Matric Revision: Life Sciences: Ovulation and menstruation (6/13): the menstrual cycle (2/9)

let's look at the menstrual cycle the menstrual cycle is all about the lining of the uterus that is secreted or comes out in the form of blood i'm going to show you this may differ from one book to another and from one person to another so this ministration phase can last from day one up till they're five but even opt all day seven then the next stage in the menstrual cycle is where the lining of the uterus which is the endometrium starts to build up again it becomes thicker then day 14 very important day that you should remember what is this process I wonder if they can say by now what does that process is it is where the XL is released and ovulation has taken place that thus appreciate a little unlucky so media marketing if enough know your element oakley dunked added net of the fear teen and sort of illogical blasphemy the zoo don't interfere ting in Oscar make novera would propel written conductor but usually around anything from the 11 to 15 years young awesome sometimes also day 12 today sickle it has happened now so a person has ovulated while menstruating obviously extremely rare but it does happen it happens but what the point that I've actually want to make with this whole diagram is that after day 14 the endometrium this is the uterine wall the wall of the uterus it remains thick but it becomes very vascular the truck by added in blood fatigue in venir al shalik in Navarra horny then reacted often ministry us in this sickness my dad Xavier minute summary entity supermoon crd am sky for fear of ice because they are quite the function of hormones that actually causes this and I think Lorraine would like to point out to you and very easy way of remembering this menstrual cycle

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