Mary Bateman’s Story

I had a life changing event, so my life is
going to change and it’s is gonna change for the better I had done three marathons a bunch of half marathons ten mile races Of course I had slowed down with pregnancy but I ran until I was seven months pregnant I just had my daughter and Mike and I were home and I you know was not feeling really well. The last thing I thought it
would be was my heart they diagnosed me with a congenital heart defect of my
aorta. I was pretty devastated like me, I’m healthy, I’m runner, I’m a nurse I’m young I think I was in shock and a little bit
of denial like this is not really happening to me this can’t be happening to me like you’re almost watching this story from outside. Mary had to stop
breastfeeding at that time because they had to put on medicines that we unsafe for Ceely it’s very bonding with your baby and your supposed to be in this new bonding stage and your not supposed to have any interruptions you’re just supposed to be a mom. Right not with the a defect potentially life-threatening I did a lot of praying but I was still terrified but I knew it had to be done I think you reach a point where you just want to get it
over with and get back to your life I remember telling myself that I am training
for surgery again I wanted to be this is my marathon my first surgery in February went great. You were running seven weeks it’s so invigorating to feel that to be able to do what you
could do again Even though it hurt to feel like you’re getting back to normal is a huge reward you have a different perspective on life when you go through something like that you’re thankful you try to live in the moment I wanted to train for another marathon
in Fort Collins I start to train for that but I wasn’t feeling well so I went in to see my doctor, just because I wasn’t
feeling well. so she did another CAT scan on my chest my doc calls me
that I’ve trained all for my marathon and she called me a week before in says you
can’t do your marathon, stop running and you have an aneurysm and not only can you not do your race you have to have another surgery. knowing what was coming it was
really tough like wow can we do this again the second surgery again you know I wasn’t I was very feeling very strong and very confident and the docs at the Mayo
Clinic feeling very protected I didn’t necessarily feel that way I had some just a lot of
anxiety about the surgery coming up there are known complications for a
second open-heart surgery and he he said I do one or two vehicles week so I’m
very well prepared for what might happen which was a good thing because it
happened the first surgery was four hours the
second was closer to 12 and it wasn’t supposed to be that long. she develop the
scar tissue that adhered her sternum and what was left of her aorta and her aorta was tissue paper so when they opened her up it shred-it and she
bled out her entire blood volume they did’t have her on bypass yet so that had to do a lot of things very quickly brain activity stopped so they were
monitoring with the EEG and she had no blood pressure no pulse no breathing right so for 30 minutes she was in what’s called circulatory arrest with no brain
activity. I was prepared the second time for what the ICU would be like having
been through it the first time ICU is very intimidating both times I
was intimidated yes but also just grateful, glad ecstatic to see her there alive and
doing ok knowing that I was given a second chance maybe even a third and since I had two surgeries and just looking at Ceely and knowing like I’m supposed to be here to be her mom to help her grow up and be here for Mike just really my family, motivated me I can’t run like I used, I won’t ran a marathon. I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals I have started trail running so I guess one of my goals is to all the trails here in Colorado having been through all of this, it has really, I think, crystallized for us. This is what is truly is important to us, each other, our daughter, our family and friends and just be present in every moment wherever we are whatever that looks like. I share my story to promote heart health and just to volunteer with the heart association to I think
also to give women hope that they can have a life and a very full life when
your heart disease

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