Maternal/Newborn Program (Saint John)

welcome to the maternal newborn program at the st. John Regional Hospital part of the horizon health network my name is Anne Chapel and I'm a nurse and prenatal instructor and I will be leading you on a tour through our facility today as you first enter the hospital come to the registration area admitting Department in the main lobby level one when in labor proceed to the desk don't wait to take a ticket you will be registered and directed to the elevator the labor and birth unit is located on the third floor in a tower the labor and birth unit is a restricted area for patients and their immediate support people there is no general visiting in this area before baby is delivered we encourage you to choose a coach or a support person to be with you during the baby's birth and your hospital stay it is best have one or at most to support people rather than many people who come and go we ask that you identify your support people to the labor and delivery nurse upon admission because of allergies and our century and smoke-free environment flowers and latex balloons are not permitted smoking or vaping is not permitted on Hospital property our unit is comprised of seven birthing suites one triage room two operating rooms and a recovery area upon arrival you will be assessed in our triage area your nurse will take a brief history of the reason for your visit she will listen to your baby's heartbeat and a doctor will be in to assess you following assessment you may be admitted to a birthing suite may receive further testing or observation or you may be sent home with follow-up instructions upon admission to the birthing suite you will be asked to undress and wear a hospital gown all birthing suites have birthing beds to help you be comfortable in labor during active labor your nurse will be part of your support team she is one of your resources to help you through the birth experience a cooling fan music and a mirror may also be used for your comfort you may also have a rocking chair straight back chair recliner and birthing ball to help you with supportive measures in labor the shower provides great relief and comfort for many labouring mothers one of our rooms has a bathtub for use in early labor the electronic fetal heart monitor may be used intermittently or continuously to listen to and record your baby's heartbeat during labor although you may be close to the monitor it is also possible sometimes to be monitored when sitting up in a rocking chair or on the birthing ball some of our monitors allow you to be in the shower or walk in the hallway during monitoring in the second stage of Labor the squatting bar may help mum with pushing and the birthing bed can be adapted for a vaginal delivery most babies are placed skin-to-skin immediately after birth for at least one hour the infant care warmer system is available in each room for any assistance your baby may require our aim is not to separate moms and babies so the healthy newborn will be assessed and weighed by a nurse in your birthing suite this is a wonderful photo opportunity for those first pictures you will be provided with a consent form for babies treatments these treatments may include antibiotic ointment to protect his eyes and an injection of vitamin K in his thigh your baby's nurse will cover his head with a hat and she will apply ankle bracelets the bracelets on your baby's ankles and your arm have the same number to identify your baby you will choose one support person to receive a bracelet with the same number the nurse's station is where information is shared between the doctors and nurses monitoring from each room can be viewed by the charge nurse and doctor all staff in labor and birth unit where hospitals scrub uniforms and Hospital picture identification the st. John Regional Hospital is a teaching hospital and you may meet student nurses clinical clocks medical students resident physicians family doctors and obstetricians as well as our nursing and support staff located across from the nurse's station we have an ice machine and we can also provide mom with juice or popsicles if it is decided that you require a cesarean section delivery your nurse will prepare you and you will be transferred on the birthing bed to one of the operating rooms located close by your support person will be asked to wait in your room until everything is ready to proceed they will be given our scrubs to wear in the operating room and we ask that they return these scrubs before you are transferred to the postpartum unit 3a north following surgery a period of recovery will occur in the recovery room of the labor and birth unit your support person and baby may stay with you during this time there is no general visiting permitted in this area once mom and baby are rested and stable following delivery they will be transferred to the postpartum ward for the remainder of their hospital stay the combined care program lets mothers receive care for themselves and their babies together in the same room combined care begins after delivery when you and your healthy newborn are transferred together to your room on 3a north your nurse will care for you and your baby in the same room this will allow you your support people and family to get to know your baby better and to ask questions and receive answers before going home your nurse will provide care for you and other mother baby pairs throughout her shift the majority of rooms on 3a north are semi-private rooms with a shared bathroom for this reason we ask that only mothers use these bathrooms a bathroom and shower facilities are available for support people and your nurse will direct you to the closest one a bassinet is provided for baby at your bedside the electronic bed allows you to be more comfortable feeding your baby and getting in and out of bed there is a TV at each bedside cable TV can be connected for a fee and your nurse will provide you with that information if needed all rooms have a nightlight which is useful when mom and baby are sleeping as your nurse will be in to check on you throughout the night your call bell allows you to contact the nurse's station and a message can be relayed to your nurse the first time you get up after transfer to the ward it is advisable to have your nurse assist you and she will usually assess you at that time there is a kitchenette available for mums and supplies are provided juice milk bread margarine peanut butter Jam as well as an ice machine a toaster a microwave and a hot water dispenser for hot drinks these supplies are for moms only but mums support partner may use the kitchen to provide forma any food brought in from home may also be labeled and stored in the fridge the tubs are located in a central area and all have handheld showers for your convenience you will be encouraged to soak in a warm tub three times daily after a vaginal delivery and to shower daily after a caesarean section delivery the nurse's station is centrally located and a ward clerk will provide you with the necessary documents to apply for birth registration Medicare and other benefits visiting on three a North is between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. doors leading into 3a North are locked overnight if access is required during this time please ring the intercom and staff will buzz you in if you have a private room your support person will be able to stay with you 24 hours a day if you have to share a semi-private room with another mother and baby it is against Fire Marshal regulations to have your support person sleep overnight in your room they can however stay with you to provide help we will try to keep one family to a room if at all possible the mother baby clinic has stopped seven days per week from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. excluding holidays for mother and baby support lactation consultants are also available during those hours appointments are made before discharge from the ward and a follow-up phone call is provided to our mothers after discharge for support and advice there is a general waiting area for families and also patients awaiting appointments with maternal fetal medicine we hope that this tour has been helpful and we all wish you a healthy and enjoyable birth experience

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