass which is fire element
which is life so anything which needs to be initiated Mars is the best person to
get the work done so these people the person with the Mars in the seventh
house is very good at starting new businesses or starting new ventures
because they have that enthusiasm and the energy 7,000 the house of relationship though these people are not inclined towards the committed
relationship but here’s the one quality of Mars
Mars is energy as we do as we know so this this makes a person passionate
passion can also be seen from the Mars and when you have the planet of passion
in the house of marriage so these people have one of the most passionate
relationships whether they will succeed or not that’s the
story altogether that depends on lot manufacturers like which Tasha they are
running what is the condition of the Mars which Rashi Mars is placed in but
these are extremely passionate people they have the energy and now that energy
is into the seventh house of relationships okay seventh house is the
house of your spouse and Mars is the planet of energy so these people put in
lot of effort into energy because they put in a lot of effort into relationship whenever it comes to taken extra mind to
work for the relationship these people are ready to take that the only thing
they have to take care of is their anger because seventh house cannot handle the
Mars anger because it is not the place for the mass to be in ideally with
respect to the relationship okay what is Mars Mars is a soldier so he
likes to go out and conquer but relationships are all about surrendering
to the partner that’s why Venus does great job in seventh house or mercury or
moon the feminine planets work well in the seventh house if you have not
watched my mongolic dosha video I highly recommend you go and watch the money
leadership video wherein we have decoded all the significance of the Mars and
what are the effects of all the mongolic positions of the Mars so you don’t have
a fear the manglik dosha your to rise above it
take it as a diagnosis like okay these are the things I have to work on and
start working on them start to improve them I always believe that your response
has the power to change the situation your response to
the situation has the power to change the situation your response to any
situation has the power to change the situation
so always respond to any situation with pure consciousness you will hear a lot
of things about Mars in the seventh house that Mars is stay as mass as that
but if you look at the name of the world movement the MA the name for the Mars is
moment and what is the what is the meaning of the word Mangal
Mangal is auspicious Mangal is good the word Mongol itself means good it is just
that it is a cruel planet so it has a very harsh way to teach you now let us
talk about the aspects of Mars Mars will aspect the 10th house ascendant and
second house from the 7000 with its special aspects by the way Mars loves to
be associated with the 10th house because that really resonates with the
martial qualities like going out in the public proving themselves making an
impact in the public to conquer something to achieve something to work
for the tangible things is what 10,000 all about Mars loves to associate
himself with the 10,000 now from the seventh house it is aspecting the ten
thousands of the horoscope now this will boost and energize the tenth house and
their spouse will help them to get the success in the career as well as get the
status we’re talking about Mars aspect in the tenth house now Mars is
aspecting the first house of your horoscope Mars is the planet of energy
and first house is the house of your personality this mixed person energetic
and this makes person take initiative in life the orientation and perspective of
the life the person will have is very energetic
is ready to start anything he loves to start new things because he has the
energy we always say that will backed by energy so the person with the mass in
the first house the seventh house has the will backed by energy now they can
start new things from 7,000 miles also aspects the ethos of the horoscope
excuse me with the 8th aspect aspects the second house of the horoscope what
is second house second house is about the things which you value and now Mars
is energizing the second house from the seventh house seventh house is the house
of marriage and second house is the house of finances so a person might have
to invest a lot of money in their marriage maybe for good or maybe for
some other reason but they have invest money in their marriage ok so yes this
was Mars as much as I could hold grasp and share with you guys but if you are
just talking into Vedic Astrology go and watch my how to get started into vedic
astrological videos or the other playlist I have is rising signs all the
twelve rising signs or you can go and watch the effects of retrograde planets
I highly recommend these three playlists okay sending you tons of positive
energies sending your high vibrations see you in the next videos love and

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  1. For cancer ascendant if mars goes into 7th house (Capricorn), but pisces in navamsa conjunct with rahu and mercury… Is that okay for the native?
    As mars is her 5th house lord!

  2. Will this be applicable even if the degree of Mars is only 3. And any input on 3β€’ Mars in Mrigsera (Gemini) in 7th house? πŸ™‚

  3. ….Your analysis is truly resonating with me……and I appreciate the positivity you bring to the explanation…..been there …done.all that……mars in cancer in 7th…now mostly want relationship with higher self…..and is using passion for enjoyable interests and uplifting by example…….freedom…joy……expansion………..thank you dear… and appreciation…..for this excellent

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