Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellow: Jackie Adams, MD

it wasn't really sure what kind of track I wanted to take in maternal fetal medicine if I wanted to be academic if I wanted to be private and so I thought the ability to do both was really a big advantage I obviously love the department because I'm planning to stay here and so I think everybody is really supportive I think you know we've all taken very different paths as fellows and none of our paths look the same and I wanted to do more research training and I wanted to do more general education training over at UW and everybody's been really helpful and giving me feedback on that and helped me find the right path for me and I think you're the biggest thing and I've taken away is that no matter what your interest is the department supports that and really wants to lift you up in order to just exceeded that I'm doing basic science research with dr. Byrd on preeclampsia and changes in the cell and molecular biology of that and then I'm actually my clinical research focus is opioid use disorder in pregnancy and I'm working on creating community and Equis pitous outcomes for them my family loves madness and I think when I came here I didn't really know what to expect I hadn't really been to the Midwest very much and so I had like 48 hours to find a place to live and um actually when I interviewed here I called my husband on the way out of town and I was like did you know it's beautiful here and that's really I kind of summed up our whole experience

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