Matthew Trewhella details plans of attacks against abortion providers and patients

we show the video we've done our best to deliver to you who know nothing about the rescue movement in brief video form what the rescue is about here in our city so we'll show you that video tomorrow at 1 p.m. in the gymnasium over there Christian race Christian Academy [Applause] eighty-six the round here which is where one of the death camps shut down the still their group will actually gather right on the grounds and um we will have a word of Prayer and then also have several stories from people who were actually rescuers we got arrested tell some of the stories that took place not only to go to places it'll only be two o'clock after that people will either going to overpasses emm in the awesome leadership beyond 13 overpasses every major Brown Deer Road and or you can become part of the lip dropping teams the team that will be going on so the team's going out or you can go relax you know so you have a lot of kids got out morning or whatever so don't burn yourself out don't feel guilty if you have to take an afternoon off an evening off or something like that there's a lot going on make as much as you can be apart as much as you can but don't feel guilty something because yeah you're getting older or kids are getting framed yeah whatever tomorrow night we won't be having a rally they actually have this building used for someone else we'll be waiting two blocks from here you go two blocks that way you'll notice a grassy park called Wisconsin Avenue Park awesome play area for the kids we're bringing in all kinds of food it is free free food and it'll be a time of fellowship come on and I haven't been over there to check out the mosquitos yet but I can't plan on stopping there afterwards we'll let you know if you need bug spray on with my bike a few bottles of that but as far as I know the mosquitoes aren't really bad missing we gotta get her girl for that so without further ado I would introduce someone tonight he's probably if not the most organized person I've ever met he's one of the most organized people I've ever met and when I met him I felt him up with the guy right away because I saw yours man and well surprise for the most application of his personality that means a lot to be I saw the understood that true Christianity is like kind of plastic it changed nation's top holds the idols of the culture a nation that brings honor to prices to go up into my art to honor price it's also one of the three teachers the training that I'll be going on this morning tomorrow morning in the next morning and some of you young people I want to tell you keep going forward make the next to you might be like I don't know politics l-listen it's like reading when you're young it's like okay right and so you must come there's massively important great application that these men are gonna continue made over the next two days from the foundation that they laid to you this morning so please make those classes from 9:00 to 12:00 tomorrow morning and the following morning know what to do is as we're never furthering it when I tell so far most and over here by you cursory it's like in here I thought I was in a snow globe I didn't know the corruption that was around me you know my mom and dad stayed married most of the kids in my church had a mom and dad at home it was a very different time part of that is because I grew up in a military base so you're talking you know blacks and whites and Hispanics and Curry are going to

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